Adventures in Oz

So, I woke from a weird dream and decided to jot down the details while it was still fresh in my mind. Then I put the journal back and went back to sleep. When I awoke later I grab my journal and headed downstairs to work on a scenario idea.

adventures in oz

I looked at the notes about the dream and it seemed pretty incoherent and strange. Though, it had the makings of a pretty epic cross-country adventure.

It was a pretty weird road trip with a group of friends walking along the highway and encountering strange individuals; basically it reminded me of The Wizard of Oz. So, I decided to hammer out a scenario for Adventures in Oz role playing game.

As I begin writing out the scenario and mapping out locations for the characters to explore and discover. I decided to use some of L. Frank Baums original characters as GMCs for the players to interact with.

I’m seriously thinking of running it at Cangames 2019 next spring.


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Canada Day Eh Con

CanadaDayEhCon 2018Well, it’s July 1st weekend here and you know what that means.

Canada Day weekend.

And what better way to celebrate Canada’s birthday than a one day game convention on Saturday. Well, not an actual one just a spur of the moment home-brew convention with only one in attendance (that would be me) and a dog laying at my feet while I worked on some game scenarios throughout the day.

On Saturday after a couple cups of coffee, the event officially kicked off with Unknown Armies, now in it’s third edition, and with me reading up on some of the changes from the previous edition and jotting down some ideas for a scenario. I’ve been a huge fan of the game since I was first introduced to it some years ago, a friend of mine had submitted stuff for a few sourcebooks. UA is weird and wonderful and can be discrobbed as Call of Cthulhu on crack with a David Lynch and David Cronenberg feel.

Then afterwards it was some Tunnels & Trolls action as I created a character and went through a solo adventure, my character Hans Gooberlindsey a warrior, was slain in the fourth room of Buffalo Castle.

T&T is one of those guilty pleasure games for me. I always liked the system and the way the mechanics are so simple that you can break it out and adventure away until your character completes a solo dungeon or dies trying.

Good times, good times.

Then afterwards I worked on my Roll20 Gamma World campaign, re-designing an outpost and adding in some new artifacts here and there as well. The first edition of this game is by far my favourite version of this game and it always holds a special place in my heart.

GW is science fantasy role-playing at it’s best.


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An Update…

It’s been several days since I’ve made any blogging entries and will amend that shortly. I’ve been caught up in a sort of writer’s block.

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A Book Based On A True Story

A Night To Remember written by Walter Lord is about the final hours of the H.M.S Titanic. I had read this book back in the mid-70’s for a book report. Even though I knew the basics of the story I had decided to give it another read once again for the 2018 Ultimate Reading Challenge.

a night to remember

It’s a pretty compelling read an Lord puts together the accounts of the survivors on that fateful night. Lord had spent hours with survivors getting their point of view, thoughts and expressions on that night. He also shifted through a ton of newspapers clippings, and research on the matter. And it shows in the writing.

Once again I was drawn into the tale and a compelling page turner. Lord had chronicled anything and everything, of the thoughts of people on what had happened, from the mundane taks of what people where doing to disbelieving that the ship was sinking.

A Night To Remember is a fantastic read and a breath taking account of one of the most enthralling tales ever told.

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Cangames 2018: Saturday What A Day…

Well, it’s May and you know what that means.

Then again maybe you don’t.

Anyhoo, it’s the long weekend here in Canada, Victoria Day weekend, meaning that it’s also Cangames in Ottawa. So bright and early on Saturday morning; Darryl and then Mark arrived at 7am at my place so we could make the pilgrimage to Ottawa.

I had to be at the hall before 9am so that I could set up for my event which was the classic Skyrealms of Jorune Role Playing Game (2nd edition). We left my place a little after 7am and made a quick stop at Tim Hortons to grab a java and a quick bite to eat on the road.

We arrived at the Curling Club in plenty of time and registered for the day, and then I went to find where my table was going to be for my event. We decided to play a game at 2pm and saw a game we all like to play the classic TSR’s Marvel Super Heroes RPG.

I checked the sign up sheet for my game and saw I had four players signed up.  I was getting my gear set up when I realized I had left my pregenerated characters for the scenario (along with my graph paper) back home. So on the fly I had the characters roll up there stats and picked their abilities according to the rules of character creation.

SoJ MatO Cangames 2018

The process only took about 10-15 minutes and then we were on our way. The adventure began with our players part of a caravan heading from their small settlement to a big city, when a sandstorm approaches. They get separated from the main caravan and then wait out the storm. When the storm finally passes they discover they are lost and are trying to locate the rest of the caravan.

When they spot a column of dust approaching towards them they spot Krugar nomads who are riding towards them. They know they are not the friendly kind and proceed to ride towards an oasis so they can get lost in the vegetation there. The Krugar give chase but as the players enter a grotto the Krugar nomads stop.

Our heroes notice that the nomads are afraid of this place and have stopped at the grotto’s entrance way. So our heroes make their way inside and find an hidden oasis, with flora and fauna. They begin to explore and a huge plant like beast picks up one of the characters and thus the fun really begins.

The adventure was pretty smoothly and I really enjoyed running it. The explored the oasis discovered a metal obelisk and then explored an ancient earth-tec ruin.

Once the session wrapped up; Mark, Darryl, and I went to see what we can find at the Marketsquare. That’s when I found a copy of Paranoia 2nd Edition and also a copy of Alma Mater RPG that I’m glad to pick up as well. Alma Mater was a game by an indie company and also one of those  “banned from GenCon” rpg, due to the art by Erol Otis.

The Atlantis The Second Age Core rule book and two source books I picked up from a friend, John, who was holding onto them for me. I’ve been a big fan of the original format of the game and was truly glad to get this edition in my grubby paws.

I also picked up a copy of Terra Primate RPG for $3! Which was freakin’ awesome as well since I had been looking for the game for a while now and can’t wait to gave that a go. Since I freakin’ love the old Planet of the Apes movies and nice to run a campaign in that type of setting.

As two o’clock drew nearer we made our way to the table where we met the GM; Stephen S., who was in the process of setting up. A blue tablecloth and some paper cut outs of buildings and vehicles, I knew we were in for one big comic book style battle.

Marvel Super Heroes at Cangames

The event was entitled “Marvel vs DC, Suicide Squad vs Sinister 6 (Part II)”. The GM had ran Part I last year and had a good time that he decided to make a sequel. And no you didn’t have to play the first part since it was another chapter and another tale.

Now it’s been a while since I played Marvel Super Heroes but I did remember the rules, the colour scheme and percentile dice played heavily as well. We picked our characters, I went with “Shocker” I figured it would be just cool to play a villain with a simple personal objective.

The bulk of the session was just trying to get across the roadway to the prison because our initial plan went sideways moments after we had begun playing. It was a pretty epic fight and a lot of super heroic things occurred, and the GM had to speed up the season towards the end of the game due to the conflict taking longer than he thought it would be but, hey we were having fun.

The game ended with us the Sinister Six achieving our main goal and some of our characters also checking off their personal missions as well.

By this time it was around six o’clock and that’s when my daughter, Peyton, and her friend, Erin, arrived to see how we were doing. Since Peyton couldn’t attend the day due to work she wanted to pop in and say hello to me and the others.

She also just happened to pick up the complete set of the Dragon Age RPG box sets (that witch!). While Erin scored a copy of Nefertiti Overdrive RPG since she had fun playing that game a convention or two ago.

We chatted for a little bit and then decided to head for home since there wasn’t much slots left on the seven o’clock schedule were we all could fit in. So, on that note we hit the road back to home.

It was a fun day.





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A Book With A Number In The Title

I just happen to be a fan of Lee Child’s since he put out the first Jack Reacher novel back in 1998 and I read them as soon as I can find them. The novels reminded of the Gold Eagles book I read; The Executioner, Stony Man, Mack Bolan, Heathlands, etc.,


One Shot by Lee Child is the ninth book in the Jack Reacher series.  Written in 2005 and since then has been turned into a movie called Jack Reacher and starring Tom Cruise as the lead character.

One Shot is taken from the motto “One shot, one kill” . A sniper fires six shots, kills six and one shot is a deliberate miss. The clues to the sniper is found due to a seemingly perfect trail of evidence left behind.

Once apprehended the sniper, James Barr, declares that “The got the wrong man” and then “Get Jack Reacher for me.”

The novel is a solid read and I couldn’t put it down, once Jack Reacher enters the scene bound and determine to crucify Barr, since the sniper had done something similar a few years ago during the war. But then he begins to investigate and is drawn into a conspiracy.

The movie kept the premise of the novel but strayed away in a few places, omitted a very important person and then changed the villain a bit and drastically the ending as well. Im glad that I got to read the book first before seeing the movie adaption (which I enjoyed for what it was). Then I went back and gave the book a re-read to refresh myself in the tale told in the book.

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A Book With A Name In The Title

I know I’m a couple weeks behind in posting my reads for this year’s challenge and I’m playing catch up at the moment.  So the book I picked for this particular week was a classic.

Oliver Twist.

It’s the name of the main character and it’s been a long, long, long time since I had read it. So, I figured I’d give it a re-read due to nostalgia as well.  I was in a high school production of the musical adaption of this tale.

Oliver Twist

I played Mr. Bumble when our high school had put on the play Oliver! I still remember the song I had to sing as well, it was one of my biggest moments to shine on stage. It was early enough in the play that I got to go and change and become a member of Fagin’s street gang.

Nostalgia aside though, once I began to read the story. It was all just song and dance and a light hearted tale of an orphan boy.  Charles Dickens dives in on the issues of the time;  child labour, criminals and their sordid lives, street urchins and a very seemingly underbelly of the city.  A not so romantic tale of a life of an orphan and street urchin.

I’m glad that I got to read it again. I had forgotten what a magnificent story Dickens had wrote.


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