AetherCon Day 3 – Morning

Normally, I hit the theatre first thing Sunday morning, but due to a planned power outage in that area there wasn’t going to be anything happening at all. So, on that note I had decided to spend the morning at AetherCon.

My first game of the morning was an old classic revised in a new edition.


I was set to play a Morrow Project 4th Edition adventure at 9am. But, later I was informed by email that due to not enough players it was a no-go. Which made me a little bit sad since I do love me some MP and rarely get a chance to have a go at it. Especially the 4th edition that’s been out for a few months now. But on the plus side was promised a PDF of the 4th edition which was a consolation prize that I can get behind.

So basically my Sunday morning is a free to do with as I please.

I was waiting for 2pm to arrive since I had signed up for an adventure for a game called:


Apocalyptic dark fantasy RPG that places heroes and villains into a brutal world of ruin and adventure. The gates must be destroyed.

The adventure was called “The Coast of Thrall” and run by the creator of the game Brandon W. There was another player in the room and we were good to go. The premise of the adventure is:

[Arcanum Syndicate] The module places the players on a ship traveling the ravaged waters of the Sea of Spears. The ship is transporting a mysterious murderer to the city of Soulbade where he is to be executed for his heinous crimes. But when crew members start to turn up missing in the night, who is to blame?

I picked a Human Barbarian to play and I named him Krona. The other player, John C, piked a Half-Elf Mu Dai (a magic using martial artist?) character and named him Bok Choi.

Now I won’t go into full detail about the adventure since the module is for sale and I don’t want to spoil it by going into what we done for those who might be interested in playing it down the road.


The world of Demon Gate is called Koth and our adventure begins in the nation of Myen Wu.

The adventure begins when a group of bandits attack a merchant and the merchant stumbles into town. Bok and Krona are at the edge of the village and see him staggering in.

Bok and Krona run to assist and take him to a temple where we lay him on a table and he is dying from his wounds. His dying wish was for us to deliver an amulet to his daughter in the city of Soulbade.

Krona and Bok head to the port city and book passage with a ship called The Trident captained by a fellow named Tanis. As we wait to board a large humanoid is being loaded on board. The humaniod is chained and with a burlap sack over it’s head and being lead by guards. Afterwards, once every thing is loaded and all passengers boarded. Bok and Krona roam the ship and meet a lot of people, crew and passengers alike.

Since Krona and Bok only started out with 4 bits each we were sleeping in hammocks in the cargo hold of the ship. Krona manage to win a few coins in a dicing game was a fun moment indeed. Two dwarves were playing and one was constantly winning and tauting the other until one was out of a few coins. Krona only having 2 bits left decided to try his luck.

He ended up winning not once, not twice, but three times. And at that point he decided to call it quits.

Now, I won’t go into full detail of what happened over the few days of travel. But, I can let you know when passengers start disappearing we have a mystery to uncover. I did have a fun time playing it and the end battle was bloody and brutal.

I think I will eventually pick up a copy of this game when it hits the stands.




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Atomic Highway: All About That Base II

Cast of Characters:
Merddyn Baruma, a feral beastmaster (Nathan)
Jeet Jeet, a trog scavenger (Darryl)
Gondor Gonzo, a feral raider (Ken)

In the darkness of the lower level our heroes did a quick search and realize they can’t see to far ahead with proper lighting.  They think they have to return to the surface to find some light sources to use. They go to the lift and find that the panel is broken.

Jeet using his lore and understanding sees if he can wire something up to get it going, and Merddyn assist him as well. (Spending a fortune point here and there as well) they manage to get the lift moving and all climb on board to return to the surface.

As the lift ascends Merddyn can hear some twanging sounds coming and notices that the wire cables are breaking.  He doesn’t inform anyone else of what he’s discovered until they are closer to the top. As soon as the lift is two feet from the top, Jeet, Gondor and Merddyn climb onto the floor just in time for the lift cables to break and the lift plunges back into the darkness.

They peer down the shaft and realize that if they want to go back down they’d need a long rope to do so. Jeet maybe thinks there might be another way to get down (or get funky) like a stairwell.  Gondor tells Jeet to open the north door and he’ll see if there is a way down.


As the door slides open this huge mechanical being slams his fist into Gondor and sending him flying across the room. The sheer force of the blow devastates Gondor (if he didn’t use fortune points to tweak the encounter he would of been dead).

Jeet closes the door after trying to deactivate the creature with a “code” but it does not work.

Gondor picks himself up from the wound. Our heroes decide a plan of action and maybe if they open the door once again, they might get the mechanical beast to chase them and maybe just maybe they might force it into the shaft. Jeet thinks maybe they should explore the south door and maybe they might find something that will help them. They go to the south door and into a very pristine room, sealed and fresh air escaping as soon as the door open. Our heroes peer in to see some sort of office space.


A pristine white desk, a vending machine and a cabinet. Merddyn with coins in his pocket decide to insert them into the vending machine and selects a container. As Jeet searches the filing cabinet and find nothing of interest in the first two doors put files upon files. It’s the third drawer that he finds a small locked box and under neath that a yellow card.

He picks up the yellow card and looks at it and sees characters he doesn’t understand.

Gondor searches the desk put finds nothing, and he cannot open the drawers so he calls over Jeet to maybe if she can work her “magic” to see if she can open them. Merddyn doesn’t want to open the container and he hands it to Gondor who unseals it and opens the container and finds a burger that looks to be fresh to eat. So he takes a bite and Merddyn waits to see if something drastic happens to Gondor (and it doesn’t).

Jeet unlocks the desks and finds nothing of interest other than a compartment with several bottles of liquor and glasses.

The move into the door to the east and it slides open as they approach.


This opens up to a huge office, a few sofas, floating orbs on sticks and a huge Kodiak bear rug on the floor. There is a locked cabinet with several weapons on display, and a round black table in the corner. Merddyn begins to roll up the rug as the others explore the room.

There is nothing on the black table and Gondor looks at the weapons on display. An Arquebus, a Blunderbuss, A Tommy Gun, an M-16 and a space for a weapon called Plasma Rifle. He gets Jeet to unlock the cabinet and he begins to claim the guns. Jeet looks at and finds nothing of interest.

Gondor having gotten the guns is intrigued with the orbs and he gathers them as well.

Jeet thinks this room belongs of somethone important and discovers that it belongs to General Hank Cheng. He places his hand on table and it activates, Jeet then looks at the table and asks to deactivate the sentinels. The table confirms the order and deactivates all the sentinels on the base.

Gondor hearing that the mechanical beast to the room to the north has been activate says that maybe they should go there since something of important is being protected there.


The enter the room and sure enough the sentinel stands down and they enter a security room. Gondor peers into the adjoining room and sees huge computers at work. He calls the others into the room as well.

The banks of machines are operational and no one dares touch a switch or dial as they explore the room. They find cabinets with yellow body suits and breathing tanks. They also discover a bracelet in the cabinets as well and Jeet puts one one. Gondor steps on the platform and it activates. Instead of sinking into the ground it rises in the air a few centimeters.


They all climb onto the platform and the platform rises from the ground and then there’s a blinding flash of light and our heroes disappear in a white electrical light. Before they do Nathan uses a plot tweak to make sure his eagle with them before they disappear.

They have been transported somewhere and they don’t know where? It’s raining hard, it’s night, and there are somewhere hot and humid and the flora is strange looking then where they are used too. They strip from the yellow suits and gather their equipment. Jeet feels a tingling sensation coming from the bracelet he puts on and looks at it.

24:49:59 with the third bank of numbers counting down. The platform has shut down and now they think they have been brought somewhere to explore in a set number of time. Gondor wants to make the most of it. They hear the sound of gunfire echoing off in the distance and that’s where they will head too.

Merddyn sends his eagle up to scout for them as they gather there gear and begin to head through the thick vegetation to see what has caused the gunfire.  Merddyn’s eagle sees several men in black clothing wearing straw hats moving towards them, apparently they caught sight of a blinding flash of light and they have come to see what caused that.

Jeet has an understanding of what might have happened. The strange weapons in Gen. Cheng’s weapon collection and now the “teleportation” device might have been a shift into time? Gondor sets up the orbs and draws his Tommy Gun and prepares for battle.

It seems their adventure has just begun…

… the end…

GM NOTE: Once the book was closed and the lights dimmed. I made a decision about ending the game on a high note. Since the past few session this Atomic Highways adventure had shifted from Mad Max and it slowly morphed into a post apocalyptic Gamma World type setting. I figured I’d end it with a huge plot twist and our heroes in another time and another realm. 

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AetherCon 2017 – Day 2: Afternoon

With “Envoys of Peace” ending. It was time for me to do last minute prep for my Boot Hill 2nd Edition game called “The Wild, The Beautiful, & The Damned”. I saw that I had four players signed up and was excited about that. I love Boot Hill and was thrilled to get a chance to play it once again.

I had one player, John C., arrive in the room and we chatted for a bit. He had never played Boot Hill before and was glad to get a chance to. He had a look at the pre-generated characters and since he was first in the room, he had first choice and he decided to play Darius Angel, a Preacher with a dark past.

We waited for several moments for the others to arrive (and no one else did). So, I asked John C. if he wanted to go it alone and I’d throw in an GMC to assist him. He said he’d was good with that and I picked Kate “Mags” Magrielle a bounty hunter.

Our adventure begins in Mad Mesa as Darius and Mags step off a train and board a stagecoach that was heading to Promise City.  The Tumbleweed Express Stage Lines and here they meet driver, Hal Landers, and riding shotgun was Templeton Markwood. There was one other passenger, Hazel Lament, who was heading to the town of Blume to visit relatives.


The road is long and dusty and it’s a quiet ride, Darius thumbing through a passage of the bible, Mags looking at the scenery out the window. Hazel jotting down some notes in a journal. When they arrive at a bend in the road that’s when the stagecoach comes to a screeching halt. A tree had fallen onto the road.

Darius sticks his head out of the coach window and asks Templeton what was going on and is told there was tree in the way. As Templeton walks towards the tree a shot rings out and hits him. Templeton drops to the ground. Hal stands up and looks around but he then takes a bullet to the head and that’s when the bandidos appear from cover firing their weapons.

GM Note: Combat in Boot Hill is very deadly, wounds are serious and there’s no cleric to come running up and slapping a cure light wound on you.

Darius has cover and concealment and returns fire and hit a bandit with a mortal wound. Mags jumps from the coach to the ground and takes cover behind an outcropping of rocks. Her rifle firing off and hitting another bandit but it doesn’t take him down. The bandit returns fire and Mags receives a minor wound.


One the bandits have been dealt. Darius runs up to check on Templeton, he sees that Templeton is still breath and Darius tends to the wound, while Mags searches the Bandidos and gather their weapons and money. Daruis stops Templeton from bleeding out and calls Hazel to look after the fallen Templeton while he approaches the tree.

It’s been cut and made to block the road. He sees if he can move it himself but to no avail. He calls Mags over to help him. Mags and him try to budge it but it seems useless to do. It’s with the assistance of Hazel that they manage to get the tree moved far enough so that they can squeeze by with the coach. They decide to take the bodies of the Bandidos into town and see if there is a bounty on them, They load the bodies on top of the coach.  They wrap up Hal’s body and load him on the stagecoach so he can get a decent burial.

They bring Templeton into the stagecoach and have Hazel nurse him as Darius takes the reign of the coach and Mags rides shot gun. Hazel tells them of a farm just a few miles down the road that they might get help there. As they arrive to where the farm is located they see no movement or any sign of life at all. Darius reigns the horses down the lane to the farm.

They stop the coach in the yard and Darius gets off the coach and heads towards the house when a door opens and a man staggers out yelling at them to be on their way. Darius hears a thick Spanish accent from the man and he sees that the fellow is about to draw a gun. Darius draws and fires killing the bandido before he even knew what hit him.

Another bandido opens the door and steps out thinking his drunken buddy was firing off shots into the air for no good reason. Encounters Mags who lays some bullets from her carbine into him.

The third bad guy leans out from a window and peers to see what is happening and learns that they are under assault and he begins to fire at Darius. Darius steps forward with pistols blazing and takes out the fellow in the window.

Mags enters the home to find the homesteader bleeding on the floor, the wife and child bound to a chair. Mags asks them if there are any more and the wife tells them no, there were only three of them. Mags cuts the rope that binds the family and they are thankful to be freed.

Mags calls out for Darius to help with the homesteader.


Darius tends to the homesteader and takes care of the wounds, the wife and child are grateful to be rescued from their tormentors. Since it’s night, it will be difficult to travel further on the road so Darius, Mags, Hazel end up staying at the farmhouse. They bring in Templeton as well to change his bandages and see if he can recuperate.

After a hearty meal and bed rolls lain out on the floor, everyone rests. There are no encounters that happen during the night, but there is the sound of flesh being tore into in the pre-dawn morning. Darius looks out the window and spots several coyotes have wandered in from the hills and have been eaten the bodies of the bandits were they had fallen. Darius waits until the creatures bellies are full and they wander off before he steps outside to look at the three bandits who no have been ripped apart. He drags the bodies away and put them in a pile away from the farmhouse.

In the morning, everyone awakes and the farmer’s wife cooks a hearty breakfast and thanks our heroes once again and tells them once they get to town to send the doctor out there way. Darius assures the homesteader’s wife and she tells him that it was an “act of god” that you arrived when they did or else they would of been all murdered.

They arrive in Blume an hour later and ask someone on the street where the doctors office is and are pointed to it. Darius stops the wagon in-front of it Doc Walters. An old fellow steps out and greets them. Darius tells Doc that Templeton is seriously wounded, and that a farmer is also in need of some medical attention as well. Doc tells him to bring the stage hand into the building.

Mags, Darius and Hazel lift Templeton from the wagon and into the building. Doc Walters calls for someone to get the Marshall as well.

The Marshall arrives and Darius explains to him what happened and shows him the bodies of the Bandits they brought. The Marshall recognizes one of them and says that he is wanted for big cash and that our heroes will get a bounty… and they do.

And on that note the adventure ended.


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AetherCon 2017 – Day 2: Morning

Day 2 kicked off with a 9am game of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons the GM, Edward, was running a 1st edition adventure he wrote called “Envoy of Peace” and according to his write up it seemed like a dozy of a political thriller.

This adventure takes place against the backdrop of the Kingdom of Erresumen. It is subdivided into three sub-kingdoms: The Barony of Lepomesto, The Province of Coddu, and The Hegemony of Tevreden.

King Tóir the Benevolent, ruler of Erresumen, is aging at the usual pace, but has been doing so for quite a while and has no biological heir to the throne. As dictated by the law of the land, his replacement will be determined by agreement of the rulers of the three sub-kingdoms. As expected, this has caused no small amount of political intrigue between the three rulers and generated some hard feelings and even some tentative hostility.

The party has been called together by of Coddu. The summary is that travelling merchants and small military patrols have been attacked recently by bands of robbers that seem a bit too organized to be simple rogues. He suspects that they are mercenaries hired by Barron Caredig of Lepomesto, but he doesn’t have the evidence to confront him and it could easily be Hegemon Trevlig of Tevreden. So rather than provoke a potential ally and having to defend two fronts, he is opting for a more diplomatic approach. He would like the party to deliver a gift to Baron Caredig. The task is not without danger because of the bandit activity, but the party will be well rewarded for their efforts on behalf of a grateful Province, as well as the possibility of future diplomatic assignments when a similar gift is offered to Hegemon Trevlig. The party will be provided with appropriate livery, a standard-bearer and a footman to tend to their official garments in a manner befitting an envoy of Coddu.

The Gerent presents the party with an ornate box containing an ornate jeweled brooch in the shape of a beetle. Once displayed, he will lock the box and seal it with his signet.

As we waited (and waited) for other players to arrive (and the never did) Edward asked me if I wanted to proceed and play two out of the four characters offered. Since this was a first edition game I said “Hell to the yeah” and had a look at the pregenerated characters. I picked:

Elric Estrada a human 6th level fighter with a +2 long sword and a bow
Derrial Book a human 6th level cleric with a mace and a staff of striking

And with an special envoy appointed to us for the task at hand, we left on our journey. The first day was uneventful and we bed down for the night. It was during our travels on the second day that we were attack by huge freakin’ spiders!


It seemed the spider was getting the best of Derrial but in the end our guys prevailed. After the encounter we traveled for a few hours more and then bedded down for the evening.

Dawn of the third day we broke camp and proceed on and before we knew it there where sounds of a group approaching. As they approached, we could see they were brigands and they came running through the woods towards us as if they were on a mission. A mission to kill!

Elrik draws his bow and fires of a few arrows and taken down the bandit in the lead, but that doesn’t stop the others from charging. They swarm Derrial and Elrick and it’s a big bloody battle. These brigands were more than just that, they fought with skill and with grit but in the end they were dealt with.

Derrial and Elrick both had some serious wounds to tend too.  Afterwards we inspected the fall brigands to find some fine quality armour and weapons from Lepomesto. Where they actually in cohoots with the kingdom, or was this a ploy to make us think that they were?



We gather the equipment and emblems and leave the bodies to rot. Bundling the items up and maybe presenting them to the Baron or maybe sell for extra coins at a market since they seemed to be well crafted weapons.

The fifth day was a breeze and we end up at the Baron’s Keep by late afternoon. We are greeted at the gates and escorted in and brought to a chamber we we can freshen up before we meet with the Baron to present him with our gift from Gerent Falach of Coddu.


Derrial, Elrick, and the envoy are escorted to the Baron and there is a huge feast and celebration which is held in our honour and before the gift is presented. Elrick presents the gift to the Baron and as the Baron opens it and marvels at the item inside the Envoy speaks a word that activates a spell and the next thing you know everyone is becoming enraged except for Derrial and one of the Baron’s men. This enrage curse makes the user attack the closest person to them and it’s a pretty nasty fight. It was a trap and we were just pawns in this power play.

Derrial tries to snap Elrick out of the spell but it’s no use. Though swords clash and guards fall and then suddenly the spell is no more and everyone is left wondering what the heck just happened. Derrial and Elrick are put under arrest as the envoy tells the Baron that we were spies from Caredig.

Derrial and Elrick surrender without a fight and brought down to the dungeons and over the course of the day or two are question until a cleric comes down and asks us a few question which we answer truthful and he is satisfied with it.

We are brought to the Baron and he questions us and it is revealed the envoy “confessed” to what happened and that we were just pawns in the puzzle.  He offers us a chance to get even since there is a meeting to held within the a couple of days and we could confront the man who hired us to bring the ornate box here. We agree to the plan.

We travel with the Baron to the meeting of the three leaders and indeed present our case and


Gerent Falach of Coddu knowing the jig is up flees while he unleashes his men upon us and it’s a big battle the occurs in the courtyard. It’s a brutal battle but we finally won but Gerent Falach escaped and leaving the two other leaders at each other throats, since neither trust anyone.

Derrial taking a lesson from the cleric at the Baron’s keep casts a spell and says “confess” and the truth is spilled. Neither side were directly involved in the plot of Gerent Falach but they knew of shady dealings going on to try to get a “war” going between the districts.

Now with a truce between the two other baronies, they think it’s time to face Gerent Falach…


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Aethercon 2017 – Day One

Yesterday Aethercon kicked off.

For those who don’t know about it:

The 6th annual AetherCon Online Tabletop RPG Convention is a gathering of pen and paper roleplaying gamers that will take place in cyberspace on the weekend of November 10-12/2017.
AetherCon is a free to attend, free to partake, non-profit initiative. Throughout the weekend there will be a plethora of tabletop RPGs on offer for all to play in. All games will be run on the free, browser-based virtual table top Roll20 and/or Google Hangouts. This program will allow GMs and players alike to simply click on a link and enter the playing area as opposed to needing to download and install the software to participate.
Basically, that’s it in a nutshell.
For my first event, I signed up for a Shadowrun adventure called “Trucking With the Fae”.  I chosen a Troll Ganger named “Wheezer” for my character. Wheezer isn’t to bright and he rode around on a Harley-Davidson scorpion and basically gets winded pretty fast when doing physical activity hence the handle “Wheezer”.
The GM, Jason, who was in Chicago ran a pretty cool scenario in Hangouts and trusted us with our dice. Three other players, Chris C, Jason, and Fedora were Canadian as well and this trio hailed from Edmonton, Alberta.
Chris played a dwarf named Noxx, Jason was an elf named Kakari, Fedora was playing a troll named Ms Myth our de facto leader. Ms. Myth gets a call from a “fixer” that has a job lined up for us and that we should meet a “Ms. Johnson” at a club called The Blue Shamrock.
After Ms. Myth rounds us up and says we got work to do we head over to the Blue Shamrock to meet our contact. Who is one Loriel Taylor which might be a big name but Wheezer hasn’t heard of.  But apparently she is a big wig and a major heavy hitter.
Ms. Taylor wants us to retrieve someone for her who just so happens to be held in another district and she doesn’t want to get her and her associates hands dirty so that’s why she called us. She offers us $10,000 NuYens a piece and also the aide of a Technomancer named Vector since none of us have decking skills, and this task needs the skills of one as well.
The thing is that Ms. Taylor will be accompanying us part of the way as well.
We load up into a van and drive the shortest route to where we need to be and go through a check point manned by orcs, which Ms. Myth brides by making a donation to a “worthy cause” the orcs are involved in.
Once pass this check point we travel on a few more miles until we have gone as far as we can with this van and then park it and then we head out into deep woods on foot. There is a ravine and another group there. Ms. Taylor doesn’t know if they are friendly or not but we scout ahead and determine that they are members of a rival corporation of Ms. Taylor so she says it’s good to go through.
Wheezer here’s that it’s good to go and goes charging out of the woods towards the group of elves that are part of a group called The Blue Ribbons? He engages in combat with trusty bowie knife in hand. Noxx runs in after him with a bucket in his hands and slams it over a guards head while Vector hacks one of the guards smarts gun and deactivates it.
In the middle of combat a Hell-hound is summoned and then things get pretty weird from that point on but eventually in the end the elf guards are taken down with a couple of survivors and Noxx makes a deal with the elf to flee.
Hiking through the woods and realizing time is getting short and our window of opportunity is slowly shrinking, we need to find another ride and that’s when we stumble upon a campground.  It’s here were we acquire a pick up truck through the good skills of our technomancer. We drive for a little ways and discuss our next course of action.
Making a full frontal assault at a security compound is just plan suicide so a decision is made to find who cleans out the place and then use that as our way into the complex and free the person we’ve been sent to retrieve. There is a cleaning company that is contracted to do the cleaning and that they will be entering the building to do there thing shortly and we make a beeline to the company’s location.
There we use a plot point (the cleaning company is having a coffee meeting and are all in the same room) and some really good hacking due to Vector’s amazing talents he locks them into the building, disables all communications and security cameras. We break into the place through a loading bay and another plot point is used (to make sure we have uniforms that fit us properly) and a cleaning vehicle to take us to the place.
All set and raring to go we make our way to the prison and enter like we’ve done this task a thousand times before. Once inside we try to locate our target and going about the task off looking like we are working as Ms. Myth bribes a talkative fellow who for a few packs of smokes tells us the cell floor and number our target is. Ms. Myth thinks three packs of cigarettes will do.
Dakari has a plan to get our target out without incident but that seems to fail as the alarm goes off and I think our jig is up. As Vector hacks into the security computers he opens up all cell doors and changes the alarm bell to a dinner bell and chaos is on the agenda at the moment.
… and this is where my computer crapped out on me. By the time I was able to log back in the game was over and done with and I couldn’t find out if the crew made it out or not until this morning we I contacted the GM, Jason, to find out what went down.
He said we made it out and no one went out with a blaze of glory.
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The Sky Goes Clank (Session 11)

A Gamma World 2nd Edition Tale

A 2nd Edition Gamma World Tale
Cast of Characters:
Wyke, Pure Strain Human (Chris)
Kamanda Koroma, Mutated Humanoid (Steve)
Avagadro, Mutated Animal – Mole (Ed)
Brenda FourOneOne, Android – NPC

*Game Note: Session from Monday November, 6th , 2017

After searching the Hoops and finding nothing of value, Wyke, Kamanda, and Avagadro decide what their next course of action should be. There are three possible exits from the chamber the are in; north, west and south.

They decide to check out the north area.

It opens up into a chamber with a huge “earthwound” through it. Kamanda borrows Wyke’s metallic disc to peer around the corners and sees nothing of interest except for some weird graffiti off to the east passage. Avagadro scampers to the edge and peers down and sees that it goes off into the darkness; he can also she cobwebs as well.


Kamanda goes around to the eastern passage with the metallic disc in hand. He knocks a rock into the pit and it bounces off the walls and then hits a cobweb below.

Kamanda using the shiny disc peers around the corner to see a huge metal man sitting on the floor.

The mechanical beast is not moving and Kamanda breathes a sigh of relief.  He steps out to have a closer look at this Goliath and notices that it seems to have a brace and seat inside the body. Can it be some sort of vehicle? Kamanda checks over the spiderbot and find that it has been broken into as well and there is nothing in it. So, he returns back to Wyke and Avagadro.

Just in time to do battle with three Blackuns that scamper out of the earthwound.


With Electrical Generation mutation not being effective due to Avagadro’s mutation that counters it. The Blackuns move in for some physical combat. Kamanda and Wyke draw out their vibro daggers while Avagadro goes into full Wolverine mode with his claws.

Wyke loves the vibro dagger as it slices and dices into the Blackun’s hide.

Avagadro launches himself from the edge to the back of a Blackun and plunges his claws deep into the creatures back and ends up poisoning the beast. It drops into the chasm and Avagadro falls with it. Landing on cobwebs and then eventual climbing out .


Our heroes continue onwards, and come up to a pit, with garbage strewn about in the corner, a huge hole in the ground as well as water coming from pipes. Kamanda climbs down the ladder and as he does there is movement from the pile and a Herp (a mutated tiger beetle) emerges. It squirts acid at Kamanda.


And boy is it a nasty attack! Avagadro launches himself from the platform to attack and Wyke joins in the fray. The Herp didn’t know what hit him as it’s decimated the next round of combat.

Among the debris they find plastic armour and three orbs of doom (grenades). Kamanda takes an orb and Wyke takes the rest plus the plastic amour.


The come up the ladder to the other side. Kamanda notices that the door to this area is a huge gate that lifts upwards inside of sliding left or right. He places the card into it and the gate begins to rise and Avagadro is the first to spot a symbol painted in blood on the floor, and like a bat out of hell, he puts some good distance between it and him.

The gate opens up to reveal a corridor and a basically a cave in with a skeleton buried among the debris. Wyke and Kamanda explore the area and find that they cannot proceed onwards and they really don’t like the blood on the floor and they decide to head out and close the gate behind them. It locks into place with a loud clang.


.. to be continued…

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I Dream of Skyrealms of Jorune


Skyrealms of Jorune

There was a time during the mid 80’s when you open up a Dragon Magazine and saw an ad for this weird little game. It promised a strange new world to explore and it reminded me of the Edgar Rice Burrough’s Warlord of Mars series. I was hooked from the beginning but I really never got a chance to play it.

It wasn’t until 86-87 when the second edition of this game hit the stands. I was in college and a fellow ran a session or two and I recall it being very interesting sessions. But, during the college age gaming groups changed each semester as people dropped out or moved on to bigger and better things.

I found a copy of the second edition of the game in a used book store. The Tauther Book  got vandalized when someone tooks some scissors and clipped a few pictures from it when I was away from my room and a roommate didn’t realize what had happened to it.

Now, I’m glad to finally add these three books to my collection which will sit nicely next to the 3rd edition rule book. I’m seriously thinking of running a campaign with this system as well and maybe, hope to in the not so distant future.






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