Back In The Saddle Again

It’s been a few weeks since I did some game related stuff. This summer was busy and quite active as my players took the summer off to enjoy life at the cottage, hanging around campfires and drinking suds with buds and family.

The Dungeons & Dragons game that had been running with the Tyranny of Dragons books has hit a roadblock and I don’t think it’ll recover from it. It’s been so long since we’ve played that I had forgotten where we left off. And, I’m thinking of gathering the gang back now that summer is on the wane, and fall will soon upon us in all her glory.

After several weeks of not rolling any dice at all; it made me think of that Simpson parody of The Shining. But my mantra was “No dice rolling, no gaming makes Tim something something.”  Yeah, I’ve a touch cranky at times, I swear that gaming is theraputic as well a very nice social activity of people gathered around and sharing an experience or two.

On Monday, I got the chance to actually play. Well, it was on Roll20 and it was an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure and I created a thief with the moniker, Garrin Goodfellow, a halfling tallfellow from Brumbletoe Brooks. And as described by another player a “pyscho death-wish half-pint” simply because a group of giant fire ants come pouring out of a huge hill and towards the party, Garrin, with dagger in hand goes charging forth into the fray.

Well, Garrin took a beating and he kept on weeping.

Overall, it was a fun session and a blast to play. Since I wasn’t on the other side of the GM screen. I look forward to the next session in two weeks time. But, meanwhile I got to prepare for this upcoming Saturday as Game Night kicks off once again…. hopefully.


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BackyardCon – Day 3

Sunday Morning I started off with some classic Shadowrun, writing up a story arc for a series of modules that I’m planning on running one of these decades. I’ve always been a huge fan of the setting, but never really got a chance to run a proper campaign:

DNA/DOA, Mercurial, Dragon Hunt, DNA/DOA, etc.,

I just want a underlying story arc to tie the adventures together. To give it more of an epic feeling when (or if) I start the campaign.

After that I took a break and biked down to a new restaurant called ET’s Home. Once there I ordered a big breakfast which consisted of pancakes, sausages, bacon and a slice of home with two eggs over easy and some homefries. Talk about filling!

Then going home I had an idea for a time traveling scenario and upon arriving home I dug out Time & Time Again and worked on and expanded on the idea that hit me. It’s one of those systems that I had played once or twice and was impressed with the game and eventually decided that I’d add it to my collection.

And thus BackyardCon 2018 has wrapped up for another year.




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BackYardCon 2018 – Day 2

Day two of BYC was off to an early start this morning as I was up around 5:30 and then decided to start with a little solo adventure using the classic 5th edition of Tunnels & Trolls.


I resurrected a character I had created and used a while back to go through Buffalo Castle once again;  A warrior named Theo Knight.

Theo only lasted five rooms before he was slain by an orc. Theo was heavily damaged from a previous encounter and had no healing potions on him. He fought to the bitter end.

Later that morning I broke out the Battletech set that I have (I think it’s 3rd edition) and proceed to do a mano-et-mano combat, though Rory wasn’t too interested in playing, but he did wanted to play a game of “Only Throw! No Take!” A simple game where I throw the ball and he brings it back and then I wrestle the ball out of his mouth to throw it again.

Though, it’s been a pretty interesting morning that’s for sure.

In the afternoon I broke the 1st edition of Little Fears RPG and worked on an idea for this game. A trilogy of adventures inspired by the Netflix series “Stranger Things”.

Thus the day e3nded up with a classic battle of Gamma Knights as two warriors fought over a town.

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BackyardCon 2018 – Day 1


IMG_2334Well, it’s the first weekend in August. Which means it’s a long weekend with Monday being a Civic Holiday. This is also the weekend of the Lombardy Fair in this area. Also, this weekend GenCon  is also happening with thousands of geeks gather together and play games, buy games, and socialize with others.

Four the past four years now, each time GenCon happens I “host” a two-three day event I christened BackYardCon. Throughout the day I take a couple of games off my shelf and work on an adventure or an idea at the patio table in my backyard.

Friday morning, I brought out Cadillacs & Dinosaurs The Roleplaying Game by GDW to work on a bit. I had decided that I would be running a scenario for an online convention in November.  Cadillacs & Dinosaurs was a short-lived animated series based off the underground comic Xenozoic Tales by Mark Shultz.

GDW’s used their own game mechanics in this faithful adaption of the animated series plus the comic as well. It’s very rare that I get a chance to run it, I figured it’s about due for another kick at the can.

Friday Afternoon I decided to work on SpyCraft adventure idea inspired by Mission Impossible: Fallout. SpyCraft is an OGL product that has a more streamlined rules based on the d20 system.

I ended Friday with a classic from TSR: The Marvel Super Heroes RPG that I had recently acquired. I’ve been itching to get my hands on this grubby little game after having played a scenario at Cangames earlier this year. I wasn’t to big on superheroes rpg back in the day so i never did pick it up. Sure, I loved the comics and read them from cover to cover but never really did get into the rpg genre.

Now that I have it in my collection I have a scenario that I want to run which is set in the 80’s so this is perfect!

There you have it Day One of BYC in a nutshell.




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Last Week There Was Gary Gygax Day

Gary Gygax Day

July 27th was Gary Gygax Day.

It was a day to celebrate the man, the myth and the legend.  On this day I dug out my Holmes edition box set and generated a random character using 3 six-sided dice and rolls straight down the stats:


It’s the first time in a while that I used my dice.

I’ve been suffering from a Writer’s block/GM burn out for the past few weeks and haven’t been gaming at all, as you can tell from this blog here. But, now I have committed to run an event at this years Aethercon in November. This year I had chose GDW’s Cadillacs & Dinosaurs to run and started re-working on an old adventure.

Everybody Smokes in Hell.

I had ran it a couple years back at CanGames and this year it will get another go, with slightly modified side quest this time around.



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Adventures in Oz

So, I woke from a weird dream and decided to jot down the details while it was still fresh in my mind. Then I put the journal back and went back to sleep. When I awoke later I grab my journal and headed downstairs to work on a scenario idea.

adventures in oz

I looked at the notes about the dream and it seemed pretty incoherent and strange. Though, it had the makings of a pretty epic cross-country adventure.

It was a pretty weird road trip with a group of friends walking along the highway and encountering strange individuals; basically it reminded me of The Wizard of Oz. So, I decided to hammer out a scenario for Adventures in Oz role playing game.

As I begin writing out the scenario and mapping out locations for the characters to explore and discover. I decided to use some of L. Frank Baums original characters as GMCs for the players to interact with.

I’m seriously thinking of running it at Cangames 2019 next spring.


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Canada Day Eh Con

CanadaDayEhCon 2018Well, it’s July 1st weekend here and you know what that means.

Canada Day weekend.

And what better way to celebrate Canada’s birthday than a one day game convention on Saturday. Well, not an actual one just a spur of the moment home-brew convention with only one in attendance (that would be me) and a dog laying at my feet while I worked on some game scenarios throughout the day.

On Saturday after a couple cups of coffee, the event officially kicked off with Unknown Armies, now in it’s third edition, and with me reading up on some of the changes from the previous edition and jotting down some ideas for a scenario. I’ve been a huge fan of the game since I was first introduced to it some years ago, a friend of mine had submitted stuff for a few sourcebooks. UA is weird and wonderful and can be discrobbed as Call of Cthulhu on crack with a David Lynch and David Cronenberg feel.

Then afterwards it was some Tunnels & Trolls action as I created a character and went through a solo adventure, my character Hans Gooberlindsey a warrior, was slain in the fourth room of Buffalo Castle.

T&T is one of those guilty pleasure games for me. I always liked the system and the way the mechanics are so simple that you can break it out and adventure away until your character completes a solo dungeon or dies trying.

Good times, good times.

Then afterwards I worked on my Roll20 Gamma World campaign, re-designing an outpost and adding in some new artifacts here and there as well. The first edition of this game is by far my favourite version of this game and it always holds a special place in my heart.

GW is science fantasy role-playing at it’s best.


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