The Sky Goes Clank (Session 16)

A 2nd Edition Gamma World Tale

Cast of Characters:
Wyke, Pure Strain Human (Chris)
Kamanda Koroma, Mutated Humanoid (Steve)
Avagadro, Mutated Animal – Mole (Ed) Away
Brenda FourOneOne, Android – NPC

*Game Note: Session from Saturday, January 15th, 2018

In our previous session our heroes ; Wyke, Kamanda, Avagadro, and Brenda fought there way through a huge hoard of plague zombies.  They decided to have a quick rest, enjoy a quick meal before continuing on exploring the remain rooms of the “lost” section of the base. Brenda informs them that when a “plague” occurred there was a decision to seal off this part of the base.

Wyke is impressed with his new armour and is still working out the kinks in it.  Avagadro is sniffing around the small room and inspecting things here and there but finding nothing of use for him.

Kamanda tells the others to hold back as hd scouts out the hanger bay and notices the huge crater in the floor and a wooden bridge that spans it. He also does a quick check check to the south to see a Kep plant moving like an ungodly spider towards him.  Kamanda backs up into the room and waits for the creature to appear in front of the door.

He blasts the plant creature apart before it can get an attack in. But the sound of combat alerts the plague zombies in the huge bay and they come charging into the fray. Kamanda steps into the bay, Avagadro scampers past him and heads to the bridge. He stands there taunting the Plague Zombies and waits for all three of them are on the bridge running towards him and that’s when he uses his claws to cut the bridge and the plague zombies fall into the pit.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 7.45.01 PM

Kamanda then using his fire starter ability proceeds to burn them up leaving no trace of them behind.  With the bridge destroyed, our heroes make there way southward to see what else the can find.  Avagadro looks for more, but there is none to be seen.

Kamanda sees a door to the south and goes to it while Avagadro peers down a dark hallway and is surprised to see two plague zombies coming out of the shadows towards him.  He springs into action and slash with claws and goes in for a bite, and then he realizes his mistake with the bite as his teeth sinks into one and his mouth starts burning from the brown gooey substance off the creature.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 7.49.38 PM

The Plague Zombies are dealt with quickly but Avagadro still feels the burn of the goo until he finally clears it off.

With Brenda FourOneOne armed with a slug thrower and following behind them, they release that Wyke isn’t with them. He’s still in the chamber before the bay since his armour is in fact to big to fit through.

So not wanting to get out of this new armour, he decides to rip the door from the hinges and expand the opening a bit so that he can finally enter into the bay.  And once the party is regrouped once again they decide to explore the final two areas in the bay area.

In the south west corner room they discover Zenith’s growing and before it even has a chance to react, Wyke is on them like a hot knife through butter. With lasers blasting and his metallic fists bashing he turns one Zeenth into a pulpy salad.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 8.07.36 PM

Kamanda keeping his distance and using a laser pistol to take out another one and the third one is done as well before they even have a chance to “pollenate” he area. With this room cleared they check the other.  Avagadro figures these walking salads wouldn’t be too good for his digestive system and leaves them alone.

The look to the east and see a narrow corridor with a secured lock. Kamanda decides to have a look to see what is beyond and when he uses his “white card” the door opens and reveals a huge “egg” with Serfs around it kneeling.  The Serfs seem to be in prayer and chanting as well and Kamanda closes the door quickly, hoping they are to deep in prayer that they aren’t noticed. Kamanda remarks of a greenish glow coming from the “egg”.

They discuss their plan of attack, since the hallway leading to the chamber is too narrow for Wyke’s armour he opts to see what other way in he could get in and searches around.  Since Avagadro didn’t sense their minds, there must be something in the chamber that is shielding their detection.

Wake had discovered a breach into the room that will give him a vantage point to fire into the chamber and maybe pick off one or two. But, he doesn’t know about that huge object they seem to be worshipping.  Kamanda tells him not to hit it, since it seems it could be some sort of explosive device on a grander scale than the torc grenades they have in their possession.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 8.16.58 PM

So they get ready to charge into the room, after designating who should attack what Serf in the room. The battle is swift and brutal and our heroes have dealt with the skill of a slightly drunk surgeon.  The Serfs didn’t even know what hit them.

With minimal damage to our heroes they celebrate their victory since they have effectively cleared the last room of the complex they are in.  Though with the amount of Serfs discovered in this complex they didn’t find “The General” at all.

Inspecting the huge missile they find that it’s empty and only a glowing cube with a green hologram about it where the “warhead” should be. So, it seems the General fled the complex with the “warhead”.

Our heroes go into the hangar pay to look at the alien craft in it. Brenda FourOneOne informs them all of the Canopus Plague that happened when a strange craft was discovered and it’s occupants where quarantined.  They decide not to explore the strange ship and they decide what should they do next.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 8.51.26 PM

… clank… clank… clank…

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A Book Published Over 100 Years Ago

Week Three of the 2018 Ultimate Reading Challenge continues with this particular challenge of finding a book published over 100 years ago So, it was either find an actual book that was published over 100 years ago, or a story that was book that was published in that time period.

So, I have decided to read a story that was published back in the mid 1800’s.  A classic tale by Lewis Caroll called Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

It’s a fantasy novel that was first published back in 1865 and it’s still a fascinating read as well, since the last time I think I read this book was when Cartoons were just a Saturday morning thing.

I have picked up the Signet Classic reprint with the original illustrations by John Tenniel.



I’m sure you are all familiar with the tale, even if you haven’t read the book you’ve seen movies and shows that were made from it. It’s a tale of a girl named Alice who follows a talking rabbit to his lair and then she falls down a rabbit hole and into a fantasy world filled with humanoid creatures, animated objects and a nonsensical landscape that Alice is trying to figure out how to get out of.

It’s a story that to this very tale has us fascinated with and it’s still influential to this very day. With movies, tv shows picking it up and using the story for their own characters as well. With Disney putting out a movie adaption a few years back and more recently it’s sequel, the appeal of this story will continue to be told over and over again.

Since I haven’t read this in a long while, I find it really pleasing to be unlocking passages that I have forgotten and delighted to breath new life into old characters with the theatre of the mind’s eye.

So this week I’m in for one heck of a literary ride!

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Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Raider’s Camp

A Tyranny of Dragons  5e Campaign
Game Session: Jan  13th 2018

Cast of Characters:
Taliesin, a wood elf druid (Nathan) away
Bardied Rein, a human fighter (Ken)
Harbek Dankil, a dwarf barbarian (Darryl)
Linan Swift, a human warrior (NPC)
Rolen Nightbraid, an elf ranger (NPC)

With the chapel saved, Bardied, Harbek, Linan and Rolen celebrate their good fortune in  saving those inside from the kobolds and cultists trying to burn it down.  After their wounds have been tended too,  Harbek suggest they head back to the Keep.  And as they head back,  Bardied begins strutting across the field. He is feeling like he could take on the entire clan of kobolds with his own bare hands. So, with bloodied sword in hand and a few wounds it feels good to be in battle once again and also that it smells like war.

Linan asks him what he’s so happy about with all the carnage about, Bardied says that he is sad about what has happen but he’s now found a new purpose in his life. A soldier’s life is never dull when there is a war to be had.  Harbek shakes his head as he tries to keep stride with his taller compatriots.

Governor Nightfall approach our heroes and begs them to assist them in the matter of the raiders. If they are willing to locate the raider’s camp and find out where it is, who the leaders are, and why they are stepping up their attack and where are they planning on striking next.  He’s willing to give them 250gp apiece if they except his offer. Also, if they need equipment the town is willing to help.

A young man limps up the party, he is Nesim Waladra, a student of Leosin Erlanthar. He tells them that his master is missing and feared that he had been taken by the raiders back to there camp. He says that Leosin has been investigating the raiders for a while, maybe he discovered something that someone doesn’t want found out?

Since Bardied is a good friend of Leosin, he is bound by honour to go and find his friend.


Our heroes except the task and prepare to head out while the trail is still fresh. Bardied inquires about armour, but is told due to the raid that there’s not much that they can offer them that would be better than the armour they are wearing now.

With a few extra provisions, and a couple of healing potions as well. Our heroes leave Greenest behind.

While out of town Harbek cracks a huge smile and Bardied inquires why? Harbek tells him that he was planning on going after the raiders no matter what but now he’s getting paid to do something he would of done for free.  The trail is easy to follow since there were many of them coming in and out in the same direction.

Harbek can tell that there were many kobolds, humans, and trained reptiles that came into Greenest and a heck of a lot less going out.  The trail leads south for about 12 miles and into a more rugged region with steep-sided rock plateaus and tumbled boulders.  Even though they have lost the trail, Harbek can smell the smoke from a campfire in the wind and pinpoints the location of a group of stragglers made up of kobolds and human cultists. As our merry band of heroes cautiously approach, they can see that the cultist and kobolds seem to be at odds with each other.

It looks like the argument among the kobolds and humans might come to blows, but due to due to Bardied slipping up on some rocks; it alerts group to their presence. Harbek tells Rolen to use his bow while the others charge the stragglers.  The humans yell at the Kobolds to take care of the intruders while they run for help.

The Kobolds charge at our band of heroes as the cultist flee, but one of them is taken down by a shot by Rolen, and he wounds another before the cultist disappear out of site. The battle is quick and pretty deadly as our heroes slice and dice the kobolds in the manner of a couple of rounds. They then proceed to give pursuit to the two cultist who fled only to stumble upon an ambush as boulders are pushed onto them.

Harbek takes a huge hit as a boulder knocks the stuffing out of him, as Bardied quick on his feet and charging up the slope towards where the human cultist have fled. It seems the cultist had wanted to lure the party to their trap and it nearly worked, but due to the dexterity adventures they manage to tackle the slope and put an end to their ambush tactics.

The Raiders camp is set up in a hollow of a rocky plateau that’s roughly shaped like a horseshoe. As the party makes it way to the area, they discuss a plan of action, of maybe going in as stealthily as can. The area is pretty big and it looks like there are a few campsites scattered in the hollow.


Harbek and Bardied decide to bypass the tower  north of the entrance and stick close to the southern slope sticking to the shadows and using the scrubs and brushes as cover as well.

The first set of huts they see roughly made out of hide, mud, and sod which are crudely built and decorated with animal and human skulls.  A small group of kobolds are seen around a campfire, they have celebrating their good fortune with plundered wine and roasting a pig over a fire.

Bardied thinks it’s a good time as any to stroll into the camp as if he knows what he is doing. The kobolds spot him and do a casual wave over and as he approaches the campfire, a kobold staggers toward Bardied with an offering from a jug of alcohol. Bardied draws his sword and then swings hitting a kobold and nearly taking off it’s head. That’s when our group comes in and and a scuffle is to be had. Out of the shadows two goblins appear beside Harbek and ask him “What is he doing here now? This is not your fight” and then they realize he is a dwarf.  The fight is dealt with quickly as the party uses the evening, and the opportunity of kobolds celebrating their victorious raid.

After a quick scan of the campsite and dragging the kobolds into an empty hut and piling the bodies there. The search each hut to see if there is any more and then glance over to the next batch of huts. There they see a human seem to be ordering a group of kobolds around and sending one off to a tent to retrieve something. Harbek tells Rolen that when the kobold returns from the hut that’s when he should start firing his bow and that to stay behind and use that to pick the kobolds off from the distance.

Bardied gives Linan a kiss for luck since he’s got a plan of action now. As the kobold steps out of a tent carrying a scabbard and begins strolling toward the human with it. An arrow takes it down and the kobold drops the scabbard to the ground.  Harbek tells Rolen that he meant the human in the camp that seemed to be giving orders, Rolen apologizes and says he thought it was the kobold with the sword.

Bardied lets out a war cry and draws his sword and goes running towards the tent, Linan follows suit. Harbek swears under his breath and begins to give chase as well. With the surprise of the kobold being put down with an arrow over. The human glances around to see what is going on and then realizes he’s under attack. Before Rolen plucks two arrows into him.

A kobold warrior seeing Bardied running towards him let’s out a battle cry as well and grabs its sword to meet him in battled. Harbek is running as quickly as he can as well but due to his short nature is not able to keep the pace up with the charging Linan and Bardied as they pass by one hut.

Two kobolds step out of the hut to see what the commotion is about, Harbek spots them and he does a full barrel charge towards them. Arms outstretched he tackles them and forces them back into the hut they just emerge from. Harbek in full charge mood plows over them, trampling them and out the other side of the hut making another entrance (or in this cases an emergency exit) in the process. He hits the ground rolling and comes back up on his feet again.

A trio of kobolds go charging towards Bardied and Linan. Linan shouts to Bardied to go for the leader while she handles the trio who are knocked down to two due to Rolen plucking off a kobold in the process. Linan still in full charge mode barrels into the duo of kobolds and taking them into the muddy ground.

Harbek is still charging and with warhammer in hand he swings at a kobold and knocks it into the cosmos it seems as the tiny beasts body is hurled from the light of a campfire and into the shadows of night.

Bardied battles the human warrior and all three of our heroes are in their own little combative world as Rolen’s arrows find their marks to assist each and every one of them. Linan full cage brawling, mud fighting mode as she slugs it out with the kobolds using improvised weapons in the process as well.

Harbek’s hammer painted blood red and brain grey gore as his barbarian blood boils and calls forth his furious rage.

The human leader of this little cell of kobolds is put down and Bardied has his eyes on the prize. The dropped scabbard and sword that the first kobold was sent to get.

… to be continued…



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Game ON!

Last night two of the boys and I got together to continue on The Tyranny of Dragons campaign with the characters heading off to the Raider’s Camp to rescue a friend that had been kidnapped.

My game night usually starts at 6pm and ends between 9-10pm. I would like to run a little later but one of my player has to get up early on Sunday morning to head off to work and he really needs his beauty sleep!  I presume if i recruited another one or two more players around the table that might make a different in the group dynamics.


So with two players at the table (since the third one was out) I provided two NPC’s to tag along to help our heroes out in their “quest”.  In this particular session they were hired by the Governor to see what motivated the kobolds and cultist to raid the town in the first place? And why did they take their friend as well?

After last weeks cancellation it was good to get back into the thick of things once again. I don’t know how long this campaign will go, but there will be weekends that will be called due to previous commitments; theatrical and work related as well. And also, one of my players informed me of a new business venture that might spill into Saturday evening and I’m fine with that.

Because, I sometimes put a hold on game night for a couple of weeks for a production at the local theatre.  And, After all work is what needed to pay the bills and put food on the table. So it’s always good to get information in advance instead of on the day or evening of gaming (or a no show at all) which I can prepare for a good alternate for that evening session as well.

I’m just happy to get at a table, roll some dice, swill some coffee (or a beer) and partake in some face to face gaming.  Because, I know there will come a time with face to face gaming will become far and few in-between  due to life events and might as well enjoy it while we can. There’s always Roll20 (or other VTT sites) to visit so it’s a sigh of relief knowing that you could not go cold turkey for gaming.

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The Last of a Dying Breed?

DSCF3796I think that I might be an old grognard!

I’m an old school game master preferring telling the narrative, using words and visual description of things as the players wanders the landscape. It’s unlocking the imagination and letting players see the action through what they visualize through their mind’s eye.

It was the way I was brought into the role playing with graph paper, pencil and etched out dungeons right before you eyes. With the GM (being Mark C, Bob C, Chris M, or Sir G) telling you what you see, feel, hear and smelt:

A haggard looking troll.

The gem is warm to the touch and you can feel static electricity from it as you inspect it.

The dungeon corridor and dank and moldy and you hear the dripping off water echoing off in the distance.

As I started to run some Virtual Table Top games I noticed that I was relying on the visual cues for effect since the players could see the creature and how big it was, but then all the creatures in the group were just the same token in the same pose.

Even though role playing has boomed once again, I see more miniatures more electronic tablets at the game table.  I’ve been enjoying playing Virtual Table Top since it gives me a table and a few players to work with and it’s more visual since it’s all right there in your face, but when it comes to face-to-face gaming I like the pen and paper and drawing out on graph paper, I guess like a coach mapping out plays on the white board.

I have run a session or two with oversized graph people and tokens on the table so that the players can move their character through the dungeon but it took up too much space at the game table and when you got four or five players around it in a crowded room there is not much room at the table for books, characters, drinks and snacks. It’s part of living in a small apartment with a little dining room that also doubles for your game room.

Last night at the game event as I sat at my table, sipping coffee and looking at all the events that were happening it dawned on me that I was a small grognard fish in a big pond, since as people were coming in and everyone seem to be knowing each other. Two board game tables with people getting right into the action and here I sat waiting with a non-mainstream role playing game that some people have never heard of.

It was too late to join any of the board games that were happening since they were well underway.  Sure I could of ran my scenario with a single player but I was hoping for at least three at the minimum and while we waited that’s when Sam popped over to table and suggested a quick card game as I waited for more to arrival, maybe the weather played a huge decision in people coming out due to the freezing rain and the black ice.

I packed away Unknown Armies and prepared to have a round or two of one of the most kickass card games that Steve Jackson Games ever put out featuring the art of John Kovalic as well it was a win-win situation.

Munchkin is a fun card game to play, it’s simple to learn and easy to play and viola you’re kicking down a door, facing the monster or running away from it, looting the room and acquiring treasure.

Next month at the Game Night Event I plan on running something more mainstream like a brand everyone heard of – Dungeons & Dragons… maybe… or something else from my shelf. But, I am going to bring something else like a board game or even a card game just in case I’m short players.

I’m to set in my ways to try and fancy up my role playing game sessions and I will continue to do things the old fashioned way (and with an onion tied on my belt because that was the style at the time).


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Game Night – January Edition

I arrived at the Meraki Collective building shortly after 5:30 and went up to the third floor where the Game Night Event was taken place. I was the first one there, well after the organizer, Ken, who was all set up and raring to go.

He showed me where my table was and I set up for “The Jack That House Built”.  Rulebook, characters ready to be picked, written module with GM notes at the side as well as my homemade GM screen for Unknown Armies. The pregenerated characters were ready so that the players can choose one and then we can get going.

I’m a huge fan of the first edition of Unknown Armies! Maybe it’s partially due to my friend, Dan,  who had worked on a couple of source books for it. He had did a couple of crazy Unnatural characters and some NPC Cabals that characters could run into as well.


Dan had turned me onto the game back in 2001. He moved into town and had joined my game table and he had a couple of sourcebooks of that weird occult setting.  After, he explained it to me I was hooked. And like Paul Harvey once said “… and that’s the rest of the story”. Now back to the present.

After setting up I got a coffee and picked up another set of dice as well. The hardcore yellow die looked awesome and I thought they might do for tonight’s session.

I had five characters raring to go and hoped the weather wouldn’t play a factor in deterrence, since freezing rain was the forecast for the evening. People began to show up at the hall, some bringing tables and battle maps for what looked like to be an epic Warhammer 40K battle.


Ken had set up a table with board games that could be played, while some brought in a few of their own. So, there wasn’t going to be nary a table without a game happening at it.

There was a Settlers of Catan table set up with six players. A Survive! Escape from Atlantis boardgame with 3-4 players playing as well.

But the Warhammer 40K set up looked brutal and rather an imposing battlefield. There were four players going Mano-et-mano.

I had one player show up for my event, Kyle, who played last month and was interested in playing again because he had fun with the last scenario and he was hoping to play “Maggie” once again.  But, that wasn’t written in the cards just yet.

Kyle brought with him the card game of Munchkin and Sam suggested we have a quick round of that as we waited for more players to arrive. It’s been a little while since I played Munchkin but the rules for it are simple enough. Bash in the door, fight the monster and loot stuff.


It was a pretty fun challenge as we fought our way up through levels, gaining them and losing them just as quickly.  The first round was extremely long and before we knew it Sam emerged victorious and the time was pushing towards 9pm.  I decided to call it a night and said my good byes.

So, The Jack That House Built, didn’t see the light of day but I did manage to have fun just the same.

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The Sky Goes Clank (Session 15)

A 2nd Edition Gamma World Tale

Cast of Characters:
Wyke, Pure Strain Human (Chris)
Kamanda Koroma, Mutated Humanoid (Steve)
Avagadro, Mutated Animal – Mole (Ed) Away
Brenda FourOneOne, Android – NPC
and introducing:
Dandini, The Lil (NPC)

*Game Note: Session from Saturday, January 8th, 2018

After following the tracks a few kilometers and discovering an outpost and clearing that out and finding that there is a cave in so they can’t go any further.  Kamanda, Avagadro and Dandini regroup with Wyke and Brenda who are guarding the shaft and keeping a look out due to the Arks overhead.

They discuss their next course of action talking about they should maybe tackle the Arks above so that they do not discover the way down to this underground complex? Dandini flies up the shaft and comes back stating the Arks are no longer around, they must of moved on.  Avagadro not trusting the Lil goes up and sees for himself, and sure enough the Arks are gone.

While Dandini and Avogadro argue about trust.  Wyke and Kamanda talk about what to do next; should they check the submarine bay to see where that goes, or go back to the cave in with the symbol painted on the floor. Wyke wants to test his armour and would like to see if he could dig through the cave in to see where it goes.

They then head back to the “command centre” and Kamanda asks Brenda to access the area where the cave in is. But there is no information regarding this area, except the word “Classified: Canopus”?

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 7.36.08 PM

Brenda informs him that all information of that area has been lost or erased.  So our heroes head to the area, where Kamanda unlocks the door and Dandini spotting the symbol declares that “death” is beyond this point.  As Wyke begins to scoop up debris and bring it to the next room to fill in. Kamanda and Brenda wait patiently, as Avagadro scampers about he’s not one for sitting still and passing time. Dondini says he will sit this one out because it’s madness to disrupt a sign of “death” and flies off to find something to eat that tries not to kill him.

Avogadro wants to follow him but Kamanda assures him that the Lil is harmless.

Wyke begins to dig, he does so for several meters into the fallen debris and notices scorch marks on the floor and was as he clears the area. It seems someone deliberately brought down the roof of this hallway.

He seems to becoming to where the passage opens up, it’s here that he spots two forms clamouring through the opening.  The forms seem to be humanoid in shape and appears to be covered in slimy gelatinous goo. They attack with their misshapen fists and leave a sticky substance behind as they hit which seems to burn. Wyke forces them back and pushes the remaining barrier over and reveals a long passage way with a several humanoid figures rushing towards them.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 7.46.23 PM

Wyke can make out quite a few misshapen forms and he goes all in with his armour.  Shouting to the others that they got company as he begins firing lasers and swinging his metallic fists. It’s like a wave after wave of gooey flesh coming for him but thanks to his armour he’s able to absorb their puny blows.

Brenda begins firing off her slug thrower and moves ahead but Kamanda tells her to stay back as he fires off laser pistol as well. Kamanda tells Brenda that even though she can take care of herself, he’s planning on burning the fallen “zombies” and doesn’t want her in the way.

GM Note: This battle takes the better part of the evening.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 8.29.17 PM

It’s a slow and steady process as our heroes push headlong down the passageway taken out zombie after zombie and there seems to be no end of the onslaught. But, they see a huge zombie creature who seems to be strolling through the others and absorbing them into him as he does.  Before it even reaches Wyke, Kamanda tosses three “orbs” at the giant zombie beast.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 8.42.30 PM

Since Wyke is in the blast radius of the explosions as they go off, he takes some serious damage but due to the powered armour the med-kit kicks in and saves his life from “instantaneous death”.

Kamanda apologies to the damaged Wyke and says he didn’t realize how powerful those orbs where and considering that three of them went off in his radius it’s a good thing that his amour was there to save him.

They pause in an open chamber and Wyke proceeds to inspects his armour, while Kamanda sees to it to start burning the gooey substances with his pyrokensis. He is taken extra precaution with the gooey residue and doing it slowly so that it leaves not a trace behind.


Even though Wyke’s new armour is operational it still needs some repairs done and he hopes there is something that can beat out the dents. Avagadro doesn’t like the smell of this burning goo since it turns his stomach. Once the smoke clears and our heroes take stock of what they have left, Brenda FourOneOne only has one full clip left for her slug throw, Kamanda has no more charges for his lasers. Wyke gears up and is ready for action as well.


Our heroes forge ahead and then find another room, while the others inspect it Kamanda just wants to see what is beyond the corner and so he peers and sees a huge explosion as if a torc grenade went off,  and a very strange vehicle down at the far end.

He also spots a couple of plague zombies wandering about as well….


... to be continued …

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