Christmas is Only A Week Away

… and it will be good to get the family together under the same roof for a couple of days at least. Looking forward to spending time with the kids, also see some old friends as they come home for the holiday season.

Now, I understand how my parents felt when my siblings and I started leaving the nest and expand our wings to embrace our destiny.  It’s a bittersweet feeling but it’s good to get together and enjoy each others presence once again. The period between gatherings is vast but it a joyful event when they do come home to spend time.

But, enough of the sentimental journey.

What is also around the corner is BOXING DAY!

Boxing Day is a day of games for us as well. I have a couple of games I could run since I’ve done some prepped work on a few systems. Normally, I’ll play it by ear and the morning of I will decide what game I shall run. It usually starts around 2 in the afternoon and we play until 10 to 11pm. Around 5-6 we take a break and order food, usually Chinese, and then once our bellies are filled we head back to the gaming table and roll dice until the cows come home.

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It’s another busy weekend for me with the final three performances of Aladdin- A Pantomime and prepping the adventures I’m running for my Boxing Day Gaming Event which has been going on for many years now, a traditional thing that happened by accident and it continues on this very day.

I don’t know if I want to run two convention style role playing scenarios or go for the big epic adventure that will last for several hours. Decisions, decisions.

I’ve also signed on to run another rag scenario at Game Night event in January and that is cool. I’m looking forward to running another published adventure called “The Jack That House Built” and boy is it a little cringeworthy to read it now. My goodness I are a bad righter!

The Jack That House built is an early adventure I did for Unknown Armies emulating a quick and dirty style of adventuring in which their is a sense to interlocking encounters and the dilemma is a do or die.  I’ve updated it some and did a little rewrite to it to make it a little more comprehsive and copacetic for players as they wander through. Even though the first edition of UA is transcendental horror and furious action, this particular adventure was just pretty strange and nothing sewn together to make much sense of it.

I hope to run this with a crew of five players once again.

The next Game Night is Jan. 10 2018 and I’m already raring to go.


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Go Ask Alice

GameNight2017 collage

Game Night

An Unknown Armies Event for Game Night

Cast of Characters:
Aqua DeMise, Daddy’s Little Street Fighter (Sam)
Dexter Washington, Retired Detective (Simon)
Darius Angellus, Street Preacher (Dennis)
Maggie Magenta, Angelic Drifter (Kyle)
Max Cube, ex Special Forces/Drifter (Nathan)

GM Note: Go Ask Alice is an adventure I wrote for Protodimension Magazine Vol. VII so here be spoilers for those who haven’t read it yet. Continue reading

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Now, that I’m all set and raring to go for tomorrow night’s Game Night event.

Basically, all I did was change a few minor details on the published adventure to give it more action and a little more horror here and there to give it that right Lovecraftian meets Tarantino feel to it.  Hopefully, I’ll get a player or two at the table. We shall see.

I braved the snowy weather to walk down town and stopped off at Mac’s to grab a java as I did. The coffee at Mac’s is just as good and really needed after making the intrepid trek through town.  Though, I guess a lot of people would rather spend this snow day inside where it’s nice and warm instead of trudging about in the snow unless they half too.

I’ve got a Christmas mix of music going on and with over 500+ songs about winter, snow, cold, santa, and etc., it’s putting me in a festive mood.  People are indeed walking on the streets since most of the sidewalks are not plowed yet and it just might be safer to do so then attempting to guess where they are stepping.

Oh, well enough of this rambling.

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This has been a busy weekend for me at the theatre. The pantomime opened Friday night, and had two matinee shows over the weekend and I’m glad to have a little break in the action to rest up and get ready for the final four shows.

Tuesday night is Dart night and I had missed out last week due to tech/dress rehearsal of Aladdin and I’m set to toss darts this week. Also, on Wednesday evening I will be running a one shot Unknown Armies RPG at a Game Night event being held in town here. I’m also looking forward to running “Go Ask Alice” an adventure I had written for an online magazine called “Protodimension Magazine”.

I was hoping to get some gaming action in last night but I hadn’t heard back from two players and well even though that was a bummer. I did manage to get plenty of sleep last night as I had fallen asleep on the couch at 8 and the wife woke me up at 9:30 to tell me to go to bed. I slept soundly until about 4:30 when my boy, Rory the Dogasaury, got me up so that he could go outside and do his business.

Aladdin – A Traditional British Pantomime has been a hoot to work on as well. Each show is never the same and the audience really does get involved in the show, booing and hissing the bad guy, cheering on the good guys, and sometimes shaking their heads about as they do the hokey pokey.

Well, that’s what I’ve been doing the past week.




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Theatrical Interlude

The upcoming production at the Station Theatre has sapped up a lot of my nights in the past few days.  I’m in the tech booth this time around doing the lights for Aladdin – A Pantomime which is the theatre’s big holiday show.

Aladdin – A Pantomime is written by Ben Crocker who has written several dozen plays and they are always a fun to perform since it’s over the top acting, audience participation and you get to sing and clap along to the action on the stage. Sometimes the actors leave the stage and wander around in the audience either looking for lost items, clues or someone resembling someone one else.

So, for the next two weeks I will be up in the booth, lighting the lights and giving my all for the production once again.


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This Transmission is Coming To You

You got it.

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