The Ice Pellets of Happiness

February? It’s already February? What the hell happened to January?

We’re in our second month of 2019 and I haven’t been gaming as I should be, due to the weather, life events and other social gatherings that tend to get in the way. Though, I have been reading and writing up some scenarios for games, it’s good to keep the mind occupied.

2019 is also a year of changes for us as well. Looks like we’ll be moving. Downsizing from a four bed-room home to a three bed-room unit. The wife might be able to claim her dining room once again since it’s been a gaming den for the past 18 years.

The place we’re moving has a full basement and the wife had delegated it to be my “gaming den”. We shall see how it goes.

In other news, I’ve been working on the classic D&D RPG as well, basically hammering out an old adventure and converting it to the simple time in my gaming life.

Illusion is one of my oldest campaign worlds, basically a kingdom surrounded by mountains and a whole lot of weird dungeons peppered about it. Man, I really didn’t know how to world build back then since nothing seems to make logically sense at all. I just threw anything and everything in the adventures without a care in the world.

Who cares if there was a kobold cavern underneath a small town that when they got hungry they’d pick off a village or two. Or that an ancient red dragon perched unto of a mountain and warning others to stay away or be bathed in searing flames. Or gnome casino located in the middle of no where and where players play games of chance, cards and fight hideous mutant ogres in a huge battle pit.

Young Tim was just having a blast playing the ol’ D&D that’s for sure.

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Cangames 2019

Okay I submitted one event to run at this years convention. A Little Fears adventure inspired by a photo manipulation which has two kids standing on a hill and observing a unidentified flying object.

I call it “Most Likely A Meteor”, and I had drafted it up for the 1st edition of the role playing game. Little Fears is a horror role playing game where the players are children battling monsters from Closetland. It’s Strange Things before Strange Things was a show, throw in Monster Club into the mix and add in Pan’s Labyrinth and there you have it.

The adventure had been published in “Dark Times Fanzine” and the convention version has a little more tweaks to it. Just in case one of the players had seen or read it. LOL.

I’m currently re-writing a Dark Conspiracy RPG as well and hopefully will run it at Cangames as well. “A Stitch In Time Saves A Dime”.

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Decisions, Decisions

With Cangames just a few months away, it’s time to seriously start thinking of what to run. I’ve got a few ideas what I might give a go at the game tables this year. I like Cangames because it gives me a chance to run other games, other than the standard fantasy games at my regular game table.

I’ve been keeping busy since the new year, working on a campaign for my D&D game. I’m taking an old campaign I ran over two decades ago and giving it the 5E treatment and the setting will take place 25 years after the events of the previous players.

The campaign back then was simply called “Dragon Dawn” and it was inspired by the Dragonlance novels. The campaign started out as a in between session with just a couple of players than it mutated into a full-fledged campaign.

My goodness, re-reading notes from this old campaign has stirred up memories and has me thinking that it might by a novel or two coming out of the session notes I kept. Now, this is something to think of.

Also, I’m working on something that might be a “life changing event” for me; it’s a good thing and hopefully I’ll find out in a couple of weeks that if ti’s a go. And like Forrest Gump says “And that’s all I have to say about that.”

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2019… Week One

Well, we’ve just done our first week of the new year.

Got something in the works for this year, and I do hope it pans out for me. There’s not much I can mention at the moment because it’s only in it’s early stages. Fingers are crossed as I cross the t’s and dot the i’s on this one.

I’m looking forward to Cangames 2019 as well. It’s basically the only gaming convention that I can afford to attend and it’s nice to get out and rub elbows with fellow role players. I don’t know what I will run this year: Though Obsidian: The Age of Judgement is a clear frontrunner.

I like to run games that are on my shelf but never get a chance to play often on my game table at home, it’s one of the reasons why I look forward to Cangames. To give the game a moment in the spotlight, the sounds of dice rolling on a table and the delightful merriment or disbarring shock of the players.

A friend of mine had picked up O:TAoJ several years back and loaned me his book to read. I dug the concept and wrote out an adventure within the Zone that dealt with a group of kultist trying to summon a demon inside the city. Good times, good times.

If you ever see the movie Priest, starring Paul Bethany and Maggie Q, you’ll get a feel of how the Obsidian game should be like. The last fortified city of mankind in a world gone to “hell”. Characters are the last hope of mankind as they not only battle demonic hordes trying to get there way into the city, but corrupt citizens who are willing to serve the dark lords as well.

I’ve got a campaign arc laid out, but I do have a one-shot adventure that is willing to see the light of a gaming table!

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Merry New Year, folks.

I brought in the New Year with my family, we ended up playing some board games until the clock struck 12. We had a fun night of playing Riverdale Clue, Jenga and Scrabble Sentence Cube.

It was an enjoyable evening, solving crimes in Riverdale, watching in anticipation to see who would topple the tower, making up words with 21 wooden cubes. All this around the dining room table and ringing in the new year with some classic sounds as well.

My middle child loves Johnny Cash, ABBA, and The Supremes. So as the evening progress more and more of their songs crept into the ever growing playlist.

Hopefully, there will be many more New Years Eve game nights with the family for years to come. Now, this is more wishful thinking on my part.

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… Do You Want Fries With That?

A Men in Black The Roleplaying Game Adventure

Cast of Characters:
Agent C (Chance Peterson)
Agent H (Darryle Forgie)

Time: 9:02pm
Date: December 27th 2018
Place: Toronto, Ontario

GM Note: I decided to set up a MiB Branch Office situated in the Duncan Station building in Toronto Ontario. Basically, MiB Canada. 🙂

Agent C & H are sitting in a restaurant sipping coffee and eating pie, when C’s phone chimes in. It’s Q, he has an assignment for them. C & H pay there tab and head out to their vehicle where H slides behind the wheel. They zip through the city streets towards Duncan Station.

H is C’s new partner. A rookie in the MiB and getting a trail by fire as well. C knows the drill and wants to see how the rookie holds up. They arrive at Duncan Station and pull into the back lot, they head through the main doors and greet an elderly woman sitting there knitting (she too is dressed in black). Her name is D. They enter the elevator and proceed down to the MiB offices.

Once in the elevator H asks about D. C just tells him “it’s best not to poke a sleeping tiger with a stick, H”. H is left perplexed.

In the main reception area of the Duncan Station branch, C&H walk through the lobby, they are heading to meet up with Q. C bumps into a slug-like beast, he notices the creature leaving an acidy trail behind it. C calls for the janitorial services to clean up and warns the creature to cover it’s feet.

Q is a huge man with salt and pepper hair and a big bushy moustache (imagine Sam Elliot here).

Once up in Q’s office he greets them and then tells them not to get to cozy since they are heading right out to an assignment. Q tells them that there is something amiss in Honesdale, ON. It seems their is an unofficial landing near the town that must be looked into. Should be nothing but a cake walk he tells them.

The info about Honesdale, ON is that it’s a small town nestled along the show of Lake Simon. It is a picturesque burg with a population of 2,190.

C starts to put up a fight because it’s not the typical assignment, but Q tells him that it’s to see how H handles the situation as well. Q tells them that a mini-van has been equipped and ready to go and that a clean up team will be on standby if needed, Begrudgingly, C accepts the assignment and they head down to the parking garage.

On the way there they bump into G, he doesn’t look to healthy. He tells him he tried this new Oriental foods place in Chinatown and he thinks he’s got an gastronomical infection. He’s going to see Dr. N to see if he can neutralize the acid reflux.

They get in the mini-van and then head out of the city and to the great white north. Not wanting to draw attention to their vehicle, they drive the speed limit. C doesn’t want the vehicle to be splashed all over the hot-sheets because he wouldn’t want to be seen caught dead in a mini-van.

When they arrive in Honesdale, they can see that it’s a really quiet town. There is no sign of anyone on the street and the only thing that the lights have on is a roadside diner with a few cars parked in front. The only sound they here in town is an old blues songs that seems to be playing from the jukebox at the diner.

Kelly’s Roadside Cafe, as a old fashioned railway car shaped diner.

Photo by Pixabay on

They pull into the lot, C decides to head through the front door and asks H to go around back.

C enters the diner, there is a jingle of bells as the door opens. Though, no one is in the room. The song on the jukebox continues to play. He approaches the counter and he sees a service bell and he reaches over and dings that.

H is going around the building, he draws his weapon and he is looking on the ground to see if there is any footprints in the fresh falling snow. There is a weird set of tracks that go to the back door of the diner. It looks like a weird shape foot imprint, definitely not made by a human that’s for sure. He sees the door to the diner partially open and he proceeds.

C is surprised to see a beautiful lady emerge out of the kitchen, she looks like a playboy model wearing a serving apron. She asks him if he is hungry and wants something to eat. Today’s special is a “Juicy Morsel Burger” that will leave your tastebuds tingling for a long while after you eat. C tells her he just wants a coffee, and that’s when he realizes that all she is wearing is just the serving apron.

H pushes the door open just a little wider, he can see the kitchen. He spots blood all over the floors, walls and ceiling and he hears the sound of chopping from one side. He pokes his head to see a huge 3 meter four armed alien with meat cleavers hacking away at a torso on a counter. It only takes him a second to realize that the torso is human.

In the dining room, C asks the waitress her name and how long she’s been employed her. She says her name is C’ndii and that she’s been working her for the past 14 Trytellikz. C summarizes that 14 Trytellikz is roughly two human hours. She pours more coffee just as a car begins to pull into the lot. C’nidii says that here in Bor’Iss just started working here. C sees that they are business folk stopping to grab a quick bite to eat before heading back on the road.

H enters the kitchen with blaster in his hands and he orders the “chef” to stop and put the cleavers down. The chef, Bor’Iss, looks surprised as he sees H with his blaster drawn. Bor’Iss puts down the cleavers and tells H that he has a permit and if it’s okay if he shows it. H complies while keeping the blaster on the chef. H does a quick scan of the kitchen and sees the meat locker open and sees several bodies hanging from hooks as Bor’Iss reaches into his pockets and pulls out four small blasters. H fires a shot.

As the four travellers enter the restaurant and take a seat, C’ndii tells C that she has to go back to work and grabs some coffee and cups. C advisors her that maybe she should put on a little be more items on than the smock. She grabs a long coat and puts it on and heads over to the table to pour the coffee. C hears the sound of combat in the kitchen and he goes in to investigate.

Bor’Iss has drawn his weapons but H has the drop on him and fires off his blaster. The shot catches Bor’Iss in the left shoulder, hitting him so hard that he spins around and he fires off his blasters. H isn’t hit but C takes a shot as he steps into the kitchen.

There’s an all out battle in the kitchen as C’ndii enters with four orders of todays special. Agents C & H finally take down Bor’Iss in one pile of gooey entrails adding another coat to the already bloody kitchen. H is about to fire at her when C tells him that C’ndii has the IQ of a turnip. C’ndii is sadden that her new job didn’t pan out that long.

C tells H to take her to the mini-van as he calls in for a clean up crew to arrive, and he goes back into the diner putting on his sunglasses and taking out the neuralyzer . He flashes the four diners and tells them to continue on down the road and make a stop there, since this place is currently closed for renovations. The diners leave and on their way and C rejoins H and C’ndii by the mini-van.

C’nidi tells them that there was three groups of them that arrived and decided to split up and start a “Juicy Morsel Burger” franchise. Fur’Edd and Sell’Een went up to North Lake, ON to start working there at a truck stop called The Loose Wheel. While Wing’Arr and Chadd went to start working in Tranna, ON in a All U Can Eat Chinese Buffet place. C informs Q of the development and Q says he’ll send a team to the Chinese Buffett and tells C to head to North Lake to put a wrap on this “franchise”. C agrees and says they will leave soon as the clean up crew arrives. C tells Q that C’ndii will be there as well, she knows nothing of the earth customs only what she read in soap opera digest guides.

As the clean up crew arrives, C&H leave C’ndii with them and proceed to head up north. They activate the drive to arrive at North Lake in a hurry now they know what the Juicy Morsel Burgers are made from.

Photo by Pixabay on

C&H realize the horror of the whole situation and hope to reach the Loose Wheel Roadstop before Fur’Edd and Sell’Een have a chance to set up.

But as they arrive at the truck stop they see that there is a line up as far as the eye can see as people are waiting to enter this divvy truck stop. They hear that the Juicy Morsel Burgers are to die for.

C&H both decided that going through the front door would be a futile one since people are pushing and shoving to get into the place. They see the clear alternative to go through the kitchen. With blasters armed, they enter the kitchen of the Loose Wheel to a horrific sight. Fur’Edd in his alien form with six arms and armed with butcher knives, meat cleavers is hacking away at the remains of something on the counter. Sell’Een is in human guise and looking stunning except for her elongated nails and razor sharp teeth she keeps the waitstaff in the corner corralled.

And it’s a big boss battle that’s for sure. Which lasted a lot longer than I thought due to Fur’Edd’s viciousness and Sell’Een’s combative prowess as well. But eventually, C&H take a licking but still ended up ticking… barely. C cals in for a clean up crew and he neutralizes the waitstaff wiping the memories of this evening and they earned a vacation as a belated X-Mas bonus from their boss, Freddy Fencer.

Q compliments the team on a job well done and that the situation in Toronto has been dealt with as well.

It’s time to come home.

Roll Credits.

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A Little Boxing Day Action

Yesterday, Boxing Day was upon us and I was ready for some gaming action. I had prepared a couple of adventures for the day and was excited to be running Men In Black The Roleplaying Game by West End Games.

I had watched the trilogy in order to prepare for the day, and then I caught the new trailer of Men In Black International. Now this gave me an idea for my scenario to create a MiB Canada base situated in Toronto, ON.

So now, as I waited to see who’d show up for the Boxing Day game, I had a couple of players inform me they couldn’t attend due to work and life commitments. Though, I had confirmation from two players who’d say they be by for the day at least.

On of my players showed up a little early and we socialized for a bit before I decided that maybe we could so something a little different as we waited for the other player to show up.

I asked the Mrs. and the kids if they wanted to play some Jenga and they were up to the challenge. We had a few games of building up the tower and watching it tumble to the ground once it became to unstable to stand on it’s on merits.

It was a good start of Game Day and when the second player showed up he sat in a couple of rounds as well. He had never played Jenga before and to him it was a new experience.

I know there is a role playing game out there that uses a towering blocks concept for it’s gaming mechanics. Dread is a diceless horror/suspense role playing game that focus on the storytelling and builds suspense as players remove a block from it. And by watching the reaction of those around the table by playing regular Jenga; I just might have to give Dread a go! More information about Dread can be found here:

Before the actual role playing began, one of my players presented me with a belated Xmas gift; Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes for the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

Another player commented “Great just what he really needs more monsters to throw at us!”. Indeed it is a book of more foes to throw at my players, but it does have some background information on other races and how they coincide in the world they live in. I plan on giving it a good read through when we jump back in to our regular D&D campaign (once the holiday season has wrapped up).

It was a pretty sweet present for me that’s for sure. My fifth edition books are slowly growing and taking up more space on my bookshelf.

And thus it was time to start our MiB Session. With two players they choosed from the pregenerated character sheets and had to tweak the player by giving them a name and have extra dice to put into skills.

When that was over we had Agent C and Agent H. C being the charismatic leader and H being the young tough muscle of the duo. I explained that the adventure would be a dark and not as light as the movies were; but they understood that the movies themselves were light-hearted also had a huge amount of death:

A bug devours a farmer and slips into his skin, An alien get’s shout and blows up really good with entrails splattered about. An exterminator get’s killed by Edgar by forcing bug spray down his throat. Edgar kills two aliens in a cafe, as well as a waiter whom he folded like a sheet into a cupboard, etc.,

With that cheerily in mind, we begun our adventure. Agent C and H are called into Q’s office in which he has an assignment for them. Agent C being the elder and more experience member is in charge; showing the ropes to the inexperienced H. There’s something strange going on in a small town in Northern Ontario and they need to investigate.

A UFO had entered the atmosphere and didn’t report. Now, they got to go and find it and see if any other actions are warranted. It’s an eye opener for the players as they encounter the Gordon Ramsey of alien chefs, his dim-witted sidekick and the secret of what “Juicy Morsel Burgers” are made.

I’ll go into a little more details in another post, but there you have it folks. My Boxing day in a nutshell.

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