The Sound of Space

This morning as I walked by the bookshelf, I decided to work on a scenario for the first game that I reached out and grabbed. That happened to be Worlds Beyond, an OOP rpg by Other Worlds Games back in the early 90’s. Derived with Chaosium’s Basic Role Playing System this game has a lot to offer. Though, I ran a session or two since I purchased it, I wanted to get a campaign going in the ‘verse, but couldn’t find the players who were willing to break from the fantasy genre. It was either AD&D or none-at-all mentality the table had, but that didn’t stop me from seeking out indie rpgs to purchase and read and dream that one day I might be able to run a game with it.



The New Likeness Of Being Something

Ended up not gaming last night, I think a couple of the players had their wires crossed and didn’t show up. So, on that note I ended up going through some old game systems, leafing through some adventures and jotting down notes on others. Though, an inkling of an idea hit me and I decided to write down, map out a town for a Murphy’s World adventure.

Murphy’s World is a defunct role playing game by Peregrine Press. It’s a humourous techno-fantasy setting much akin to say; Terry Pratchett’s DiscWorld and The Shrek series of movies; also add in a lot of old fashioned Saturday Morning Cartoon shows with a lot of pop cultural references and there you have Murphy’s World. A world where anything can go wrong whenever possible.

So a story arc of three adventures popped into my noggin and I jotted down several notes on what I like to see happen during the course of play and mapped out the town roughly, populated it with unique buildings and characters and added a huge clock tower in the center of town, this is where another idea for an adventure spawned that involved the clocktower and I went with it.

Mallers: An Insight

In a world of self publishing and kickstarters it seems like every dog and their mother has one going on and begging for donations. For a while I was thinking of unleashing my little project to the world, but now it probably be swept under the carpet because the idea seems so passe now.

Though if I do decide to unleash it, need to get some good artwork or liberate some from the public domain images to do so. Because, I can’t draw worth beans.

It’s All In The Game

Well now, it’s been a long, long time since I did anything with this site other than type a test. Figured it was time to do something about it. The problem was/still is what that hell I am going to do with it?

One would of thought after a few years sitting gathering dust that and idea might pop into my head and I would go all “Hell yeah”. Initially, this little wordpress blog was to highlight, promote a little homemade role playing game I had designed called “Malls & Mutants”, I know it’s not an original title, but it was a post-apocalypse setting; ala Gamma World meets Teenagers From Outer Space. Where players would create “Students’ to go out into the cursed realms to discover the ancient relics in lost “malls”.

A rules lite, beer & pretzels, type of game. But, then like other stuff I write, put it on the shelf and maybe come back to it later.