Renewal! Renewal! Renewal!

You know I had plumb forgotten about the Logan’s Run series until I was arranging some old VHS tapes on the shelf and discovered a few episodes that I had taped. So, I slapped the tape into the VCR and began to watch and was still impressed with the limited scope and range of the fx back in the day and the acting was not as bad as I thought it would be.

The series had solid ratings for it’s time but CBS kept on pre-empted it so many times that it fell through the cracks. There’s only a handful of episodes (okay maybe two handfuls).  Then it got me thinking about Gamma World game that I had done based on the movie. The action takes place right after Logan and Jessica return back to Dome city and the system overloads and then cause the city to basically crumble. I had always wonder what would life be for the city dwellers out in the wasteland.

So, I went to my game shelf to see if I had the write up for it, but sadly, it got misplaced over time. I do recall of having small settlements around the ruined city and then a map of the surrounding area and possible Gamma World encounters as well. Good times, good times.


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