Star Ace, Nothing But Star Ace…


It’s been a rainy Christmas Eve Eve here and I’ve been in the mood for some sci-fi gaming; after watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens I’ve been in a science fantasy kind of mode of late and it’s understandable that I want to jot down a few adventure ideas for a game.

At first I was thinking maybe the West End Game’s version of Star Wars Role Playing Game but then that would complicate things a bit as I wanted to do a drastic change with the universe; and knowing that a player or two is keen on the Star Wars universe it would be kind of hard for me to fool them knowing all to well that they know what is “canon”.  So, I figured what the hell and give Star Ace the treatment it deserves instead of sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

Well, not much dust mind you since I do tend to take the games off my shelf down and give them a re-read every now and then and jot down some adventure ideas and what not (like today for example!) I can create a planet and and outpost on some alien world that would be totally alien to the players as well. Star Ace Adventures in Space is by Pacesetter and hit the shelves in 1984. Heavily inspired by Star Wars movies and influenced by Traveller and other space opera games. I’ve ran a session (or two) over the years but never a full blown campaign.



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