My Boxing Day Gaming Event

Yesterday was Boxing Day here in the good ol’ Great White North and that meant my annual Boxing Day gathering of gamers who wanted to do something on this day. There’s years festivity saw four players gather to do some Dungeons & Dragons 5e.

Boxing Day 1 2015

The gaming usually starts around 2. Though one player decided to show up at 11am because he was excited to game and he wanted to make sure he had a spot at the table. The early arrival threw a monkey wrench in my plans for a nap around Noon, usually I take a power nap so that I’m raring to go into the night. Oh well.

I knew it would be a slightly smaller crew at the table and when Erin arrived after two to get going, my youngest daughter surprised me and asked if she could join. I said sure! After the small talk, the chit chat and catching up on news and gossip in each other lives. We took a vote on what we wanted to do for the rest of the day.

Star Wars (1st Edition) West End Games
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) TSRDungeons & Dragons (5e) WOTC
Shadowrun (1st Edition) FASA
Space: 1880  GDW

D&D 5e won out. Though, it was tempting to run Star Wars again!

As the players whipped up some characters I dusted off an adventure that I had tucked away as well. Incident at Deepwell Bend (which I will blog a little more in detail in another post)

Boxing Day 2 2015




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