Cyborg Commando’d

Each year at Cangames pick a game on my shelf that hasn’t been played for a bit and then create a scenario for it to run at Cangames. This year I had decided to go with an old classic “Cyborg Commando”. It’s an alien invasion role playing game, where players are cyborgs battling huge insectoid creatures who have invade Earth.

Long before “Edge of Tomorrow” “Skyline” “Battleship” and “Battle: Los Angeles” and around the time of “Terminator” there was a game that was put out by Gary Gygax, Frank Mentzer and Kim Mohan for New Infinities Productions, Inc.

Set 1: The Battle for Earth was the first box set out of the Cyborg Commando series, though it’s the only box set that ever came out with three adventure supplements for it before it disappeared. I really liked the concept behind this game and dwelved deeper into the world of it by creating adventures that mainly focused in the Great White North; Canada. Basically, scribbling down a Canadian Content for the game and some adventure seeds, some settlements and an adventure I called “Cold Snap”


Cyborg Commando

Cold Snap takes place in North Bay, Ontario. It was the city that I had went to college and was familiar with the area and so based a wintry scenario for Cyborg Commando here. It was a few pages jotted down in chicken scratch writing and a few rough maps of a couple of buildings: a mall, a superstore and the downtown area where the bulk of the action was to take place.

So, after dusting the game off the shelf I figured I’d give Cold Snap a run at Cangames 2016.


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