A Quick Stop

An Atomic Highway Try Before You Buy Scenario

Cast of Characters:
Trance, a ‘Steader Road Warrior (female)
Diaz, a Remnant Greaser (male)

Our scenario begins with Trance and Diaz cruising along the Way of the Seven Teen in a cargo van that Trance has named “Road Kill 101”. Since they are about to school those who mess with ’em!

They are heading to Junkville in order to see if they can trade services for some materials they need for the van in order to make it more combat ready since the little community they reside in doesn’t have the parts, material to do so. Along the way they see an old boarded up Quick Stop Station and they decide to see what they can salvage from that.

There are a few rusted out and stripped auto relics scattered about the area and they decide to see if there is anything left… and thus the scenario begins. Pulling up behind a wrecked vehicle our heroes disembark and see if they can take some metal and material from the vehicle only to spring a trap in action. A trio of dirt bikers lie in wait behind the pit stop and spring into action; on the hopes of catching everyone off guard. But, the party is alert and  had suspected a trap in the first place since all the vehicles were left out in the open.

And so begins our little battle!

atomic highway a quick stop

Atomic Highway

Like I said in the tagline above; a try before you buy scenario to see if the player would want a full fledged campaign for Atomic Highway or just another fly by night one-shot adventure. This was only a sample scenario so that that the player could get a feel and flow of the game mechanics in action.

The V6 Engine System is simple a pool of six sided dice that is designed to be quick and easy and give it a more cinematic feel of playing. Attributes are numbered 1 to 5 with 2 being the average stat for a human. This represents the number of 6 sided dice your roll when attempting an action or trying to figure something out.You roll the number of dice associated with the attribute in order to achieve a six on die. A six is a success.

You character’s skill level in the number of points with which you can bump up  the results of one or more dice to achieve the desired result of 6. It’s that simple!


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