Nefertiti Overdrive

nefertini overdrive

Each year at Cangames, my crew and I show up for the day where we shop, play games and then buy a thing or two (okay alright three or more). We generally socialize for a bit and catch up in each other news and what not.

I normally run a game at 2pm and then we all try to get into a game and play as a group at 7pm. Well, this is all about the 7pm game: Nefertiti Overdrive. In the morning at the convention we signed in and got the schedule and had a glance to see what game was available to suit 5-6 of us and lo and behold there was still slots available for this one and we decided to give it a go.

With a title like Nefertiti Overdrive visions of Cyberpunk or Shadowrun or some dark future type of fast action game danced in our heads. Little did we know that it was going to be a tale set in ancient Egypt. In a universe where the past scenes in The Mummy movie was sort of the main focus. A game of dice pools, cool movies and scenes scripted by some Hollywood hack mainly what we learn and saw in the movies played with the theme. It was fantasy, mythology and a whole truckload of pop culture as we wandered the streets of Thebes. Battling assassins, assisting refugees and entering in a world where magic is unleashed with your imagination.

The common dice for the pools are d6, d8, d10’s with the occasional d12 and d4’s added for effect. It was a fun session and I enjoyed every minute of it, especially the scenes in which other players where describing what they wanted to do. Some of them cashing in all of their fate chips going “all in” into the effort. I haven’t felt this good about a game in awhile.



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