The Valley of The Pharaohs

Back in the mid 80’s while I was in high school, I remember someone running  a one-shot session (it could of been two or three) of The Valley of the Pharaohs – Role Playing Adventure in Ancient Egypt. It was from Palladium Books and had it’s own system. I had created a common caste whose profession was a thief. I called him Tetu but during the course of the adventure the other players where calling him “Tattoo’.

All I am able to recall of the adventure is that Tetu and another character, Miliki, a noble soldier, where on the back of a giant scorpion as Miliki was holding the stingers as Tetu was plunging a knife into the creatures head before tumbling off a pyramid. Good times, good times.

The reason why I was thinking of this game was due to the fact of playing Nefertiti Overdrive at Cangames. It got me thinking of other games set in Ancient Egypt and a few D&D modules with the Ancient Egypt motif to them as well; Desert of Desolation especially and the fun they had offered. I remember that I had nabbed the The Valley of The Pharaohs rule set from Palladium several years back when they offered it as a free download (along with a Palladium Fantasy module The Arms of Nargash-Tor) and had printed off in he hopes of running an adventure or two with it. I didn’t though I had used the maps for a AD&D adventure).


I had a blast playing Nefertiti Overdrive and had picked up a copy of the book due to just the premise and it got me hungry for adventures in Ancient Egypt. I was thinking of something to run for next years Cangames event with it’s theme “Taking Flight” and had an idea with an Egyptian flare to it. So, I’m working on an idea at the moment for The Valley of the Pharaohs which may or may not make it to the game table.


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Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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