Pen(cil) to Paper


I’ve been working on an idea for a little while now, having mapped out an old fashioned honest to goodness dungeon crawl that really doesn’t make sense and there is no unforeseeable reasons why the rooms should coincide with each other. With a variety of monsters cohabiting side by side in a ol fashioned dungeon just like the days when I was a youngster in High School back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. We played and it didn’t matter if a bugbear was in one room, while a huge giant spider lying in wait over a treasure the next room over.

We didn’t question the why and the reason for such a thing, we went in for an adventure and we came out with a knowing satisfaction that we kicked some serious butt while exploring the imaginative underground dwelling that the dungeon master had cooked up for us. It was a different era back then, back in the days when you scoured board games for d6’s and hoped that your flimsy twenty sided dice didn’t chip away each time you used it.

It’s been a long while since I created anything silly and off the cuff for Dungeons and Dragons. Sure I created silly stuff for Murphy’s World which is a satirical & silly role playing game of fantasy genre. Though, it was in D&D that I had cut my role playing teeth with and the adventures were pretty huge dungeon crawl that really didn’t have a theme or a reason why they be that way. Kicking in doors, finding out what was inside and what treasures there were to have was the rule of the day and we had a good time. But, from those early days around the table came the sense of storytelling and epic adventures that we had only read about in books by Tolkien, Andre Norton, Terry Brooks, etc… we grew in our storytelling.

The other day as I was moving stuff around on the game shelf and discovered several adventures that I had written for D&D that I haven’t opened in more than three decades and as I was reading through them and discovered there wasn’t a theme, rhyme or reason why these dungeons should be: an underground casino where goblins and orcs gamble away, a huge fighting pit where Drows put their prisoners to battle each other, a huge Minotaur wandering in a puzzle like maze asking those who enter riddles or face the wrath of his axe!

Good times, good times.

So, this got me thinking of writing up an old fashioned adventure.


Obsidian: The Age of Judgement


It was in 2000-2001 that my buddy introduced me to this game. He had picked up a copy of it and had handed it over to me to read through since he knew I was always hip to the post apocalyptic role playing games. As soon as I cracked open the book and took a quick glance through it I knew that I would end up picking up the game (as well as two supplements for it) and adding it to my collection.

The mechanics are simple and consist of a dice pool of six sided dice. The higher the number the skill has, the greater the chance of success the character has. Considering the average citizen of the Zone has a 2 for each attribute (and therefor each skill). This means that for every roll two six sided die are rolled to attempt to accomplish any action.  Compare that roll to the basic difficulties: Effortless 3, Simple 6, Moderate 9, etc…  and viola there it is in a nutshell.

The premise of Obsidian – The Age of Judgement is that Hell has been unleashed on Earth and that mankind has constructed a vast fortified city to hold the daemonic hordes at bay. Though, within the city, corporations vie for power, kults carve a bloody swatch through the streets and technology has grown to encompassed the limits of the flesh. It’s a post apocalyptic cyberpunk world and there are not only things outside the city that want to see you dead… it’s whats in the city as well that can kill you.

I’ve been mulling over a one-shot scenario to run at Cangames now for a few years and I think I just might run this one in 2017.


A Noble Night Out

A Quick & Dirty Nefertiti Overdrive Tale

Cast of Characters:
Amen-Ta, Nobility with Sass

Amen-ta is standing on a balcony overlooking the city below, she is bored and wishes to partake in the celebrations that seem to be going on below. It is Wepet Renpet and the people are happy, gathering, celebrating, and making merry with the promise of a good year ahead. Amen-ta is bored and had wanted to go out with some friends, but her father would not have none of that since he has plans for the evening as well. He forbids her from leaving and since she is not going to be joining the others in the main house she can stay out her and dwell on that for a while and he leaves.

She turns to enter the humble abode when she spots movement along the roof top, when she looks up there are a group of shadowy figures scaling down the wall towards the balcony. Before she can let out a scream, a hand is over her mouth and a sack is placed over her head and then it’s lights out!

Amen ta comes too in an alley way since she is bound and gagged and wrapped up in a sack. She is being carried by the kidnappers and she is working on getting free from her bonds when the group of men stop and she hears voices. It seems her kidnappers have crossed into another gangs territory without their permission and now a tribute must be made. And that’s not going to happen since the leader of the kidnappers state they are on an extremely important assignment for a high priest and that this job needs to be done. The other gang states they will do the job but then that’s when the daggers are drawn and a fight breaks out.

Amen-ta hits the ground like a sack of potatoes but she uses the diversion to loosen the bonds and get free. As the gang fight around her she crawls through the grounds and into an alley and that’s when she notices that the fighting has stopped. Since the rival gang recognizes the princess and the other gang wants to bring her to the high priest and then there is a chase that happens. Amen-ta using the Hands of Amun-Ra scales the wall to elude her pursuers and run along the side of the roof.

Now this is a pretty big chase scene that happens, image a scene from Jason Bourne movie with her being chased and jumping from rooftop to rooftop and going from room to room while eventually dealing with small clusters of her kidnappers and the rival gang. It’s a pretty brutal as well since the narrative was pretty cinematic and I can’t do it justice with mere words here.  Here are a couple of the scenes. 

As Amen-ta runs from a building she leaps across and lands on the other roof and then kicks up as two other fellows do the same. She connects with her foot and both men drop to the alley below.  She then jumps from rooftop into an open window as a family is sitting down for a meal and she exits out the other window and into another building where she stops and lucks around and sees some twine and then she makes a makeshift trip wire across the window she entered before leaving. As she leaves she hears the scream of one fellow plummeting.

She fled through a crowded street as one big gang member is tossing people out of his way to get to her and she turns a corner to see two of her kidnappers scanning the rooftops and she makes a bee-line right for them. By the time they see her she has built up enough speed to grab a rug and basically does a Pete Townsend guitar slide across the ground while punching both guys in the nuts. She grabs one of their knifes and rolls up to a stop as the big brute comes around the corner and throws her dagger at him. Hitting him right between the eyes and he staggers back.

Amen-ta makes it back home, and she scales the wall and up to the balcony when she stands and checks out her outfit when her father emerges and asks if she has made a decision. The night is still young and she can still celebrate with them since she is not going out side. She apologizes to her father and as she walks away from the balcony she breaks the fourth wall and winks to you dear reader.

And that was the end of that quick & dirty session.

In All Seriousness

A dagger entombed with King Tutankhamen was made with iron from a meteorite!

This just screams an adventure…. and something like this deserves an awesome adveture either for Nefertiti Overdrive or even The Valley of The Pharaohs RPG! Holy Stargate, Batman! I got tons of ideas swimming around in my head and has me envisioning some pretty cool scenes that are tied together with a common thread and it’s unfolding into something like an epic tale of Ancient Egypt, meteorites and and alien encounter!

Hot Dang!