Pen(cil) to Paper


I’ve been working on an idea for a little while now, having mapped out an old fashioned honest to goodness dungeon crawl that really doesn’t make sense and there is no unforeseeable reasons why the rooms should coincide with each other. With a variety of monsters cohabiting side by side in a ol fashioned dungeon just like the days when I was a youngster in High School back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. We played and it didn’t matter if a bugbear was in one room, while a huge giant spider lying in wait over a treasure the next room over.

We didn’t question the why and the reason for such a thing, we went in for an adventure and we came out with a knowing satisfaction that we kicked some serious butt while exploring the imaginative underground dwelling that the dungeon master had cooked up for us. It was a different era back then, back in the days when you scoured board games for d6’s and hoped that your flimsy twenty sided dice didn’t chip away each time you used it.

It’s been a long while since I created anything silly and off the cuff for Dungeons and Dragons. Sure I created silly stuff for Murphy’s World which is a satirical & silly role playing game of fantasy genre. Though, it was in D&D that I had cut my role playing teeth with and the adventures were pretty huge dungeon crawl that really didn’t have a theme or a reason why they be that way. Kicking in doors, finding out what was inside and what treasures there were to have was the rule of the day and we had a good time. But, from those early days around the table came the sense of storytelling and epic adventures that we had only read about in books by Tolkien, Andre Norton, Terry Brooks, etc… we grew in our storytelling.

The other day as I was moving stuff around on the game shelf and discovered several adventures that I had written for D&D that I haven’t opened in more than three decades and as I was reading through them and discovered there wasn’t a theme, rhyme or reason why these dungeons should be: an underground casino where goblins and orcs gamble away, a huge fighting pit where Drows put their prisoners to battle each other, a huge Minotaur wandering in a puzzle like maze asking those who enter riddles or face the wrath of his axe!

Good times, good times.

So, this got me thinking of writing up an old fashioned adventure.


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Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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