I Went To The Lombardy Fair

The birds and the beasts were there….

Lombardy Fair 2016 BeFunky Collage

Yesterday, I went to the Lombardy Fair. It was a day of sitting back with friends and family, listening to some of the bands play on the various stages throughout the fair. Strolling through the fairgrounds, ignoring the vendors who want to sell you a puck or a ball to knock a pin down or something like that for a plushie.

Eating fairground food, having an ice cream cone (or two) watching the horse displays and also the tractor pulls. Stopping off at the beer garden to quench a thirst, chatting with people I haven’t spoken with in ages as well.

Many vendors this year, strolling about and seeing if I should by a cool belt buckle or not (I didn’t) and a card vendor with so many old bubblegum cards that I nearly had a flashback of my childhood! I was tempted to by some, but then that kind of wore off when I realized that I shook that card collecting habit a long, long time ago.

I’ve been attending this fair for 24 years now. I think I only missed one or two dates out of that time but it’s been a big family event to attend. To sit and chat with others, reminiscing about those that are no longer with us as well. Still, cool to see the excitement and wonder light up in the eyes of a great niece or two as they go on rides, win a prize or two, have a huge ice cream bigger than there heads!

Overall, it was an excellent day.


A Quick Word About Worlds Beyond

worlds beyond

Risk everything and confront your destiny. In Worlds Beyond, the future is now. Explore known space as one of four sentient races – Human, Dolf, Sher’tazi and Swarr. Probe the complexities of interstellar politics, alien interaction and corporate intrigue. Only the smart, the brave and the lucky dare to live out their dreams. Take the challenge . . .

Worlds Beyond is a science fiction role playing game written by Frank S. Shewmake and published in 1989 by Other World Games. Using the BRP system of Chaosium this space opera game offers a pretty neat star mapping system.

I had picked this game up when I was living in North Bay, ON in 1990. I was attending college (for the second time around) and there were three hobby/comic book shops I frequented on a regular basis over the week.  One store had always brought in a few obscure/indie role playing games to display on the shelf as well. And this one caught my eye and I picked it up and give it a quick glance over and liked what I saw.

I created a character for the system as soon as I got home. A human spacer by the name of Rahn Bellows.

There are four character races (one including human).  The other races are:

Dolf who are a specials of intelligent, warm blooded bipeds. Standing 180 cm, around 80 kg in weight. They are traders by nature and love a bargain. Green skinned and lizard like in appearance.

Sher’Tazi are smei-bipeds, resembling tall slender insect like beings akin to grasshoppers or preying mantis. The hold of air of arrogance and nobility about them, and dress in regal clothing and wearing masks.

Swarr a race of intelligent cat-like bipeds, boastful in their exploits and akin to cause trouble if there is trouble to be had.

There is a lot history and culture for over 20 worlds, and with the Star/Planet Generator there is room to create many many worlds. Overall, this is a pretty nifty game.


Garlic Sticks

A quick and dirty Feng Shui – Shadowfist Role Playing Game adventure

*GM Note: I ran this session two weeks back but just getting caught up on things now.

Cast of Characters:
Allan Keane, Private Eye (Chance)
Jasper Florence, Killer For Hire (Peyton)
Arikashika, Ninja (Sarah)


April 4th 1997
San Francisco, California

Allan Keane sits at his disk about to call it a night, he had let his assistance,  Roxie Roller, go for the weekend and was about to close up shop. The local watering hole was calling his name, there was probably a beer with his name on it waiting at the bar for his arrival. That’s when the door to his office opened, jingling the door chime and drawing his attention to the lady in red who entered his establishment.

Keane sat back down at his desk, the woman introduced herself as Lucille Redwood, wife of Dalek Redwood who won the powerball lotto three years earlier. Lucille has suspicions that her husband is cheating on her and went of to China on a supposed retreat, but she thinks he is having an affair. She wants Keane to follow him and catch him in the act so that so that she has leverage in a divorce settlement. She plops down $5,000 dollars and a first class return ticket to China and back and Keane was sold!

April 4th 69
Xi’an, China

Arikashika drops down from the roof and into the alley below, she lands soft as a feather on the ground among a group of thugs who have been terrorizing the area. Some of the local merchants had enough of the gangs activities and had hired Arikashika to do something about it. So, no here she is about to do what she likes to do best.

The group of 8 thugs and their leader didn’t know what hit them as her katana met with flesh like lightning in a thunderstorm. It was over before you know it. She takes them down with one clean swing. She walks away from the downed thugs, sheathing her katana as a portal to the netherworld opens up, she is dressed in a contempary Japanese school girl uniform and she checks the Colt 1911A to make sure it’s loaded before she disappears into the Netherworld. She makes her way to the contempary juncture, she’s got a test a history test to hone up on if she want’s to keep her marks up.

April 4th 1997
Kowloon Walled City, China

Jasper Florence saunters down a walk way, neon lights light the way as the sound of music flutters through the corridor. A group of children run past her, playing follow the leader, and she stops to buy an apple from a vendor. It’s 1 in the afternoon, but inside the Walled City it’s completely dark except for the artificial lights; bulbs, lamps, florescent tubes, neon signs that light the way and the area.

She enters a dive bar called Pelican’s Rest. It’s where her contact wants to meet her since he has important information to give her. Soon as she steps in, the fellow at the door holds his arm out to shake her down for an entry fee. She responds by paying him a kick punch to the throat, the bouncer bounces off the wall and then slides to the floor. She takes a seat at the bar and orders a drink. A few minutes later her contact sits on the stool beside her and slides a piece of paper across to her: Airport Express – Kowloon Platform 2:20am. She slides back an envelope across satisfied with the information.

And this leads us to where we are at.

April 5th 1997,

Hong Kong, China

Keane was on the same Worldway Airlines as Dalek Redwood. Redwood’s wife must of been tipped off of this plane since she had booked Keane a seat two rows back. He noted that Mr. Redwood had an eye for the young ladies, since he kept constantly flirting with the flight attendants during the flight. The plane landed and the passenger disembarks, as Keane walks over with an eye on Mr. Redwood, Keane spots Li-Li, an old friend walking towards him and they bump, Li-Li apologies and pick up the stuff dropped and hands Keane a big brown envelope. By the feel of it’s a Colt Detective Special. Keane’s favourite handgun.

They continue walking their own way and Keane spot’s Mr. Redwood and a young Asian lady embrace; not a money shot but still evidence. The young lady takes Mr. Redwood’s hand and they head toward the subway. Keane stuff’s his carry on luggage in a locker and grabs a paper that’s been left on a seat and follows.

 Arikashika closes the text book and decides that going clubbing might due the trick as well. It just what she needs after a long day of tracking down marauders and then studying for a few hours. She grabs her gear and go, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Jasper glances at the clock beside the bed and sees that it’s just about time. She sits up and looks around the dingy hotel that she had booked herself in, since it was cheap and no one dares asks questions about what’s in the suitcases. She reaches for the case underneath the bed, plops it on the bed and opens it up to see her armory: 2 Desert Eagles .357, 2 Barretta 950BS, a knife and her combat webbing and several magazines to rain fire and brimstone on her target and anyone else who got in her way.

“It’s showtime,” she whispers to no one in particular as she proceeds to gear up for what is about to happen. She hits play on her Portable Media Player and her song kicks in.

1:57 am

Redwood and friend caught the Airport Express subway which made Keane wonder why a fellow with money would take such a low fare route. Keane wasn’t about to question the motive of transportation but he felt like it was sort of thought Redwood would like to blend in. But, by the way he was dressed it was like he was asking for trouble. Keane was decked out in a Hawaiian shirt, jeans, and a wide brim hat making him look out of place as well.

Arikashika walked down the street towards the subway platform, she decided she was going to hit The Dragon’s Eye club and let loose on the dance floor. Though, she also noted that a group of tongs where following her as well. Maybe, they were heading in the same direction of her but she was keen not to jump the gun, years of training made her an expertise at being cool as ice in situations. One doesn’t want to jump the gun and cause trouble if there is none to be had.

Jasper was decked out for battle, wearing a long coat and glancing at herself in the mirror to make sure that nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She straighten her tie and then headed out the door of the room. Dying time was about to begin for the poor soul that she’d been contracted to hit. She spots a street gang heading down the subway steps and she hopes they don’t mean trouble; she hates things when they get complicated when they don’t have to be.


The Airport Express subway pulls into the Kowloon platform and Redwood and friend steps off, Keane also disembarks with several other passengers; some head to the surface others move to the other platform to catch the Tung Chung Line. Keane noted the platform was nearly empty except for a school girl leaning against a vending machine, a group of thugs hanging back and what looked like a woman in a long jacket waiting for a train as well.

Keane takes a seat and opens up the newspaper to read, while keeping an eye on Redwood and his escort, but his peripheral vision has the tongs in his queue as well. Arikashika’s trouble senses kicked in, she knew the gang that followed her were up to know good, she had that sense as well; her Grandmother had it and she called it “Insight”. She knew that soon as the subway arrived at the station all hell was going to break loose. Jasper leaned up against a pillar, she could hear the rumble of the train approaching in the distance and it would be show time any moment now. She knew that the street gang was about to do something, but then she spotted another gang members coming down steps from the other side and she knew a fight was going to begin. Maybe, just maybe this was the distraction she just needed to make her hit look like it was going to be a result of “being at the wrong place at the wrong time.”


The wind on the platform picked up as the subway train approach, Redwood and associate moved closer to the end; he could tell Redwood was getting a little randy by the way his hands where all over the young girl. Keane snapped a few photos as well, still not the money shot he wanted but it was getting close. The subway was arriving and he spotted the street gang was about to start some trouble with the school girl as well.

Arikashika knew that something major was about to happen. She saw images of a horned red face monster and she glanced at the tongs who were about to approach her but they stopped when another gang came into view. They were yelling at each other since the gang that just entered said that this was their turf and they had no right “hunting” here. Arikashika secretly readied three throwing stars because something wasn’t right at all.

Jasper unbuttoned her long coat reaching inside and unhooking the guns from the holster to make sure that they where ready for battle. Because hell was definitely about to bust loose. The toot of the subway car signal as it approached the platform.


The train roared into the platform and screeched to a stop and as the doors open, Redwood and associate made a move to enter. That was Keane’s cue to get up and follow them as well, but the problem was as soon as they approached the car; Redwood’s associate stopped and didn’t want to enter the car.

Jasper’s target; a big brute of a fellow named Lucc Lan-Tan stepped off the train. He was 6’4 and full of muscles. Apparently, Lucc had killed someone important to Jasper’s client and he wanted this fellow taken out. And as the street gangs were about to take on each other this was the perfect opportunity to take the shot. Jasper fired at Lucc and hitting him right between the eyes, she didn’t worry about the suppressor since the sound of a gun shot would spook the street gangs into war.

Arikashika heard the sound of a gun shot and she sprung into action, figuring it was the street gang that had started the ruckus and she sprung into action. Leaping into the air and landing among the tongs and her blade swinging.

Keane heard the gunshot and saw a big brute of a man getting hit in the face and staggering back, though he spotted something going on with the associate who was shaken violently as if she was having a seizure. The gun shot had drawn Redwood’s attention as he looked down the hallway and didn’t see that his associate is actually a Jiangshi! When Redwood turns to usher her into the subway car out of harms way, the Jiangshi is on him like white on rice.

Arikashika is moving about the tongs and she is slicing and dicing; she is an artisan with a blade and death is her project. The group of tongs didn’t know what hit them at all. The other street gang who was about to engage with the tongs are carefully assessing the situation at hand and decide to retreat.

Jasper moves closer to make sure the Lucc is down and out but to her surprise, Lucc sits up shaking his head and the skin hanging from his forehead revealing chrome and steel. Lucc is a Reconstructed (a cybernetic ogre from 2056) and he stands. Jasper is momentarily stunned by the revelation but before Lucc can charge she decides to empty the Eagles with Both Guns Blazing!

GM Note: Now you must be saying what are the odds of three separate events coinciding in one area happening at the same time? Well, the answer simple; It’s my movie and I can do anything I want with it. 😉

The Jiangshi feeds on Redwood as Keane decides the hell with this and rips open the huge envelope and draws his Colt Detective Special and fires it her. The beast heads turns on the body to face him, since the bullets seem to do nothing but tear away small chunks of her flesh. Keane realizes his gun is doing nothing but aggravating the creature and he wonders why she didn’t enter the subway car, so he figures what the hell and charges towards her and tackles her before she had a chance to hop away and both of them go flying into the car.

Arikashika had taken down the bulk of the gang, what remaining Tongs are now scampering away like frightened insect scuttling out of harms way. But she wants to make them pay for their ill thoughts and making sure they don’t have impure urges again and finishes them off.

Jasper goes into full gun-fu mood with bullets flying, clips ejecting and her tossing clips and inserting them into the gun as if by magic (sort of like what Hit-Girl done in the Kick-Ass movie) and proceeds to empty the clips into the Reconstructed beast, she is dodging and dancing like one would see on an figure skating ice rink and waiting for the judges to give her a prefect score of 10. Though, it seems like metal devices are ripping away the sky and revealing some nasty Buro weapons that Lucc has been augmented with.

Keane is trying to keep the Jiangshi at bay, she is flipping about like a madwoman, and he glances around at the car. A fellow is sitting there with a bag of some garlic rice sticks and Keane grabs one shoves it into her mouth. The Jiangshi stops thrashing about, and a young japanese school girl hands him a a rice paper with a symbol on it and says “slap this on her head”. Which he promptly does and the Jiangshi is thus turns to ash before him. Keane stands up and thanks the young girl, and looks at the fellow with the bread sticks. A gangly fellow with a yellow t-shirt with the words FRANKIE SAYS RELAX. A cowgirl wearing huge metallic gauntlets, a beautiful raven haired woman with two Katanas and what looks to be wings on her back, a cheerleader sitting next to a fellow who is dressed in a three piece business suit and well trimmed.

The fellow in the yellow shirt tells Keane “Your companions need you.”

“Wah?” Keane asks. “I don’t….”

“This is your fight,” the fellow in the yellow shirt tells him. “This is your story, not mine.”

On that note Keane steps out of the car and heads for the fight with the Reconstructed beast. He had seen a lot of weird shit in his day, and he figured this day has just begun.

Arikashika joins in the scuffle with the huge beast, helping Jasper. The beast had swung a mighty hand and fired some sort of force weapon that knocked Jasper into a wall and leaving an outline of her body embedded on it. Arikashika swings her blade at the creature, distracting it from trying to finish off Jasper. Jasper peels herself off the wall and reloads her clip, this time there seems to be a glow about her hands as she aims her gun at the beast. Keane comes charging in with guns blazing as well. And the three of them take on Lucc.

Bullets flying, Katana slashing, big meaty fists are punching and bashing and it goes on and on for several rounds until Lucc is down. Though, not out for the count since Inevitable Comeback kicks in and it’s round two. It’s a boss battle and after a few more rounds Lucc is taken down, and once he is flat-lined his body implodes. They stand around looking down where Lucc had fallen and now a small crater is there, they are bloodied and bruised and they hear the hiss of the subway doors close.

The subway train begins to move and Keane, Jasper and Arikashika looks up at the last car to see the eclectic group of strangers there nodding at them, while the fellow in the yellow shirt give them a thumbs up just before the subway car disappears down the track.


Noble, No Baloney

A Quick & Dirty Nefertiti Overdrive Tale

Cast of Characters:
Amen-Ta, Nobility with Sass
Yul No, Shadowy Thief

Amen-Ta is awoken by the sound of movement in her room, and when eyes flicker open she spots a shadowy form in the corner of her room. Feigning sleep she moves her hand underneath a pillow and takes out a dagger. As the figure approaches the canopy, Amen-Ta sits up and throws the dagger.

Cut to opening credits, cue the theme song and were are in episode two of:

nefertini overdrive

Yul-No catches the dagger by slapping two hands together and stopping the blade from piercing his forehead. “It’s good to see that you sleep with a dagger under your pillows” Yul states as he sits on the edge of the bed.
“Well, ever since the last time I’ve come more cautious,” Amen-Ta replies.  “So what brings you hear at this time of the night that just about almost got you killed?
“I have a job that takes two people to do,” he states.
“And you thought that I would be the other?” she asks.
“Well, it involves a gem.”

And we are off and running with the latest installment of Nefertiti Overdrive!

Amen-Ta and Yul sneak out of the manor and blend into the manor settings, sneaking past the sentries and into the city like shadows is a breeze for them both. Over the villa wall and onto the streets is another story because they drop into some suspicious activities as a group of men where also taken to the shadows of the night; a group of thieves who just happen to be planning a break in on the Amen-ta’s home. It’s a bare knuckle, feet flying to the face, battle as Amen-Ta and Yul battle the six thugs!

In a matter of minutes it’s over and done with with four thugs down and two scampering off for their safety. Yul is hurt in the process, but he knows someone close by that might be able to help him. Amen-Ta helps Yul to his friend; Nour.  Nour is a priestess who is able to lay hands and heal the wound that Yul had taken.

As they step out of the street they see a man staggering down the street, drunk or drugged and they follow to make sure the fellow makes it safely home. They see the drunk stagger over to a beggar on the street and then the drunk reaches out to the beggar as if offering him a coin and the beggar lets out a blood cuddling scream!  As the flesh from the beggar begins to strip away and graph onto the drunk… the drunk is after all a Mummy.


 Amen-Ta and Yul prepare for trouble, and it was made double when the Mummy went into full ass-kicking mode! It’s a battle royal that went full cinematic story-telling mode for the next 70 minutes of combat action.  The battle is a big one, as our heroes face off with this nasty beast and the battle goes through several streets and buildings. (Imagine the scene in Predator 2 when the heroes chase the creature through apartment buildings).

And basically that was the session in a nutshell.