Noble, No Baloney

A Quick & Dirty Nefertiti Overdrive Tale

Cast of Characters:
Amen-Ta, Nobility with Sass
Yul No, Shadowy Thief

Amen-Ta is awoken by the sound of movement in her room, and when eyes flicker open she spots a shadowy form in the corner of her room. Feigning sleep she moves her hand underneath a pillow and takes out a dagger. As the figure approaches the canopy, Amen-Ta sits up and throws the dagger.

Cut to opening credits, cue the theme song and were are in episode two of:

nefertini overdrive

Yul-No catches the dagger by slapping two hands together and stopping the blade from piercing his forehead. “It’s good to see that you sleep with a dagger under your pillows” Yul states as he sits on the edge of the bed.
“Well, ever since the last time I’ve come more cautious,” Amen-Ta replies.  “So what brings you hear at this time of the night that just about almost got you killed?
“I have a job that takes two people to do,” he states.
“And you thought that I would be the other?” she asks.
“Well, it involves a gem.”

And we are off and running with the latest installment of Nefertiti Overdrive!

Amen-Ta and Yul sneak out of the manor and blend into the manor settings, sneaking past the sentries and into the city like shadows is a breeze for them both. Over the villa wall and onto the streets is another story because they drop into some suspicious activities as a group of men where also taken to the shadows of the night; a group of thieves who just happen to be planning a break in on the Amen-ta’s home. It’s a bare knuckle, feet flying to the face, battle as Amen-Ta and Yul battle the six thugs!

In a matter of minutes it’s over and done with with four thugs down and two scampering off for their safety. Yul is hurt in the process, but he knows someone close by that might be able to help him. Amen-Ta helps Yul to his friend; Nour.  Nour is a priestess who is able to lay hands and heal the wound that Yul had taken.

As they step out of the street they see a man staggering down the street, drunk or drugged and they follow to make sure the fellow makes it safely home. They see the drunk stagger over to a beggar on the street and then the drunk reaches out to the beggar as if offering him a coin and the beggar lets out a blood cuddling scream!  As the flesh from the beggar begins to strip away and graph onto the drunk… the drunk is after all a Mummy.


 Amen-Ta and Yul prepare for trouble, and it was made double when the Mummy went into full ass-kicking mode! It’s a battle royal that went full cinematic story-telling mode for the next 70 minutes of combat action.  The battle is a big one, as our heroes face off with this nasty beast and the battle goes through several streets and buildings. (Imagine the scene in Predator 2 when the heroes chase the creature through apartment buildings).

And basically that was the session in a nutshell.


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Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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