A Quick Word About Worlds Beyond

worlds beyond

Risk everything and confront your destiny. In Worlds Beyond, the future is now. Explore known space as one of four sentient races – Human, Dolf, Sher’tazi and Swarr. Probe the complexities of interstellar politics, alien interaction and corporate intrigue. Only the smart, the brave and the lucky dare to live out their dreams. Take the challenge . . .

Worlds Beyond is a science fiction role playing game written by Frank S. Shewmake and published in 1989 by Other World Games. Using the BRP system of Chaosium this space opera game offers a pretty neat star mapping system.

I had picked this game up when I was living in North Bay, ON in 1990. I was attending college (for the second time around) and there were three hobby/comic book shops I frequented on a regular basis over the week.  One store had always brought in a few obscure/indie role playing games to display on the shelf as well. And this one caught my eye and I picked it up and give it a quick glance over and liked what I saw.

I created a character for the system as soon as I got home. A human spacer by the name of Rahn Bellows.

There are four character races (one including human).  The other races are:

Dolf who are a specials of intelligent, warm blooded bipeds. Standing 180 cm, around 80 kg in weight. They are traders by nature and love a bargain. Green skinned and lizard like in appearance.

Sher’Tazi are smei-bipeds, resembling tall slender insect like beings akin to grasshoppers or preying mantis. The hold of air of arrogance and nobility about them, and dress in regal clothing and wearing masks.

Swarr a race of intelligent cat-like bipeds, boastful in their exploits and akin to cause trouble if there is trouble to be had.

There is a lot history and culture for over 20 worlds, and with the Star/Planet Generator there is room to create many many worlds. Overall, this is a pretty nifty game.



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  1. Ronnie Sanford says:

    what condition is your Worlds Beyond book in? If it happens to be in very good condition and if you want to sell it I would offer a good price. Please let me know!

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