I Went To The Lombardy Fair

The birds and the beasts were there….

Lombardy Fair 2016 BeFunky Collage

Yesterday, I went to the Lombardy Fair. It was a day of sitting back with friends and family, listening to some of the bands play on the various stages throughout the fair. Strolling through the fairgrounds, ignoring the vendors who want to sell you a puck or a ball to knock a pin down or something like that for a plushie.

Eating fairground food, having an ice cream cone (or two) watching the horse displays and also the tractor pulls. Stopping off at the beer garden to quench a thirst, chatting with people I haven’t spoken with in ages as well.

Many vendors this year, strolling about and seeing if I should by a cool belt buckle or not (I didn’t) and a card vendor with so many old bubblegum cards that I nearly had a flashback of my childhood! I was tempted to by some, but then that kind of wore off when I realized that I shook that card collecting habit a long, long time ago.

I’ve been attending this fair for 24 years now. I think I only missed one or two dates out of that time but it’s been a big family event to attend. To sit and chat with others, reminiscing about those that are no longer with us as well. Still, cool to see the excitement and wonder light up in the eyes of a great niece or two as they go on rides, win a prize or two, have a huge ice cream bigger than there heads!

Overall, it was an excellent day.


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Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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