RPGaDAY 3: Character Moment


Character moment you are proudest of?

This is a tough question for me since I’ve been GMing for the past three decades now and rarely do get to actually be a player except once in a blue moon or at conventions. During these time I had a time playing and a lot of cool stuff happening as the dice rolled, but to be honest these were just pre-gen characters that I was handed and I have nothing vested in them since I see it like a soap opera actor stepping into the shoes of another actor who has been ill or whose role has been recast for the sake of continuity.

Though, I don’t know it’s a moment I’m proud of but it’s still lives in my memory and gives me a chuckle every now and then when I think about it. You see it was in the early 80’s either 80-81 I was in high school at the time and one of the Robertson brothers (either Mark or John) had started a Gamma World campaign (1st edition of course). I had created an anthropomorphic duck named Ruckus the Duckus. He was a combination of Donald and Daffy Duck but with the attitude of Rocket Raccoon.

Over the sessions Ruckus had acquired a Tommy Gun and he slug it over his shoulders, he couldn’t use it in flight since his arms were busy flapping away (since he is an anthropomorphic critter). Our band of travelers were exploring the ruins of Tor’to the group was exploring a remnants of a high rise searching it floor by floor with Ruckus flying around the building keeping an eye on things as well. On one of the floors as the party was exploring they had activated a few security bots and that’s when all hell broke loose! Ruckus heard the combat and went to the window to see a huge battle going on. He tried to open the window but it was shut. Wanting to join his comrades in battle but didn’t want to fly down to the ground and run up 22 stories because by that time the battle could be over and done with.

Using the butt of the Tommy Gun Ruckus smashed away at the window, until it starred and then he took flight and build up a enough speed and momentum, he brought up the Tommy Gun fired at the window, went smashing through and rolling across the floor and hit a group of security bots that were standing up like pins in a bowling alley and I guess I rolled a strike! Ruckus broke a wing in the combat but it did manage to knock the bots that were blocking the hallway down so that we could continue through.

Good times, good times.



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One Response to RPGaDAY 3: Character Moment

  1. Gear Knight says:

    Good story. I am going to do this RPG-a-day thing myself one of these months.

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