RPGaDay 4 – Impressive Thing


Most Impressive thing another character did?

I’ve witness a lot of impressive things at the game table over the years, though to hone it down to just one would be a sin.  This is a perplexing question and it’s hard to signal out just one person and his/her character.

Is the time Dan’s character ran up the side of a Frost Giant and hamstring the beast, then flipping over the giants head and landing on his feet as the slain giant fell?

Or Mark’s character when he rolled three 20’s in a row when a Purple Worm erupted from the ground and slain the creature in one fell swoop?

Or the time Dave’s character wanted to know why a band of Hill Giants ran through a small village and discovered the reason they were fleeing the area in terror?

Maybe it’s the time Peyton and Shelby’s characters did a high five and took out half a city because they had forgotten that they where like matter and anti-matter when they touched?

Or could it be the time when Angie’s ninja dropped from 13 stories from a New York City high-rise and battling a demon on the way down to the ground?

And these are just a few…

So many moments to choose from.

I really can’t narrow it down to one!


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Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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