BackYard Con 2016 – Day 3

BackyardCon 2016 - Elfquest

A beautiful morning for BackyardCon 2016. This third day sees ElfQuest The Official Roleplaying Game by Chaosium Inc on the table this morning. A cup of coffee and an adventure ready and some player sheets set out just in case anyone liked to join. Since BackyardCon is sort of my #GenCant convention, it’s a pretty small and private convention. With an attendance of two: me and the dog.

The breakfast this morning consist of instant oatmeal, one toast and a banana. A huge cup of coffee and I’m set for the time. And, with no one arriving I spent my time working on an idea for Cangames using the pre-generated characters from the comics.

So, Day 3 wrapped up before the quick rainstorm hit. The storm hit and a downpour did occur but it didn’t last two long at all. Thank goodness.



About Mana Junkie

Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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