BackYard Con 2016 – Day 3

BackyardCon 2016 - Elfquest

A beautiful morning for BackyardCon 2016. This third day sees ElfQuest The Official Roleplaying Game by Chaosium Inc on the table this morning. A cup of coffee and an adventure ready and some player sheets set out just in case anyone liked to join. Since BackyardCon is sort of my #GenCant convention, it’s a pretty small and private convention. With an attendance of two: me and the dog.

The breakfast this morning consist of instant oatmeal, one toast and a banana. A huge cup of coffee and I’m set for the time. And, with no one arriving I spent my time working on an idea for Cangames using the pre-generated characters from the comics.

So, Day 3 wrapped up before the quick rainstorm hit. The storm hit and a downpour did occur but it didn’t last two long at all. Thank goodness.



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