RPGaDay 10: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise


Largest in-game surprise you have experienced?

Sweet Jebus Cheetos! I have had many in-game surprises over the years that I just can’t single it down to one. Maybe, I should just go with the first in-game surprise I had encountered.

It was my first time playing Traveller (or it could of been another space game similiar to that… I think maybe even Space Opera) back in the days of yore, back in the bad ol’ days of the 80’s. We were players on a scouting expedition, our craft had landed and we disembarked on a hovercraft, floating just above the tree tops when suddenly some huge-ass dinosaur-like creature rears up it’s head and snatches our tiny craft. It shakes it’s head and our party was dropping to the ground like flies on a cill. We were two minutes into the adventure and I thought my goodness this is going to be one hell of a session.

My character hit the ground hard, I think he had bounced off a rock and done some serious damage. Several ribs broken, arm was twisted with a piece of bone showing through, and a major gash on on his head. He was bleeding out and was about to die in a round or two. The medic was stunned and walking around in a daze just as the dinosaur-like creature spotted her and he made a bee line for her figuring she was the next lunch.

Since my character was going to die, he pulled the pins on few grenades that he had on him and yelled at the big beast trying to get his attention and it worked, because the next thing you saw was the beast take a bite of my character and then it exploded!

I figured they’d grab the stuff off my character and continue on with the mission, but the medic wanted to do a proper burial for him with his stuff. It was a touching moment as they did indeed dig a grave and said a few words about him. That was quite the surprise for me, indeed.


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