Curse of the Witch (Part II)

A quick & dirty scenario for Quest of the Ancients

Cast of Characters:
Orion Hook, Half-elf Rogue from Andor
Coopersmith Hammer, Dwarven Gladiator from Arwin
Astrid Dyne, Human Viking from (Northern) Torrencia (NPC)

When we last left off our heroes had took a nasty beating from a Strangle Tree. They tend to their wounds, set up camp for the night. Even though they set up watch for the night, Orion sets up a tripwire around the camp, just encase someone happens to nod off during there rest.  Dawn arrives without incident, though the sound of thunder rumbles off in the distance and it’s an overcast day.

After breaking camp our heroes continue along the way. Making there way over hills, valley and then finally discovering a hunter’s shack late in the day. There they find two human hunters that are surprise to see them. The hunters introduce themselves as Reth and Darnek, and they weren’t expecting anyone else to be this far out in the wilderness. Orion decides to take a peak around. Reth tries to dissuade him from approaching the shack saying that there’s nothing of interest just a couple of cots and some trophies. Orion feints a retreat but then goes to the shack and opens up and discovers two dead bodies.

Reth then attacks Orion slashing down upon him and giving him a serious wound. Coop and Astrid jump into battle with Darnek and it’s a no holds barred all out fight.  With a third “hunter” who jumped out of his hiding spot to assist his friends in combat. Orion shoves a dagger right through Reth’s eye instantly killing him. Coop takes on the new guy, while Astrid holds her own against Darnek.


Reth and the other hunter have been dealt with as  well. The other hunter had taken an axe to the head and Reth met an untimely end at the end of Astrid’s sword. They investigate and discover that the “hunters” seem to be a scouting group from Hocwrath, Astrid seems to think part of the Black Horde raiders. The Hunters bodies have been tortured before they perished as well.

Finding a map of the area and several coins of the kingdom. Coop appraises the coins to be newly minted with the old kingdoms emblem on them. They decide to gather what other stuff they can find so they can bring it back to town later for a closer inspection, and they continue on their merry way. Coop has a theory that maybe Celline the Witch is indeed dead and that those “raiders” could be the reason for the disappearances.  When they make it to the Witch’s Tower they discovered that it lies in ruins. But, also discover more raiders in the area! Four more to be exact and our heroes decide that maybe this is just an advance scouting party and that they are gathering information about the area to bring back to their leader.

Our heroes were about to sneak off back to town to inform what is happening in the area but that’s when they were discovered and boy oh boy there was a fight that broke out! It’s a battle in a half that happened as Orion, Coop and Astrid are basically out numbered 2 to 1. But they manage to survive and live to tell the tale as well, dispatching the raiders and then high tailing it back to civilization to inform people of whats been happening.

And that’s all she wrote for that.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s, A Night at The Theatre


Last night we kicked of our 2016-2017 Movie Night at The Station Theatre with a true Hollywood classic; Breakfast at Tiffany’s. After the summer break we traditionally launch our Movie Weekends in the fall kicking off with a mini film festival. Two years ago it was Alfred Hitchcock, then last year we did a Stanley Kubrick weekend. This year we decided to start off with Audrey Hepburn.

It’s always been one of my favourite Hepburn films. And it’s nice to see it up on the big screen once again in full sound as well.

Picking a movie is a hit and miss and you don’t know the size of the audience that will come and watch a movie. I’m always nervous when it comes to films since this is my spot on the board to come book films to be show during our Movie Weekends once a month. I don’t know if the movie will bring them in or not. But, it was nice a modest size in the theatre.

Tonight’s feature is Funny Face, Audrey Hepburn’s first musical and she is playing opposite Fred Astaire. Now, that’s like seeing a double rainbow in the sky. Even though the movie on it’s initial release was a box office disappointment. However, if did garner new life in it’s re-release in 1964 when “My Fair Lady” received excellent reviews and brought in the audience. Funny Face is a pretty slick little musical and it’s nice to see Hepburn and Astaire cut a rug on the screen.


Curse of the Witch

A quick & dirty scenario for Quest of the Ancients

Cast of Characters:
Orion Hook, Half-elf Rogue from Andor
Coopersmith Hammer, Dwarven Gladiator from Arwin
Astrid Dyne, Human Viking from (Northern) Torrencia (NPC)

Our adventure begins in the northern wilderness of Andor, near the Hocwrath border. Orion Hook is in a coach along with Astrid Dyne. The roadway is rough since they are headed to the town of Grass Vale; both of them having been summoned by an old friend who is residing there and he needs there help in solving a mystery. Lately, people in the area have been disappearing and the townsfolk seems to feel that it is the return of a witch that was slain long ago.

It’s early evening when the coach pulls into The Wayward Inn. Orion and Astrid notice that even though the sun is just settling, many of the townsfolk are indoors shuttering their windows and dousing their lanterns. Coopersmith Hammer is standing on the deck of the inn and greets his old friends. Coop is an old dwarf and his face and body have been scarred from the many years of pit fighting and gladiatorial combat as well. He invites them inside the inn for a drink and to catch up on things also saying that he had paid for their rooms as well.

Other than Olan, the innkeeper, and Illily, the serving wench, there is no one else in the common room. Ever since the disappearances have been happening the townsfolk are afraid to wander out as soon as the sun sets. Coop tells them the story of Celline, an evil witch, that resided in a castle near the mountains north of town. Twenty five years ago her reign ended when she was slain and since then the area had been literately quiet until a few weeks ago when the disappearances started. They decide on the morrow they will make the trek to the Witch’s Tower to see if the witch, Celline, is up to her old tricks again.

After the dawn breaks, Orion comes down the stairs he discovers the tavern full of townsfolk since word spread like wildfire when the sun rose. They are here to congratulate our heroes and give them a good send off. Pastor Nesmith hands each of them two elixirs of healing as a token of his appreciation as well. After a hearty breakfast and a small parade through town our heroes set off on their journey.

Making their way towards the mountain, through the woods and over hills and vales they seem to be making good time when suddenly Orion feels something around his arm, a branch from a tree seem to snag on him and as he tugged to get loose the branch seemed to wrap it self around him. It’s a Strangle Tree!  The battle is a fierce one at that as the vile creature fights with it’s roots and branches. Roots erupting from the ground like snakes, the branches swinging like there’s a hard wind blowing. Orion hacks at the branch as it constricts around him, as Astrid dances about and slashes at the roots around her and Coop grabs his battle axe and starts swinging.

GM Note: This battle was suppose to be a simple encounter but it turned out to be the bulk of the session lasting nearly two hours. Since this is my first time running Quest of the Ancients and the die roll and the damage dice were rolling hot! I come to realize that this system is a tad brutal and decided not to bring in the other Strangle Tree. 

Coop is bashed by a branch and ends up with a few broken ribs and an arm, and as the Strangle Tree is dealt a final blow by Astrid, she rushes to Coops side to give him an elixir as the tree topples over with Orion still wrapped up in one it’s branches. He is badly wounded and he decides that maybe they should rest up and lick their wounds before they continue on their merry way.

All Our Yesterdays

I have been working on a Star Trek The Roleplaying Game adventure. The pretty old school role playing game from FASA Corporation which was sort of cool at the time. It wasn’t Traveller cool but it was original television series cool. I just might have to run a campaign with it one of these months and treat the series of adventures like Star Trek Continues or something along those lines.

 I’m thinking of creating a new Constitution Class spaceship and setting the adventures after the five year mission of the Enterprise so that the crew doesn’t run into the ship and it’s encounters. I’m truly not going canon with this since I want to give the players a such of discovery and not knowing what is out there.

Live Long and Prosper

50 Years of Boldly going and still going strong. What better way to spend the day then watch some classic Star Trek episodes and dust off Star Trek The Roleplaying Game by FASA and gave it a read through and of course a little game action to boot!

Who would of thought that a science fiction series pitched as a “Wagon Train to the stars” would still be relevant today? 50 years ago I was just a toddler, I didn’t get into Star Trek until about 1971 when it was in syndication in the late afternoons. I remember coming home from school and turning on the tv to catch Kirk, Spock, McCoy, & the gang do their stuff. I wrote short stories about adventures on alien worlds and starship battles (I guess you call it fan-fiction) and I got to thinking maybe this was the series that pulled me into the sci-fi genre in the first place.

It wasn’t until the mid-80’s that I started playing Star Trek The Roleplaying Game by FASA corporation. I was in college at the time and I think “The Voyage Home” was about to hit the screen and that’s why someone wanted to run a session or two (I think it ended up with a few more). I had created a security officer with the moniker, Burke Reynolds. He lasted a few sessions though he nearly got eaten by a pitcher-plant like alien. I distinctly recall that the gm left us at a cliffhanger and we never resolved it. In that time I had hunted down the game to have for my collection and was thinking about running a campaign of it as well. Though, I had misplaced it with a few other games when I inadvertently left the milk crate behind when I relocated to another town.

My loss was someone else gain (well that’s what I hoped).  Fast forward to a few years at Cangames when I spot the basic game box set for sale and the time to reacquire this classic games into my grubby paws once again was now. After a minute or two of haggling, I got the game for $25 and it was mine! Since it’s the Star Trek 50th anniversary, I had dusted off the box set once again to give it a read through and maybe, just maybe roll some dice in a sample combat.


A crew beamed down to the planet surface to answer a distress call. After a little exploring and an encounter with a pitcher-plant type creature (he he) they do stumble upon a crashed spaceship and discover that KLINGONS are about as well. Good times, good times.


After These Message…

We’ll be right back.

Yep, here I am back after a couple of weeks hiatus. My RPGaDAY blog didn’t go all that well and derailed when I got caught up in real life events that was happening. The final performances of “Bridge to Terabithia” and plus moving my middle child from home to residence in a Northern Ontario college where she will be taking acting classes to become better performer in the theatrical world.

It’s been a busy few weeks that’s for sure and now that the dust has settled. It’s time to focus on the stuff that I let sit on the back burner for a while: the internet. Also, jotted down some notes for adventures in game systems like: Living Steel, Quest of the Ancients, and Obsidian: The Age of Judgement as well. Because, you will never know when you have to break out a system and roll some dice.

Like the boy scouts motto: Be prepared.