Curse of the Witch

A quick & dirty scenario for Quest of the Ancients

Cast of Characters:
Orion Hook, Half-elf Rogue from Andor
Coopersmith Hammer, Dwarven Gladiator from Arwin
Astrid Dyne, Human Viking from (Northern) Torrencia (NPC)

Our adventure begins in the northern wilderness of Andor, near the Hocwrath border. Orion Hook is in a coach along with Astrid Dyne. The roadway is rough since they are headed to the town of Grass Vale; both of them having been summoned by an old friend who is residing there and he needs there help in solving a mystery. Lately, people in the area have been disappearing and the townsfolk seems to feel that it is the return of a witch that was slain long ago.

It’s early evening when the coach pulls into The Wayward Inn. Orion and Astrid notice that even though the sun is just settling, many of the townsfolk are indoors shuttering their windows and dousing their lanterns. Coopersmith Hammer is standing on the deck of the inn and greets his old friends. Coop is an old dwarf and his face and body have been scarred from the many years of pit fighting and gladiatorial combat as well. He invites them inside the inn for a drink and to catch up on things also saying that he had paid for their rooms as well.

Other than Olan, the innkeeper, and Illily, the serving wench, there is no one else in the common room. Ever since the disappearances have been happening the townsfolk are afraid to wander out as soon as the sun sets. Coop tells them the story of Celline, an evil witch, that resided in a castle near the mountains north of town. Twenty five years ago her reign ended when she was slain and since then the area had been literately quiet until a few weeks ago when the disappearances started. They decide on the morrow they will make the trek to the Witch’s Tower to see if the witch, Celline, is up to her old tricks again.

After the dawn breaks, Orion comes down the stairs he discovers the tavern full of townsfolk since word spread like wildfire when the sun rose. They are here to congratulate our heroes and give them a good send off. Pastor Nesmith hands each of them two elixirs of healing as a token of his appreciation as well. After a hearty breakfast and a small parade through town our heroes set off on their journey.

Making their way towards the mountain, through the woods and over hills and vales they seem to be making good time when suddenly Orion feels something around his arm, a branch from a tree seem to snag on him and as he tugged to get loose the branch seemed to wrap it self around him. It’s a Strangle Tree!  The battle is a fierce one at that as the vile creature fights with it’s roots and branches. Roots erupting from the ground like snakes, the branches swinging like there’s a hard wind blowing. Orion hacks at the branch as it constricts around him, as Astrid dances about and slashes at the roots around her and Coop grabs his battle axe and starts swinging.

GM Note: This battle was suppose to be a simple encounter but it turned out to be the bulk of the session lasting nearly two hours. Since this is my first time running Quest of the Ancients and the die roll and the damage dice were rolling hot! I come to realize that this system is a tad brutal and decided not to bring in the other Strangle Tree. 

Coop is bashed by a branch and ends up with a few broken ribs and an arm, and as the Strangle Tree is dealt a final blow by Astrid, she rushes to Coops side to give him an elixir as the tree topples over with Orion still wrapped up in one it’s branches. He is badly wounded and he decides that maybe they should rest up and lick their wounds before they continue on their merry way.


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