Curse of the Witch (Part II)

A quick & dirty scenario for Quest of the Ancients

Cast of Characters:
Orion Hook, Half-elf Rogue from Andor
Coopersmith Hammer, Dwarven Gladiator from Arwin
Astrid Dyne, Human Viking from (Northern) Torrencia (NPC)

When we last left off our heroes had took a nasty beating from a Strangle Tree. They tend to their wounds, set up camp for the night. Even though they set up watch for the night, Orion sets up a tripwire around the camp, just encase someone happens to nod off during there rest.  Dawn arrives without incident, though the sound of thunder rumbles off in the distance and it’s an overcast day.

After breaking camp our heroes continue along the way. Making there way over hills, valley and then finally discovering a hunter’s shack late in the day. There they find two human hunters that are surprise to see them. The hunters introduce themselves as Reth and Darnek, and they weren’t expecting anyone else to be this far out in the wilderness. Orion decides to take a peak around. Reth tries to dissuade him from approaching the shack saying that there’s nothing of interest just a couple of cots and some trophies. Orion feints a retreat but then goes to the shack and opens up and discovers two dead bodies.

Reth then attacks Orion slashing down upon him and giving him a serious wound. Coop and Astrid jump into battle with Darnek and it’s a no holds barred all out fight.  With a third “hunter” who jumped out of his hiding spot to assist his friends in combat. Orion shoves a dagger right through Reth’s eye instantly killing him. Coop takes on the new guy, while Astrid holds her own against Darnek.


Reth and the other hunter have been dealt with as  well. The other hunter had taken an axe to the head and Reth met an untimely end at the end of Astrid’s sword. They investigate and discover that the “hunters” seem to be a scouting group from Hocwrath, Astrid seems to think part of the Black Horde raiders. The Hunters bodies have been tortured before they perished as well.

Finding a map of the area and several coins of the kingdom. Coop appraises the coins to be newly minted with the old kingdoms emblem on them. They decide to gather what other stuff they can find so they can bring it back to town later for a closer inspection, and they continue on their merry way. Coop has a theory that maybe Celline the Witch is indeed dead and that those “raiders” could be the reason for the disappearances.  When they make it to the Witch’s Tower they discovered that it lies in ruins. But, also discover more raiders in the area! Four more to be exact and our heroes decide that maybe this is just an advance scouting party and that they are gathering information about the area to bring back to their leader.

Our heroes were about to sneak off back to town to inform what is happening in the area but that’s when they were discovered and boy oh boy there was a fight that broke out! It’s a battle in a half that happened as Orion, Coop and Astrid are basically out numbered 2 to 1. But they manage to survive and live to tell the tale as well, dispatching the raiders and then high tailing it back to civilization to inform people of whats been happening.

And that’s all she wrote for that.


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Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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