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Go Ask Alice

The latest issue of Protodimension Magazine is out today and it has the conclusion to my Unknown Armies (1st Edition) adventure Go Ask Alice which was featured in Issue #24 Protodimension Magazine #28 Hallowanigans, By Tad Kelson, A Vignette Style … Continue reading

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CoRE Fire

I’ve been reading CoRP Fire for the past few days now and it’s been bringing back some memories. Tim C and I had talked about it and how he wanted it to be played, a sort of cross between cyberpunk … Continue reading

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On A Very Personal Note

Tuesday evening I learned that an old friend of mine had shuffled off this mortal coil. Tim Carter is a good friend of mine, we had met in high school and had bonded well over the years there. We played … Continue reading

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Saturday’s Game & The Long Weekend

Since this was a long weekend I really didn’t know who would show up to the game table, due to it being a thanksgiving weekend. So, when Saturday rolled around I had received a text from one player that he … Continue reading

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Last night saw the introduction of a new player to the game table and we decided what we wanted to play. The consensus was something to deal with the dark future and so Cyberpunk 2020 was decided upon and the … Continue reading

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