Saturday’s Game & The Long Weekend

Since this was a long weekend I really didn’t know who would show up to the game table, due to it being a thanksgiving weekend. So, when Saturday rolled around I had received a text from one player that he wouldn’t make it to the game due to a Thanksgiving dinner and then he was called in to work after that.

So, two players arrived and that was a good sign and we continued on with touching up on the characters and did a few sample combat since it was one player’s first time actually sitting in a table top role playing game. It was a good evening of clocking back into Night City once again and playing what the future might of looked like through the eyes of the 1990’s.


Night City

On Sunday we went over to the Mother-in-Law’s for thanksgiving dinner with the family and some friends and enjoyed a meal of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes smothered in gravy, baked beans piled high to the sky and washed it all down with some tomato juice. After the meal, I went outside to work off some calories by playing soccer with the not-so-great nieces.

Afterwards, we came home and had a couple of games of Clue. Since it’s a family favourite even the dog wanted to get in on the action.



And then watched the Toronto Blue Jays when the division against the Rangers. I’d say it was a pretty good weekend.


About Mana Junkie

Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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