Survival of the Fittest

A Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG adventure

Cast of Characters:
GameMaster (Cecil)
Kane, a human warrior (Jason)
Kiera, a human magician (John)
Gears, a clockwork warrior (Nathan)
Pung, an orc warrior (Tim)

We are all part of a caravan heading to a settlement called Fletcher’s Rest. One evening as the caravan is about to set up camp for the night a huge group of bandits strike. There is a huge battle and a lot of blood spilled, but in the end it seems like the bandits have one.

When dawn arrives the survivors; Kane, Kiera, Gears, and Pung gather together. Kane has a newborn baby with him and he doesn’t say anything about it but it’s slung in a rucksack with blankets and a bottle. Gathering our gear and setting off to find the roadway we stumble about through the forest making our way to civilization. Until we find a main road way and proceed north, a few miles travel and there is a group of brigands.

A slight scuffle and then a discovery, the brigand leader had a piece of paper in his pockets though the paper is stained we are able to make out “caravan arriving…. heading west… the jewel…” it seems this group had been in on the assault. Making our way along the roadway there is a bend in the road and a trail that leads off. Somewhere in the distance there is a coyote baying. We decide to check the trail and walk a few miles in, but then their is decision that we must find Fletcher’s Rest and tell them what happened. As we make our way back to the main road, we are attacked by giant spiders!

The battle isn’t a long one but we do have wounded. We decide to set up camp once we make it to the road, a clearing and decide to set up watch. Gears said he will stand on guard since he is a clockwork person and doesn’t really need sleep. As Kane, Kiera and Pung settle in Gears is on duty. Throughout the evening the coyote baying gets closer and closer and Gears figures it’s going to be an attack and proceeds to awaken everyone else. A werecoyote emerges from the woods and attacks. The battle is a huge one but manage to take the were down for the count.

In the dawn, the heroes patch themselves up and make their way along the road and a few miles of travel they hear chatter in the woods. They discover it’s two guards from Fletcher’s Rest who have been searching for the caravan. Kiera informs them that it had been ambushed by bandits and we are all that’s left of it. They inform us that the bandit’s den is close by but first, they take us to a  witch that lives in the area. Her name is Rayna and she tells us that the Jewel of the Flayed King is missing and needs to be returned to Fletcher’s Rest. We decide to go hunt out the bandits, Kane hands over the newborn to the guards to bring back to Fletcher’s Rest and that we shall return there once we located the bandits and retrieve the Jewel and he can pick up the child. The guards tell us the gem is located in the caravan strongbox that the bandits must of confiscated.

We make our way back to the trail where the spiders were and follow the trail deeper into the woods and until a clearing where there is a small tower on a hill. Since it’s morning, there is no activity going on outside as we approach. Figuring the bandits must be resting after a night of celebrating, we make up to the tower without incident and then Pung decides to bash the door. The bandits are caught off guard and there is a huge battle going on and then after several hard fought rounds the bandits have been dealt with and the leader of the bandits captured! We find the lockbox from the caravan and the gem is still inside. We decide to head to Fletcher’s Rest.


After a long day of travel we decide to set up camp for the night. The bandit leader tied up to a tree with Gears keeping watch at night. Then there is a howling in the evening, which get closer and closer and the Huntsman appears. A huge brute of a being that spits blood and is armed with sharp blades. It kills the bandit king and gives us a warming to “give back the jewel” before it leaves in the night.This was a pretty weird encounter which had us stumped since the beast was huge and deadly and we were ready for battle but it turned and left the way it came after killing the bandit king.


In the morning, we pack up and arrive at Fletcher’s Rest late in the day and go to the mayor’s residence to give him the jewel, retrieve the baby and take up residence in the inn before there is one hell of an encounter as “The Flayed King” arrives for the jewel that we gave to the mayor and then the Huntsman appears and there is one hell of a battle. We don’t know what to make of the situation other than getting bashed around a bit and then we flee the town and let the two big baddies duke it out. In a situation like this we don’t know who is Godzilla and who is King Kong? Who do we side with? But we left the town to it’s own fate.




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