It’s Only Make Believe…

It’s good to get back into the regular swing of gaming once again, and it’s nice to have the group expand; introducing someone new to the game is always a blessing and a curse since they really don’t understand the concept. It’s a learning process for them as well, and I as a game masters (as well as the other players) are teachers in this process.

Cyberpunk is a quick and easy game to pick up and even though it’s dated (since the game came out in the early 90’s) it’s still fun to run and play. The technology in the game sure has changed, but the players don’t mind it at all. Considering it an “alternate reality” and just go with flow of the adventure.

I don’t know how many more sessions this game will last since the Dark Future is a pretty damn deadly place and character lives are like matches waiting to be struck!


About Mana Junkie

Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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