The Journey There

A Dungeons & Dragoons Boxing Day Adventure

Cast of Characters:
Amara Everglade, Elven Ranger (Bailey)
Tala the Titan Slayer, Gnome Barbarian (Sarah)
Nymura Rose, Tiefling Ranger (Peyton)
Ceri, Dragonborn Ranger (Erin)
Edward Cheery,  Human Rogue (Chance)
Perrin Tosscobble, Halfling Monk (Darryl)

Our adventure begins in the city of Skharon Tor in the Kingdom of Ullta. It is the seventh day of Maiis in which the Festival of Saints is occurring in Skharon Tor. It’s a busy time of the year for the city with a normal population of 8,000+ people but it has swollen in size due to the festivities.

The streets are crowded with stalls and buskers, business are packed full of people taking in the week long festivities in the city.  It is in the Avenue of Running that the story begins as a scene unfolds that draws our heroes together. Ceri (C) is standing around as if waiting for someone, Edmund (E) and Perrin (P) are at a stall together. Down the avenue Tala (T) who is drunk and currently wandering about to find another tavern to drink, She is dressed in a bright yellow robe and looks like the design of pink elephants on it, she had swiped it from a stall. Amara (A) is looking at bows at a stall and Nymmra (N) has just entered the street as well.


A commotion occurs as a young urchin runs through the crowded avenue, she is definitely carrying something and being pursued by a group of men in white tunics and flowing red capes. The young urchin is quickly running past and dodging citizens, her pursuers are pushing through knocking people aside and clearing a path if those in the way do not move quickly in time. A Clockwork Brawler appears as well, it has a huge flowing red cape as well as it’s breastplate painted white with the same markings of the urchin’s pursuers.

Edward notices the young urchin seems to be in trouble and signals to her that he could help, she acknowledges and makes a bee line for him. Perrin sees that the girl is being pursued by armored men and he sort of stumbles into the pursuers tripping up one of them.

Tala is about to give chase tot he pursuers because one of them bumped into her making her spill her ale on the ground, but then the Clockwork Brawler intervenes. Tala draws her axe and strikes at the Clockwork Brawler and Amara joins in to assist the little barbarian who seems to be up a huge formidable challenge! Nymura continues to walk down the street and also spots a familiar face, that of Edmund down the avenue and she makes her way towards him.

The urchin does a sleight of hand and passes the item to Edward. He makes it look like he’s been pumped into and takes the item into his cloak. The urchin rushes off and Perrin intervenes tripping up a fellow who then apologizes, the fellow gets up and back hands Perrin and gives chase. Perrin turns to a vendor and asks who are the men in the white tunics. The vendor tells him that they are called the “Wightguard”. They are a freelance mercenaries that offer protection to the elite. Ceri lets the girl run past her before she uses her firebreath to deter the fellows and making sure the urchin gets away; and thus combat has been initiated.

Ceri and Perrin taking on the Wightguard while Edward maintains to the shadows and doesn’t want to draw attention to himself now that he has the item in his possessions. He will strike from the shadows with hand held crossbows while appearing to be a witness to the events unfolding.

Tala, Amara and Nymura will tackle the Clockwork Brawler. With Tala giving the beast a huge hit before being picked up and tossed like a rag doll. Amara is dancing around trying to get a shot off with her bow but can’t seem to hit anything. But in the end our heroes prevail and eventually dismantle the Clockwork Brawler and handle the Wightguard.

Our heroes regroup together and decide to head off the streets and head into the nearest tavern, and away from prying eyes. The Inn of the Green Griffon is just such a place, it’s nearly empty and in the establishment. They find a corner table and Edward begins to look over the device. Though, several minutes will pass by and Wightguard men enter the establishment led by a citizen (a stool pigeon) who had spotted our heroes entering the building, the citizen is hoping for a reward.

Elless Fulnan approaches the table and asks them there whereabouts several minutes ago when his men where jumped by strangers who were apprehending a thief. Nymura tells Elless that they were in the in the whole time and has no idea what he is talking about. The gang prepares for battle, but Nymura’s bluff wasn’t called and the Wightguard drag the stool pigeon out. Asking the bartender about a private room, our heroes rent it out and then they unwrap the parcel to find a Puzzle Box using History they learn that it’s called Prima’s Orb. That it’s been in the possession of Magistrate Vikta Ulter for decades and he’s been trying to find a scholar to decode it for him. Rumour has it that inside holds a key to a lost treasure and that it has to be open a certain way.

Edward just taps the device and everyone else looks at figuring on what to do next with it. That’s when the item lights up, a faerie fire glow about it. It seems someone is trying to locate it, and that’s when Edward covers it up with the clothe again. Moments later they hear a voice boom from the main room of the Green Griffon. The Magistrate Vikta Ulter, along with Elless Fulnan and his men have entered the place, as well as a robed gentlemen who seems to be conversing with Elless.

Elless asks the serving wench about anyone in here with an orb like device and she replies that she hasn’t seen anything of the sort. That two strangers who had been sitting here moments ago, a Tiefling and a gnome had got up and left without paying for their drinks. Vikta, Elless and the Wightguard head outside and begin to look around for the strangers.

Our heroes decide to change locals and find a new place to hole up for a bit.

That place is The Silver Disk located a few blocks away and seems to be secluded from the main avenues. The owner is one Hagar Huntersun and he has a suite available for groups that’s where our heroes end up in. They figure the fabric covering the orb is magical in nature and blocks out detection spells. So, when they open it up again they find that the orb is rotating and unlocking itself to the amazement of everyone in the room.

Edward flips it open and discovers a glass scroll with a parchment inside, separated by tube filled with liquid. He is careful to take the scroll and making sure that the glass isn’t broken. With the skills of a rogue he unseals the scroll casing and carefully takes out the parchment. The parchment is a map with strange writings on it and no one can decipher.

Perrin decides to go to the temple to find out anything about the writing, while Edward goes to the library to see what he can find. The others stay at the inn and keep an eye out for the Wightguard. Perrin comes up with nothing, but Edward even has a lead from the librarian who says that there is an elder, Evenia Apricot, who might be able to help. Since she is an elderly elf and has been around for pretty close to a millennium.

They head to Evenia Apricot’s humble abode, a beautiful park and a large home within a giant tree in the city. Evenia greets them and she deciphers some of the words on the map. The language is pretty old and hasn’t been used in 2,400+ years.


Our heroes regroup at the Silver Disk and discuss there options. One of them unrolling a map of the kingdom and maybe the markings and the landscape coincide with an area. And, sure enough it does. Basically, The Cursed Land to the north is where the map leads our heroes.

So they decide to check it out on the morrow, they head to the tap room to celebrate their good fortune.

The next morning as our heroes prepare to leave the end (and the barbarian tripping over her feet and tumbling down the stairs) our heroes encounter the urchin girl that handed them the device and now she wants it. She had brought several of her associates with her to retrieve it by force if necessary. Edward is all full of giving her the Orb since they had took the scroll out of it. But, the other party wants to put an end to this right here and now and don’t want to be looking over their shoulder as they will hunt for the treasure as well.

There is bloodshed in the Silver Disk as the urchins and the party clash and finally dealt with the problem before it becomes a recurrence. They leave the Silver Disk and head to the north gate of the city so that they can leave, though it seems there is a line up at the city guards as the Town Watch along with a couple members of the Wightguard are there inspecting people as they leave and asking them mundane questions.

They make it out the city with no problem and travel north onward to adventure. Walking away from the city along the road, passing through farmlands and grasslands our heroes arrive at Galen’s Rest. A small community that has a Coaching Inn and Stables as well as a hostel. Our heroes decide to take a rest at the hostel and leave the Inn alone, logic dictates that trouble comes to follow them when they stay at one.


They get there rooms and then go to the local businesses to pick up stuff they need for their expedition into the Cursed Land. Hopeful to pick up some legends and rumours about the area as well. Our heroes rest for the evening and by dawn’s early light as they awake to prepare to head north, they discover writing that has appeared on the back of the scroll.

Inside the pool
There is a secret lair
Of a secret god.

Fear not what you do not see,
since Secret’s will kill thee.

Tis a riddle and it gives our heroes something to ponder on and to discuss what it means.

As they enter the common room of the hostel, there is talk about the  Wightguard had arrived late in the evening and went to the Inn. There they had dragged out a dragonborn, a gnome, as well as a halfling from the establishment to bring them back to the city. No one knows what they had done, but with the Wightguard leaving the city to drag them back means that it’s not very good news at all.

Our heroes thank the hostel owner for their hospitality and head out the door.


My Christmas Gaming Booty


This year I got a Dice Bonaza case which had about 60 various dice. Gaming dice, poker dice and a slew of six side coloured cubes as well. I guess my family knows my tastes.

I was very surprise to find High School of the Damned Freshman year Zombie Role Playing Game as well, my eldest had saw it on sale and nabbed it for me thinking I’d get a kick out of it (and I do). As the name implies its a rpg about surviving the zombie apocalypse as it starts out and players are students who happen to be at school when the outbreak occurs.

It seems like a fun little game and I’m going to give it a thorough read through this week.

The other rpg supplement that I manage to get with my Christmas Loot is the D&D 5e module Out of the Abyss! After a quick skim through it’s an epic adventure that takes the characters from First level and end at 15 (that’s if they manage to survive that long). It’s an undertake adventure and the players start with only the clothes on their backs as they have been caught by drow and are in a outpost in the Underdark.

I got other stuff as well but since this is mainly a gaming blog I thought I just focus on the role playing stuff.


Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime


It’s Merry Christmas Eve Eve the day before Christmas Eve.

It’s been a week of different versions of the Charles Dickens classic The Christmas Carol. Over the years they’re been several remakes and various interpretations simply called “Scrooge”. So, a week or two before Christmas Day I sit and watch a version and enjoy each movie for what it is.

Also, it’s a week of prepping for Boxing Day game as well.

I’ve been working on a couple of adventure for fantasy games; a RoleMaster 2nd Edition scenario which leads into the LoreMaster modules, the other for D&D 4e and finally something for Earthdawn 1st Edition. Fantasy games that I have in my collection but haven’t played in a long while (or in one case not at all). It will be nice to sit with a group of players and roll some dice, chug some coffee, eat some grub and basically making merry as the adventure chugs along.

Which game will I run on Boxing Day?

Time will tell. 😉

Exploring Rhand


I’ve been reading through Living Steel High Tech Role Playing System for the past few days and rediscovering the world of Rhand and it’s inhabitants once again. It’s been a little while since I have and now I’m digging it once again. It’s has several tropes in a sci-fi game that one can dig:

A beautiful colony world

An alien invasion

Armored Suits


and more!

The system is clunky but doable. I really think I wouldn’t mind running a series of adventures once again. I had picked up the hardcover of the rules last year at Cangames and I’d never figured I’d get a box set of it once again. But, lo and behold I did. I’m pretty glad about it as well. The only thing missing from the box set is the huge map of Rhand that came with it. But as a bonus I did receive the Operation Seven Swords source book in it.



White Dove Down – Second Act

A Quick & Dirty Cyberpunk 2020 tale

Cast of Characters:
Jackson “Mr. Tyme” Laurier, Corporate MoFo (Chance)
Thad Thaddeus, Solo (Darryl)
Shalimar Seppuku, Rockeboy (Nathan)

And if a double-decker bus
Crashes into us
To die by your side
Is such a heavenly way to die
And if a ten-ton truck
Kills the both of us
To die by your side
Well, the pleasure – the privilege is mine.

The Smiths, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

In the five days that takes Thad to recover, Shalimar had returned from his gig and joined the team to get caught up on the events that happened. Tyme with his contacts want to know what exactly the dead goon in Amaria Jayde’s apartment with the Totentanz stamp on his hand was doing? Was it coincidence that he was there in the night club as well the same night as the dead corporate girl?

Back in Essence Investigation, Tyme, Thad, and Shalimar. go over their options of what to do next. Meanwhile, out on the street below the building the sound of gunfire can be heard among the rumble of thunder. Shalimar shows off some of the items had bought; the old saying “A Rockerboy and His Eurodollars are soon parted”, including a full set of metal gear, a missile launcher and also a  chipped in Gorilla. A hulking imposing creature with cybernetic implants that can drive a vehicle and shoot a weapon if needed be.

News filter in with the death of another corporate kid, Handsome Jawn, has died of a heroin overdose. Social media searches reveal that he was part of Amaria Jayde’s circle and apparently lived hard and died rather painful, also that he’s been scene with Amaria Jayde on the circuit as well and a computer search shows that both Handsome and Amaria have been hanging out with the same red-headed girl.

With no netrunner to guide them along on their search they do things the old fashioned way and use social media to put the pieces to the puzzle together. The girl is Patti 88 another socialite but from a different corporate family. Tyme and Thad seem to think that someone is trying to off the rich kids so that the corp orates will war with each other?

Thad calls up Patti88 and a gruff voice answers. The voice on the other end is also trying to get information and Thad hangs up. Seems that Patti 88 is also in trouble at the moment. Tyme calls his NCPD connection, Strawberry, to get a lead on Patti 88 and he discovers that Patti 88 is the sister of an Body shoppe med-tech who has a walk in clinic near the DMZ as well.  Doctor Wu’s Back Alley Clinic is open for business 28 hours a day! It just so happens that Doctor Wu’s name is the prescription on the bottles that Tyme had found in Jayde’s medicine cabinet before the place went boom.

So our heroes make a trip to Doctor Wu’s Back Alley Clinic to see what answers they can get. They decide to by an old delivery van and gear up for combat, since they are heading into the edge of the DMZ. After a quick drive by to scoot the area out first and look for quick escape routes to see what escape options they have in case things get too hot to handle.


 Doctor Wu’s Back Alley Clinic is located in a rough section of the town and has a boostergang lounging around in the front. The booster gang are none other than “The Piranhas” a party hard kind of crowd.

Our heroes decide to take the direct approach on the matter and proceed in like they are there to see the good doctor. Thad backs in to the front door, Tyme jumps out of the back and glances around with the huge gorilla standing there in Metal Gear with a huge ass weapon. The Piranhas back off saying there are only here waiting on a buddy whose getting patched up and if they have a beef with the doctor maybe they could wait til the job is done? The Piranhas state that they’ll wait in the bar across from the clinic.

The clinic is extremely busy in the wee hours of the morning, the chairs are full of citizens, some hurt, some not and just want a shot of whatever drug they can get. A solo is sleeping by the receptionist who looks like she’s been hired recently and looks like she just doesn’t have a clue in the world of what she is doing. A baby is crying, an addicted is screaming lyrics to a song about Voodoo people, and it sounds like someone is being operated without any anesthesia whatsoever from the back room.

Tyme chats with the frazzled receptionist and tells her that they should clear out the building. Doctor Wu’s solo, Nerf, is three sheets to the wind and agrees with the situation saying he’s not bad all that well for “this kind of $h!t that’s about to go down”. So, the group clears out the lobby.

They head down the hallway where the screaming is coming from, while taking a look in other areas if the door is open or the blinds up from windows. There in one of the medical bays they see Doctor Wu on a table being questioned by two imposing goons. It seems that this team was hired by the father of Handsome Jawn to find out what happened to his son and who sold him the lethal drug that caused his overdose. Doctor Wu states he knows nothing at all about any heroin or why his name is on bottles found in places as well.

And that’s when Patti 88 arrives with a “squad” of her own and this is where it all goes sideway in one helluva of a battle at Doctor Wu’s Back Alley Clinic! The other “team” that was hired leave stating they got information they wanted and let Tyme, Thad, and Shalimar handle Patti 88 and her team.

There is a battle, bullets flying and scarring up the walls and doors, bouncing over armour here and there as well. The gorilla gets into the fight as well. Let’s just say that the good doctor had passed away due to injuries sustain and a section of the clinic destroyed due to an explosive device as well.

And our heroes are left with more questions than answers.

But, isn’t that the nature of Cyberpunk? 😉

It’s On, It’s On Like Donkey Kong


Last night I thought I would be a player or two short for the session (one at a Christmas dinner the other at a Parade) but imagine my surprise when all three of them eventually showed up to the door. The Christmas Dinner was an afternoon brunch so that he had his evening free and there was no Parade for the other fellow to march in.

So, after a late start we continued on with our Cyberpunk 2020 tour de force! Tidying up some loose ends from the previous session and one player caught up on the skinny of what happened. The session I will blog in a bit but for now I was happy just to roll some dice and get some gaming in.

The session was short and sweet and a few more questions were unraveled but nothing was answered but more “red herrings”? Oh, well, let’s see what the next session will take us. Though, the Saturday Game Night will be put on hiatus since next weekend is Christmas Eve and the weekend after that be New Years.

Still, I have my Boxing Day event to look forward too as well.


Unlocking Memories with Living Steel


Imagine my surprise when the wife entered the door stating there was a parcel waiting for me on the steps. I wasn’t expecting anything yet, but to my surprise there was a box waiting for me to open it. The content of the box were some role playing games and the one that I was truly looking forward too was the box set of Living Steel High Tech Role Playing Game.

Living Steel is a role playing game my buddy, Tim C, had picked up because he liked the concept of the game. The rules where a little clunky and that was fine, since the whole premise of it was an alien invasion on a colony world. Tim had the game and he ran two sessions of it and we had fun, but really he wasn’t to keen on running it since he wanted to be a player and do the exploring from the other side of the screen.

So, he passed the game onto me as well as the adventure KViSR Rocks! And then I ran a couple of  sessions and it was a real fun as well. Once that was over and summer was coming to an end and we both were heading back to further our educations. I was going to North Bay, ON and he was heading back down to Toronto, ON. He had handed me the box set and said that I’d probably got more of a kick out of it than he ever would.

Over the years my original box set demolished, and I had lost a couple of booklets for it as well due to a series of moves from one location to another. So, I thought I’d never get my hands on another Living Steel box set again, though I was glad to find a hard copy version of the book at Cangames just last year. Until now, I have the box set in my hands once again and this time a wave of nostalgia washed over me as I remember my good friend Tim C.

Tim had passed away a few weeks back, even though we had lost track of each other over the years we had connected over Facebook and messaging relieve old times and keeping in touch in general. The news of his passing hit me like a ton of bricks, a piece of my past had broken off and to fix that I wanted to see if I could find another box set of Living Steel just to have on my shelf for old time sakes. So I hunted and hunted until I did managed to find one

I’m glad I did. Tim C. may be gone… but he will never, ever be forgotten.