White Dove Down

A Quick & Dirty Cyberpunk 2020 tale

Cast of Characters:
Jackson “Mr. Time” Laurier, Corporate MoFo (Chance)
Thad Thaddeus, Solo (Darryl)
Shalimar Seppuku, Rockeboy (Nathan) (Away)

“Heroin, it’s my wife and it’s my life
Because a mainline in my vein
Leads to the center in my head
And then I’m better off than dead.”
            Heroin – The Velvet Underground

Mr. Tyme receives a call from Bag Lady who has a client that has a special job for them to do. A payback for the loss of his daughter. The clients daughter goes by the handle of , Amaria Jayde, and she had died when she plunged to her death from her high-rise apartment.

According to the NCPD police reports she was high on a lethal dose of heroin. Everyone knows that Heroin is an old school drug and very hard to get these days ever due to biological warfare. Tyme also finds out that the evidence has already been “destroyed” due to a mishap in transportation.

A little quick research of social media reveals that Amaria Jayde is the daughter of corporate big wig Nelson Falcon. Falcon owns a chain of hotels throughout the world; Falcon’s Rest which are five star hotels that cater to the rich and famous.  Bag Lady tells Tyme to play this one cool and make sure it doesn’t look like a “revenge” hit because that might open up a whole new bag of worms.

Tyme calls Thad and tells him to meet him at the new location that he’s been setting up. He also calls Shalimar but he is currently playing a few gigs and will not be able to attend and sends his regrets. Thad arrives and Tyme greets him at the main doors, they enter the building and take the elevator up to the fifth floor, Tyme explains to Thad that they have to take the stairs the remaining three floors.

Apparently, there was one hell of a firefight in this building a few weeks back and things are being renovated. It also explains the reason why Tyme got the office space for dirt cheap.

Essence Investigations is on the eight floor of the building and Tyme gives Thad the guided tour. It will be there base of operations, there fortress of solid, a place to hang out and wait for clients. Once the tour is complete Tyme and Thad do some quick investigation of Amaria Jayde.

Amaria is one of those rich kids club sets. Spending her father’s hard earned money at various hot spots in Night City. Including tonight which social media flutter with pix from Short Circuit with some selfies of her and her crew as well as a fellow named Viscount. Viscount has been in a few of the background photos and he stands out since he’s the only one not smiling.

A search tells us that Viscount’s real name is Morris Matters who was part of a street gang named “Sanguinus Multa” which translate to “The Blood of Many”. Viscount is a big time drug “fixer” he’s motto “If you want it, I can get it… for a price”. He’s always seen in the background of photos of the jetset club.

Thad, who has connections in the underworld, calls for help from an old friend to get info on Viscount. He learns that Viscount is considered”untouchable” due to his underworld connections as well. Thad is also warned that there are three “Sharpshooters” that are out to get him due to what had transpired in the past, and to watch his back at all times.

Tyme puts in a call to a connection to see if Amaria Jayde’s apartment is okay to search and it is. So they make their way across town to the place. To find that the crime scene seal has been cut and that there appears someone inside the apartment. Actually, there are three men in black that are inside the apartment and they appear to be cleaning up.

A firefight breaks out and Thad gets shot in the leg once again… but this is due to a mishap from Tyme. It seems whoever these guys are doesn’t want anything uncovered at all. But, Tyme and Thad untimely intervention makes them believe this is a “conspiracy” of a cover up.

The clean up crew is dealt with and our heroes enter the apartment and a search of the bodies and find nothing of value but one of them has a stamp from “Totendanz” club. Also, that Amaria Jayde, had also been there earlier that night. A coincidence? As they look around the apartment they discover that “flashers” set on timers have been set up in each room to go off in a few moments. Tyme grabs stuff from the medicine cabinet and runs out the apartment just before the implosion occurs.

*GM Note: Even though this combat is a little blurb it took up the bulk of the session.

It seems someone else is trying to wipe clean evidence in this case. Tyme discovers that one of the pill bottles is empty but there is a prescription on it from a Street Doc in the DMZ of the city.

So, now our heroes are left wondering what are they going to do next.

End of Part I.


About Mana Junkie

Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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