The Saga of My Fourth Edition Books


When Fourth Edition hit the shelves my group was currently in the middle of a huge 3.5 campaign and didn’t want to break from it to try the new system at all. In fact, two of my players were adamant of not ever touching the fourth edition books at all.

So, I didn’t bother picking up the books then and there. Though, my family and friends of purchased them for me over the year as birthday presents and Christmas gifts and I was okay with that. I figured I’d get around to running a game with the new books eventually (but I never did). When the 3.5 campaign wrapped up and a nice neat little package due to the fact that some of the players were heading out for bigger and better things in the world. MY daughter and some of her friends were graduating high school and seeking to further their education or employment other than this small town of ours.

That left only two permanent players at the game table when we started back up again, other games were pulled from the shelf and played and when it came for me to crack open the fourth edition book I had a player balk at the idea. Since if we were going to play D&D we could stick to what we know best and “leave that monstrosity alone” as he indicated the fourth edition books.

Within that span of eight years now I have never ran a fourth edition game, and since that time I have ran several sessions of the fifth edition due to the fact that it was a reminder of the third with the combination of the previous editions which appealed to the players. So, my fourth edition books sat upon the shelf, only to be brought down and cracked open by me to give them a read through and see what the changes were made and what other things have changed.

I think I just might have to run a session or two of this just to say that I have ran it.


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Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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