Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime


It’s Merry Christmas Eve Eve the day before Christmas Eve.

It’s been a week of different versions of the Charles Dickens classic The Christmas Carol. Over the years they’re been several remakes and various interpretations simply called “Scrooge”. So, a week or two before Christmas Day I sit and watch a version and enjoy each movie for what it is.

Also, it’s a week of prepping for Boxing Day game as well.

I’ve been working on a couple of adventure for fantasy games; a RoleMaster 2nd Edition scenario which leads into the LoreMaster modules, the other for D&D 4e and finally something for Earthdawn 1st Edition. Fantasy games that I have in my collection but haven’t played in a long while (or in one case not at all). It will be nice to sit with a group of players and roll some dice, chug some coffee, eat some grub and basically making merry as the adventure chugs along.

Which game will I run on Boxing Day?

Time will tell. 😉


About Mana Junkie

Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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