Going Colonial Gothic On Ya


Tonight’s Game Night was more of a character creation night as a couple of players showed up and we decided to play something we haven’t played before; Colonial Gothic by Rogue Games. I had purchased the core rule-book before but then traded it with someone who was into the whole American Revolution and just wanted the book. He gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. So, when I got the second edition for Christmas it was kismet I guess. With Secrets and the Gazetteer accompanying the core rule book makes for a quick start into the world of Colonial Gothic.

Nevion and Darryl decided to not to proceed with D&D adventure and decided wait for the others to continue with my Engraved Face campaign. We decided to play Colonial Gothic, since it’s one of the games I had and always wanted to run a full blown campaign during the American Revolution, this time with a supernatural twist!  While in the process of creating characters Nathan decided to join us and we still continued on with making characters for Colonial Gothic.

This will be our go to game if other players cannot make it to game night.


It’s A Gamma Gamma Gamma World


I’m currently revising an old Gamma World adventure I wrote many moons ago called The Sky Goes Clank. It’s not much of a change, I’m tweaking it a little here and there since I wrote it for 1st edition of the game.  It’s been a while since I played GW and I’m looking forward to it.

Last night on Roll20 we began the process of creating characters for it. With two players, one of them who hasn’t played Gamma World and wanted to give it a go, and the other an old veteran of the game and it’s mechanics, rolled up some characters. Got some physical and mental mutations and each character had 200 domars to equip their character. A nostalgic wave hit me as well, since it’s good to give Gamma World another go.

I’ve also been watching episodes of Thundarr The Barbarian in order to get in the post-apocalypse frame of mind. The animated series hit the television screens in 1981 is perfect fodder for Gamma World setting. With characters done up and ready to go, we are ready to venture forth into the world of Gamma Terra.


To Infinity And Beyond…


Star Ace Adventure in Space

I always wanted to run a huge campaign in Star Ace because it offered that Star Wars feel in a role playing game. The trouble was that players at the time where heavily into kicking orc ass and other fantasy tropes. So Star Ace offered just a quick break between epic fantasy gaming.

Star Ace came out in the mid-80’s just a couple of years before West End Games put out the licensed  Star Wars RPG. So, it had that going for it at the time.

I only played a couple of sessions and quite enjoyed the setting  since it was a swashbuckling no holds barred cinematic science fiction action.  It was very fun to play and I was planning on running an epic style campaign with it. But, I never got the chance to do, but at least I ran a few one off module adventures.

Star Ace takes place in the far future, during the Fourth Millennium where mankind had touched the stars and there thousands of inhabited planets in the universe.   There’s the Empire, which holds a lot of systems, and then there is the Alliance, which is sort of like the new kid on the block. Between the Federaiton and Alliance there lies a neutral zones (which they are called Wilderness region and Storm region). The main setting of Star Ace is the Wilderness region of space. Though, this is the “default” setting and it sets the tone of what you’re up against as well.

For a better understanding and the feel and flow of the game just read the text from the back of the box set:

“WANTED: for Smuggling, Disturbing the Emperor’s Peace, General Scorn of Imperial Law, High Treason against His Majesty Frederick Constantine II.
These raiders & bandits, masquerading under the name of “freedom fighters,” have claimed responsibility for the disappearance and/or destruction of over 20 Imperial Starcraft in the last year alone.
They have disrupted trade and commercial routes throughout the Wilderness Region.
In their scorn for just and proper government, they have kidnapped members of the Imperial nobility, demanding outrageous ransoms.
Most criminal of all, they refuse to submit to the kindly rule of His Most Imperial Majesty, whose sole concern is that of suitable order in the sovereign planets and systems.
His Imperial Majesty offers 500 Gold Imperial Crowns for the delivery, dead or alive, of any Star Team bandit to Imperial Command Enforcement Headquarters, Asfalia Outpost.
Members of the lower classes who deliver said renegades are released from one month’s duty at their designated Relocation Post.”

There’s intrigue, adventure, mysteries to be solved, alien worlds to explore, artifacts to uncover and bounty to be had by all.

The Engraved Face (Episode 3)

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tale of Intrigue Inspired by the 5e Starter Set

Cast of Characters:
Jem Harper, a human barbarian (Nevion)
Ander Heldar, a human diviner (Chance)
Rolen Holiman, a wood elf ranger (Darryl)
Knottsure Yett, a dragonborn fighter (Nathan) away

*GM this is the first time that I used a huge sheet of graph paper and tokens for a game. Thought, I try something new.

After a rest and licking their wounds Jem, Rolen, and Knottsure decide on what to do next. Whether to proceed in the cave or just take a stand outside and  just let them come out and have them bottle necked at the entrance way. Knottsure wants to scout around some first to see if he can find another way but he doesn’t find anything.

Jem spots movement through the woods and our heroes prepare for battle only to discover that it’s Anders who has caught up with them. Other than the rumours that they have picked up he did a little research at the temple and found nothing new. With Anders back they decide to go into the goblin cave and do a clean sweep and maybe, just maybe, clean the area of goblins once and for all. Kottsure says he will watch the entrance way nottsure is dragging the bodies of the goblins and worgs off into the woods so that it doesn’t attract predators to the opening.

Rolen leads the way into the cavern.


Avon calling!

Where he he discovered two pit traps and marks one and prepares to mark the other when a huge freakin’ ogre comes lumbering out the hall. Jem and Ander come charging in and Rolen doesn’t warn Jem of the pit trap he had marked and she falls into it. Ander stops in time and both him and Rolen face off the ogre.

Ander lowers his staff into the pit to let Jem have a good hand hold and she climbs out.

Just as a goblin is trying to join in on the fray. With the fight in the passage being narrow it makes for a hard combat for the group. Jem goes into rage mode and charges at the Ogre to engage giving as good as she gets. Before she is knocked into the other pit trap, Rolen tries to grab her before she falls but he too is dragged down into the pit. Jem doesn an acrobatic move to use Rolen as a soft target to cushion the blow as they land at the bottom of the pit. With Rolen taken the full brunt of the impact.

Jem still raging jumps up and swings at the Ogre and does severe damage to him, as Ander swoops in for the kill to take the brute down. Jem and Rolen get out of the pit and after a quick heal they proceed onwards. And into a goblin guard room where a few goblins are prepared for combat. And when they didn’t think things could get any worse, a goblin from another area had released two worgs that go charging through.

The goblin shaman tries to get a surprise attack but fails and ends up paying dearly for that mistake. Which our heroes go down a passage into his den where they find a statue that seems to be of importance and could be worth gold if they take it back with them. Our heroes roll it up in a cloth and bring it back to the guard room. That’s when they encounter some Orcs.


Game Night

Two orc mercenaries that have been alerted due to the huge combat that come in and investigate the area. Rolen is firing from distance and using a “horde attack” which seems to clip two or more in combat. Jem is raging hard and running around like a banshee while Ander strolls about Ray of Frosting critters and beasts left and right.

They proceed to where the Worgs charged from and find the the den and cages they were kept in and there they discover to worg pups. Rolen suggest they kill the pups, Anders argue not to since they are just pups, Rolen argues that they are creatures of habit and cannot be trained. Jem agrees and they proceed to put the pups down while Ander who wants no part of this walks off to another chamber.

Ander walks into a huge chamber where straw mats on the floor and a chamber pot in the corner. It’s where the ogre was staying and to his dismay it appears that there may be another one. And he was right!  The ogre attacks and hits Ander hard but he stands there and takes the attack and doesn’t budge one inch. Which shocked the Ogre… and that’s when Rolen and Jem enter the chamber and Jem jumps into the foray while Rolen stands back and peppers the big brute with arrows.

Ander is seriously hurt and have been standing in combat with only 1 hit point left and he was bound and determined to go down fighting. But, he never did get hit afterwards much to his relief. The ogre is dealt with and as our heroes a catching their breath (and chugging down a couple of potions) a giant rat leaps out from a nest but is put down as quickly as possible.


Goblin warren o’ doom!

The trio goes into a side chamber and discover two orcs in a bunk room still sleeping, and they find it hard to believe that they would sleep through the Ogre’s death roar, but Jem discovers as she walked into the room that a silence spell is in the room.

Why is there a silence spell in the orc bunk room? But, it’s to our heroes advantage and the orcs are dealt with in a quick fashion and our heroes decide to take a short rest here before they go on.


10 Role-Playing Games

List 10 Role-playing Games that made a lasting impression on you as a TEENAGER. Don’t take too long and don’t think too long:

  1. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.
  2. Gamma World Science Fantasy Role playing Game
  3. Top Secret Espionage Role Playing Game
  4. Boot Hill Role playing Game in the Wild West
  5. Dark Conspiracy
  6. RuneQuest
  7. Traveller
  8. James Bond 007 Role Playing in Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  9. DC Heroes Role Playing Game
  10. Tunnels & Trolls The Complete Fantasy Role Playing Game.

Traveling Back To Gamma World


Here Be Gamma World

I’ve dusted off an old module that I had written for the 1st edition of Gamma World. I don’t know how I came up with the title “The Sky Goes Clank” since it’s more of a dungeon crawl (or in this case an old Mall Crawl).

The premise is that a farmer was digging a well when the bottom of the land opened up. He sent a farmhand and one of his sons down to explore and they never returned. Heading back to the village/town he informs the elders of his discovery.

The players are selected to go and find out the farmers son and farmhand and to explore this underground chamber. I wrote this adventure during my AD&D heyday so it was a huge dungeon crawl.

Now, I’m dusting it off once again and preparing to run it via Roll20. A fellow who hasn’t played GW is interested in seeing the game mechanics at work and what to expect when playing an old school game like GW. The adventure I wrote 35 years ago hasn’t aged all that well, I must say. It’s very random, very strange and no rhyme or reason why things should co-exist in the same area. But, that’s old school for you!

I’m looking forward to adventuring back into the past to see what the future was like through the eyes of a young fellow who discovered role playing games. My youthful insight during the days when the Cold War was hot, Ronald Reagan becoming President, and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons was banned at high school.

The Engraved Face (Episode 2)

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tale of Intrigue Inspired by the 5e Starter Set

Cast of Characters:
Jem Harper, a human barbarian (Nevion)
Ander Heldar, a human diviner (Chance)
Rolen Holiman, a wood elf ranger (Darryl)
Knottsure Yett*, a dragonborn fighter (Nathan)

*GM note: Nathan hadn’t named his character when I asked him about it.  His reply was “Not sure yet” and that’s what I jotted down on my records.

Ander, Rolen and Jem step out onto the road just as a coach is approaching down the road. They decide to flag it down and see if it could transport the wounded warden to saftey. The coach slows down and the driver, Angus Birtch, along with his stage hand, Albes Reelie, are cautious but then see the wounded road warden, Jayson Ridge, and agree to help.

They place him inside the coach where a huge dragonborn is sitting, he is silent and says nothing at all while gazing out the windows. Ander, Rolen, and Jem decide to use the road wardens horses to follow the coach as it makes it way to Fort Watterfahls. By the end of the day they make it to the frontier fort.

They stop off at the road wardens building and inform them what happened.

The coach pulls up to the Inn of the Blue Dragoon. The inn is owned and operated by Hal Brooer, an old veteran who lost an eye in a battle many years ago.  The coachman advises the players not to mention it at all or else they’ll end to regret it. Not in a violent way but in a way that will have them sitting there for hours upon hours listening to the tell of how he lost his eye.

Knottsure steps from the coach and Jem spots him and she invites him to join them for a drink or two. The dragonborn is basically looking to seek his fortune exploring the ruins in the area. Jem approaches Hal the Innkeeper and inquires if he is looking for entertainer for this evening, she’s got stories to tell, songs to sing, and things to juggle and could use the spare coins if she can make them by entertaining the crowd. Hal approves and advises her that a small percentage of the profits will benefit the Veteran’s of Ode fund.

Ander heads up to a suite and sets up for the night, he’s pretty tired and he wants to read a book before he retires. While, Rolen takes a quick walk around the small village and the fort itself to see what else is there.

Throughout the evening our heroes pick up a few rumours:
1.) Statues have been found throughout the area for the past several years now.
2) The statues are the result of a witch who is cursing the people who wander the roads.
3) Farmers in the area here the enchanting song echoing throughout the dales now and then. But none have risked to see who it was.
4) The battle of Ode took place 24 years ago when a huge group of goblins raided the area. The tales they tell say that over a 1000 goblins were gathered under one banner. The Battle of Ode was fought over several days but in the end the goblins were pushed back into the underbelly of the Brakon Barrier Mountains.
5) There’s a strange looking bird roaming the area, it’s all leathery and lizard like and only comes out at night they say.
6) If goblins are back this may mean they are seeking the “an artifact weapon that had belong to a goblin champion”. If they can get it back than they might be able to take over the territory.


Other than sight seeing, entertaining and drinking up a few pints of bitter ale. Our heroes retire for the night. Dawn of a new day, the group decides to head back to the site of the statue and the goblins they had encountered since Rolen seemed to spotted where they might be coming from.

Ander excuses himself from the group and says he will get there when he can since there’s some research he needs to do. Jem goes back to the road wardens building and inquires about boring a couple of horses to investigate the goblins and might nip the whole problem in the bud before it gets out of hand. Capt. Trendal Hoodwark agrees to loan out the horses and will advise people traveling the road to take extra precaution.

Ander tells the gang that he will join them when he can. So Jem, Rolen, and Knottsure take to the roads and head back to the area where they had encountered the goblins. Rolen follow the goblin tracks to where they had come from. All of them insist on tethering the horses in a safe area until they get back. Deep in the woods, in a small clearing they spot a group of goblins outside a cave. There are two worgs that are tethered to a post.

Jem and Knottsure decide to sneak in while, Rolen travels around to seek higher ground to take pot shots at with a bow. A battle happens as Jem and Knottsure charge into the foray and weapons are drawn, the worgs are cut loose and arrows, along with spears, take flight.

In the end the goblins have been dispatched (as well as the worgs) and the players tend to their wounds. Rolen decides to join the others but along the way he had set off a trap that unleashed large boulders that rolled down the hill. Knottsure was alerted to the and got out of harms way but Jem was struck and knocked down by a couple of the boulders. Rolen tends to her wound and heals her with a spell.


Jem wants to stand their ground at the entrance of the cave and cause a disturbance that will send the goblins up. Since they will be bottle-necked it would be slim pickings and easier to deal with. But Rolen states that there could be another entrance elsewhere and they’d send out a  party through that to sneak up around them. The best option is for them to go in and clear out warren once and for all.

Our heroes decide to rest up before they enter. And they are hopeful that Ander might be able to join them for the excursion.