The Engraved Face (Episode 2)

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tale of Intrigue Inspired by the 5e Starter Set

Cast of Characters:
Jem Harper, a human barbarian (Nevion)
Ander Heldar, a human diviner (Chance)
Rolen Holiman, a wood elf ranger (Darryl)
Knottsure Yett*, a dragonborn fighter (Nathan)

*GM note: Nathan hadn’t named his character when I asked him about it.  His reply was “Not sure yet” and that’s what I jotted down on my records.

Ander, Rolen and Jem step out onto the road just as a coach is approaching down the road. They decide to flag it down and see if it could transport the wounded warden to saftey. The coach slows down and the driver, Angus Birtch, along with his stage hand, Albes Reelie, are cautious but then see the wounded road warden, Jayson Ridge, and agree to help.

They place him inside the coach where a huge dragonborn is sitting, he is silent and says nothing at all while gazing out the windows. Ander, Rolen, and Jem decide to use the road wardens horses to follow the coach as it makes it way to Fort Watterfahls. By the end of the day they make it to the frontier fort.

They stop off at the road wardens building and inform them what happened.

The coach pulls up to the Inn of the Blue Dragoon. The inn is owned and operated by Hal Brooer, an old veteran who lost an eye in a battle many years ago.  The coachman advises the players not to mention it at all or else they’ll end to regret it. Not in a violent way but in a way that will have them sitting there for hours upon hours listening to the tell of how he lost his eye.

Knottsure steps from the coach and Jem spots him and she invites him to join them for a drink or two. The dragonborn is basically looking to seek his fortune exploring the ruins in the area. Jem approaches Hal the Innkeeper and inquires if he is looking for entertainer for this evening, she’s got stories to tell, songs to sing, and things to juggle and could use the spare coins if she can make them by entertaining the crowd. Hal approves and advises her that a small percentage of the profits will benefit the Veteran’s of Ode fund.

Ander heads up to a suite and sets up for the night, he’s pretty tired and he wants to read a book before he retires. While, Rolen takes a quick walk around the small village and the fort itself to see what else is there.

Throughout the evening our heroes pick up a few rumours:
1.) Statues have been found throughout the area for the past several years now.
2) The statues are the result of a witch who is cursing the people who wander the roads.
3) Farmers in the area here the enchanting song echoing throughout the dales now and then. But none have risked to see who it was.
4) The battle of Ode took place 24 years ago when a huge group of goblins raided the area. The tales they tell say that over a 1000 goblins were gathered under one banner. The Battle of Ode was fought over several days but in the end the goblins were pushed back into the underbelly of the Brakon Barrier Mountains.
5) There’s a strange looking bird roaming the area, it’s all leathery and lizard like and only comes out at night they say.
6) If goblins are back this may mean they are seeking the “an artifact weapon that had belong to a goblin champion”. If they can get it back than they might be able to take over the territory.


Other than sight seeing, entertaining and drinking up a few pints of bitter ale. Our heroes retire for the night. Dawn of a new day, the group decides to head back to the site of the statue and the goblins they had encountered since Rolen seemed to spotted where they might be coming from.

Ander excuses himself from the group and says he will get there when he can since there’s some research he needs to do. Jem goes back to the road wardens building and inquires about boring a couple of horses to investigate the goblins and might nip the whole problem in the bud before it gets out of hand. Capt. Trendal Hoodwark agrees to loan out the horses and will advise people traveling the road to take extra precaution.

Ander tells the gang that he will join them when he can. So Jem, Rolen, and Knottsure take to the roads and head back to the area where they had encountered the goblins. Rolen follow the goblin tracks to where they had come from. All of them insist on tethering the horses in a safe area until they get back. Deep in the woods, in a small clearing they spot a group of goblins outside a cave. There are two worgs that are tethered to a post.

Jem and Knottsure decide to sneak in while, Rolen travels around to seek higher ground to take pot shots at with a bow. A battle happens as Jem and Knottsure charge into the foray and weapons are drawn, the worgs are cut loose and arrows, along with spears, take flight.

In the end the goblins have been dispatched (as well as the worgs) and the players tend to their wounds. Rolen decides to join the others but along the way he had set off a trap that unleashed large boulders that rolled down the hill. Knottsure was alerted to the and got out of harms way but Jem was struck and knocked down by a couple of the boulders. Rolen tends to her wound and heals her with a spell.


Jem wants to stand their ground at the entrance of the cave and cause a disturbance that will send the goblins up. Since they will be bottle-necked it would be slim pickings and easier to deal with. But Rolen states that there could be another entrance elsewhere and they’d send out a  party through that to sneak up around them. The best option is for them to go in and clear out warren once and for all.

Our heroes decide to rest up before they enter. And they are hopeful that Ander might be able to join them for the excursion.


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