Traveling Back To Gamma World


Here Be Gamma World

I’ve dusted off an old module that I had written for the 1st edition of Gamma World. I don’t know how I came up with the title “The Sky Goes Clank” since it’s more of a dungeon crawl (or in this case an old Mall Crawl).

The premise is that a farmer was digging a well when the bottom of the land opened up. He sent a farmhand and one of his sons down to explore and they never returned. Heading back to the village/town he informs the elders of his discovery.

The players are selected to go and find out the farmers son and farmhand and to explore this underground chamber. I wrote this adventure during my AD&D heyday so it was a huge dungeon crawl.

Now, I’m dusting it off once again and preparing to run it via Roll20. A fellow who hasn’t played GW is interested in seeing the game mechanics at work and what to expect when playing an old school game like GW. The adventure I wrote 35 years ago hasn’t aged all that well, I must say. It’s very random, very strange and no rhyme or reason why things should co-exist in the same area. But, that’s old school for you!

I’m looking forward to adventuring back into the past to see what the future was like through the eyes of a young fellow who discovered role playing games. My youthful insight during the days when the Cold War was hot, Ronald Reagan becoming President, and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons was banned at high school.


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Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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