The Engraved Face (Episode 3)

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tale of Intrigue Inspired by the 5e Starter Set

Cast of Characters:
Jem Harper, a human barbarian (Nevion)
Ander Heldar, a human diviner (Chance)
Rolen Holiman, a wood elf ranger (Darryl)
Knottsure Yett, a dragonborn fighter (Nathan) away

*GM this is the first time that I used a huge sheet of graph paper and tokens for a game. Thought, I try something new.

After a rest and licking their wounds Jem, Rolen, and Knottsure decide on what to do next. Whether to proceed in the cave or just take a stand outside and  just let them come out and have them bottle necked at the entrance way. Knottsure wants to scout around some first to see if he can find another way but he doesn’t find anything.

Jem spots movement through the woods and our heroes prepare for battle only to discover that it’s Anders who has caught up with them. Other than the rumours that they have picked up he did a little research at the temple and found nothing new. With Anders back they decide to go into the goblin cave and do a clean sweep and maybe, just maybe, clean the area of goblins once and for all. Kottsure says he will watch the entrance way nottsure is dragging the bodies of the goblins and worgs off into the woods so that it doesn’t attract predators to the opening.

Rolen leads the way into the cavern.


Avon calling!

Where he he discovered two pit traps and marks one and prepares to mark the other when a huge freakin’ ogre comes lumbering out the hall. Jem and Ander come charging in and Rolen doesn’t warn Jem of the pit trap he had marked and she falls into it. Ander stops in time and both him and Rolen face off the ogre.

Ander lowers his staff into the pit to let Jem have a good hand hold and she climbs out.

Just as a goblin is trying to join in on the fray. With the fight in the passage being narrow it makes for a hard combat for the group. Jem goes into rage mode and charges at the Ogre to engage giving as good as she gets. Before she is knocked into the other pit trap, Rolen tries to grab her before she falls but he too is dragged down into the pit. Jem doesn an acrobatic move to use Rolen as a soft target to cushion the blow as they land at the bottom of the pit. With Rolen taken the full brunt of the impact.

Jem still raging jumps up and swings at the Ogre and does severe damage to him, as Ander swoops in for the kill to take the brute down. Jem and Rolen get out of the pit and after a quick heal they proceed onwards. And into a goblin guard room where a few goblins are prepared for combat. And when they didn’t think things could get any worse, a goblin from another area had released two worgs that go charging through.

The goblin shaman tries to get a surprise attack but fails and ends up paying dearly for that mistake. Which our heroes go down a passage into his den where they find a statue that seems to be of importance and could be worth gold if they take it back with them. Our heroes roll it up in a cloth and bring it back to the guard room. That’s when they encounter some Orcs.


Game Night

Two orc mercenaries that have been alerted due to the huge combat that come in and investigate the area. Rolen is firing from distance and using a “horde attack” which seems to clip two or more in combat. Jem is raging hard and running around like a banshee while Ander strolls about Ray of Frosting critters and beasts left and right.

They proceed to where the Worgs charged from and find the the den and cages they were kept in and there they discover to worg pups. Rolen suggest they kill the pups, Anders argue not to since they are just pups, Rolen argues that they are creatures of habit and cannot be trained. Jem agrees and they proceed to put the pups down while Ander who wants no part of this walks off to another chamber.

Ander walks into a huge chamber where straw mats on the floor and a chamber pot in the corner. It’s where the ogre was staying and to his dismay it appears that there may be another one. And he was right!  The ogre attacks and hits Ander hard but he stands there and takes the attack and doesn’t budge one inch. Which shocked the Ogre… and that’s when Rolen and Jem enter the chamber and Jem jumps into the foray while Rolen stands back and peppers the big brute with arrows.

Ander is seriously hurt and have been standing in combat with only 1 hit point left and he was bound and determined to go down fighting. But, he never did get hit afterwards much to his relief. The ogre is dealt with and as our heroes a catching their breath (and chugging down a couple of potions) a giant rat leaps out from a nest but is put down as quickly as possible.


Goblin warren o’ doom!

The trio goes into a side chamber and discover two orcs in a bunk room still sleeping, and they find it hard to believe that they would sleep through the Ogre’s death roar, but Jem discovers as she walked into the room that a silence spell is in the room.

Why is there a silence spell in the orc bunk room? But, it’s to our heroes advantage and the orcs are dealt with in a quick fashion and our heroes decide to take a short rest here before they go on.



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