Meanwhile at the Ranch…


A Surprise for General Gage

A Colonial Gothic Tale

Cast of Characters:
Ester Morris, a frontier colonist (Nevion)
Jebediah Ezekiel, a militia (Nathan)
“Whiskey Jack” Wisakedjak , a tribe adopted Shawnee (Darryl)


Colonial Gothic

GM Note: On Saturday Feb 4th we jumped into our Colonial Gothic session with a bang. Introducing our heroes into a Rite of Passage of the American Revolution. For those who haven’t played “A Surprise for General Gage” which is in the Colonial Gothic Gazetteer there be spoilers below the cut.

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Game On


Tonight was game night. Tonight we played Colonial Gothic. And Tonight it was awesome! Using the introduction adventure in the Colonial Gothic Gazetteer our heroes are drafted into the revolution and hand picked to  go on a special mission for General Ward. I will go into more detail about in a bit but for now it was good to get back to rolling dice and kicking butt.

Though, on a rather sad note a player has informed us that she will be leaving the game group due to her husband has been promoted at work and that means they will be relocating elsewhere in the country. I’m happy for them, but sad that I will be losing a player at the table. But, as they say in the movies “such is life”.

The Avengers (TV Series) Influence

When I first picked up the Top Secret Espionage Role Playing Game back in 1980 it was one of my two first actual purchase of a role playing game. It was either this or Gamma World, both by TSR, that I found on the shelf at a game store in Sault Ste. Marie, ON.

Living in a small town in Northern Ontario meant there was no hobby shop in town and you had to go to the city in order to pick up dice, books and what not. So when I picked up Top Secret RPG I was in secret agent heaven. I remember running my first session as clear as day, since it was the mini-adventure sample that was in the core rule book. An island base of operation for a notorious villain which was probably inspired by James Bond and Derek Flint movies. The players went into the adventure with a AD&D perspective, kicking in doors, killing the bad guys and tacking their stuff. But in espionage, kicking in doors and shooting up the room meant more bad guys coming and more bullets flying.

But, that was all good. We had a blast and I think from that point on the players decided to follow the examples of Steed and Peel, Jim Phelps and his crew, and maybe, just maybe a little bit of James Bond. I’ve always like the TV shows Avengers and got caught up with it when I was a kid, my first introduction into the show was an episode where Steed and Peel uncover a plot that an organization was sending criminals back in time. This was my first introduction to the series and was a pretty unique concept. I stuck around for more episodes to mine for use with Top Secret (and I did).

I think the Avengers helped me run better espionage scenarios as well, since the assignments were strange and yet compelling to watch and see what our duo could come up with to solve what was happening and the real reason behind the event.

Even though we never did get an Avengers Role Playing Game some of my most memorable Top Secret adventures were heavily inspired by their episodes.