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Meanwhile at the Ranch…

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A Surprise for General Gage

A Colonial Gothic Tale Cast of Characters: Ester Morris, a frontier colonist (Nevion) Jebediah Ezekiel, a militia (Nathan) “Whiskey Jack” Wisakedjak , a tribe adopted Shawnee (Darryl) GM Note: On Saturday Feb 4th we jumped into our Colonial Gothic session … Continue reading

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Game On

Tonight was game night. Tonight we played Colonial Gothic. And Tonight it was awesome! Using the introduction adventure in the Colonial Gothic Gazetteer our heroes are drafted into the revolution and hand picked to  go on a special mission for … Continue reading

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The Avengers (TV Series) Influence

When I first picked up the Top Secret Espionage Role Playing Game back in 1980 it was one of my two first actual purchase of a role playing game. It was either this or Gamma World, both by TSR, that … Continue reading

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