Quest of the Ancients: Andor Kingdom


My Version of Andor Kingdom

Quest of the Ancients is a fantasy role playing game by Vince Garcia and published by Unicorn Game Publications in 1988. Basically, it could be considered a retro-clone of Dungeons and Dragons since it mainly focused on the skill system used in the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game. But, instead of using a twenty sided die you used a thirty sided one for, what I guess, a change of pace.

My friend, Dave and I, stumbled upon it back in 1991-92 in a used game rack. Dave snatched it up since it $10 and he figured he’d give it a read and mine it for world information for his gaming group. Though, he started to read it some ideas for adventures formed in his noggin about adventuring in this realm of Islay.

I didn’t get my copy of the game until a few years ago. I read through the book and then I did a rough sketch of my version of Andor that no player has ever lain eyes upon and no character set foot in it… yet.

The backstory for Quest of the Ancients is that the world is named Jewel and Islay is a huge continent with several nations in it. One of them is Andor Kingdom; in the rule book several nations are written up and have details of the land the kingdom is in. All except for Andor which only has two paragraphs written:

Andor: This was the former capitol of Gorus during the First age. Known then as Modia, it was a powerful nation that united with Hocwrath and Krella to form a confederacy seeking to dominate the continent. After the demis of Gorus and the Triad. Modia fell into a state of chaos and darkness lasting for centuries. It is left undeveloped for the GM to utiluze as he chooses.
Capitol: Arkon
Government: As determined by GM.
Sovereign: As determined by GM.
Deities worshiped: As determined by GM.

Also the map of the continent left Andor blank as well so that a GM could build up in and populate it the way he/she wanted it. Basically, with the detailed world around it,  it is easy for a GM to insert their own kingdom in it. And so, I went about to build up Andor with a great lake in the center, a few forests and a lot of ruins peppered in this new kingdom.





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