After fancing up my Andor Kingdom for Quest of the Ancients RPG. I decided to hunt up some other maps of kingdoms I had drawn up over the years. Then I stumbled upon my world map of QUERP. Yep, the planet is named after the very role playing game system it got it’s name from. At the time I had picked up QUERP, there was no default setting, so I created a world. After drawing the continents and adding the mountain regions and forest, I started naming them. Starting from the southern most land I started jotting down names as they popped in my head. The names didn’t have any meaning other than sounding cool in my head. After I jotted down Brusia, the big island in the middle of the Rorisea, my two youngest children were arguing in the other room. Which gave me the inspiration of two warring nations of Savaria and Bailos, then I added Peytara to the north since this nation is sort of a peacekeeper and friends with both.

The island kingdoms just to the north west of Peytara names were drawn from players that graced my game table at one time or another: Shelbia, Bridgetta, Erynne, and Sarahana. This left the long continent just north of Peytara and so Chancetta was born, as well as Darrylan.

The frozen continent I named Kharrl. Because, I heard an animated llama say it and seemed like a good name to use. And thus there was QUERP all ready to go and to be explored. I only had done up Brusia Kingdom in full since that’s where the adventurers would start, maybe I might write up the rest just for the hell of it.

I’m in a creative mood of late.



About Mana Junkie

Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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