The World of Allusia



This is a fantasy campaign I had started and played only a few sessions and ended before the big reveal could occur. This kingdom was made for an  Advanced Dungeons & Dragons high fantasy campaign where the characters started exploring. Two Kingdoms on the verge of war one to the north of the Chimera Sea and the other to the south, strained relations between them with a powder keg situation. Then you have Stoneface Stronghold where the dwarves are from, Whispering Woods home to the elves, and as well as Adelard Took where the halflings resided. Most of the names of settlements in the kingdoms where a play on words taken from synonyms.

The kicker was that this was just an illusion for a reality television series that the characters were the stars of! The players didn’t know this yet since I wanted to reveal little facts and tidbits here and there as well as show a map of the section where they started off at. Along the way there were little clues left like “a feeling your being watched” and some areas had “reset” to its default settings.

This whole campaigned was inspired by a movie “The Truman Show” and I thought wouldn’t it blow the players mind once they realized that their characters were just part of a reality tv series.

In my notes we played five sessions then we never picked up again since the playing group disbanded.

There was an incident that a player suspected something weird was going on but he never clued in until maybe a year or two when we stopped playing Illusia that he remembered in the first scenario. As they where walking along a roadway from Seeming Falls to Willowby that something fell from the sky and landed in a field next to them. There they had found the body of a halfing crushed by a huge metal black “cauldron” that seemed to be filled with glass. All he before he passed on was “Look out for Fresnel”.

Fresnel they thought was a evil wizard in the area. But, actually it was just a spotlight that fell from the heavens… or a Cloud City over head.

Maybe, one day I will dust this idea off once again and give it another go.

Since I’ve been redoing some of my old maps I had stumbled upon this world tucked away in a box in the spare room and figured to give it the map make over and unleash it here.


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Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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