Along The Way – A Gamma World Sample Combat

Sample Gamma World Combat

I’ve been preparing to run a Gamma World 2nd edition campaign and looking forward to seeing it come to light after a few weeks of false starts. Chris had created a PSH named Wyke a couple of weeks back, and after recruiting another player (Wendel) and him creating another PSH named Abrum last night. I decided to run them through a sample combat before we kick off the campaign.

Chris hasn’t played GW before and Wendel hasn’t played it in over 30 years. So, I decided to do a sample encounter to give a feel and the flow of the game mechanics.

Wyke and Abrum are walking along an old highway heading north, it’s spring and the snow has melted and they are heading to Kandor Kull to see what they can find at the open trade market there now that spring is here and the roads are clear for travel once again. With Wyke leading the way they are making the journey pretty good until Wyke sets off a alarm and alerts the 2 nomadic warriors nearby. He didn’t spot the tripwire that was strung low on the road and thus the nomads spring forth to see if these fellows are easy pickings.

Gamma World a d6 is rolled for initiative and if the Dex Score for each point above 15 a plus one is added to the die roll. Wyke and Abrum have 16 Dex so they add two to their roll. The combat is d20 based with Attack Matrixes to combat; Weapon being used against the defenders Armor Class and.

Physical Attack Matrix

Since Wyke is firing a musket it has a Weapon Class of 9, the Nomad’s Armor Class is 8. Compare with the Matrix I chart we see that Wyke needs a 10 or better to hit. Basically, following along the similiar path of the AD&D combat matrix.

With musket’s firing and clubs swinging the combat is a brutal one, with Wyke taking the brunt of the damage. I won’t get into the blow by blow account of the battle but just say that it was good getting back into the Old School style of gaming once again. Especially,  the Gamma World groove. And with me fumbling around with my notes and rechecking the core rulebook to shake the cobwebs from my memory of the the game mechanics. I think the players had some fun… well, I hope they did.

But, overall it was a fun evening for me.




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