Atomic Highway: The Winter Vale

Atomic Highway - The Winter Vale

Several generations have passed since Doomsday when the Earth was wracked by the Final War. Our forebears told of the devastation, of the great pillars of ash and flame, of the clouds of man-made pestilence , of the waves of strangely scented death. All the marvels our ancestors had striven to create, their towering edifices of steel, concrete and glass, the lore stored on their webs of computers, were torn asunder, rent and lost. Many died, man and beast alike, and the Earth was tortured and twisted….

Atomic Highway is one of those games that I really like to have fun with since it’s the game mechanics are pretty simple and character generation takes only 10-15 minutes to make. And that is good since I don’t see characters lasting too long when they go into places guns blazing. I had this idea for a little while now of running a winter scenario for Atomic Highways; instead of cars and highways I’d stick with snow machines and trails.

The rest of the world could be a devastated wasteland but in the Ottawa valley when winter comes it’s brutal and harsh. I always liked those James Bond movies with the snow-machines and the skis and the guns blazing, especially in XXX when Xander ignites two grenades and decides to ski down with the avalanche.

Last night the players rolled up some characters for Atomic Highway, and when all was said in down, none of them had a vehicle. One of them had a mount which was a huge elk and the the other was on foot hauling around grains of wheat on a makeshift stretcher. And, this got me thinking of starting Atomic Highway in the dead of winter in Canada… and why not? I created a couple of Hot Zones in the area (pleases that where hit when Doomsday came a calling.  And Doomsday rocked the land and changed things around, as plates shifted and mountains emerged as the earth had ripped open Earth wounds as well.

I don’t know if I’m going to use this Snowworld idea just yet. Maybe, I should.



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Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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2 Responses to Atomic Highway: The Winter Vale

  1. Daniel Vallee says:

    Is that an Atomic Highway set in Québec? I was thinking of making an Atomic Highway set in Québec for my gaming group.

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