Tunnels & Trolls: I Don’t Remember

A quick sample of Tunnels & Trolls for someone who hasn’t played it before.

Cast of Characters:
Theo, Knight of the Holy Order of Blue (John)

Theo, Knight of the Holy Order of Blue wakes up on a gritty floor, his head is pounding and he is trying to shake the cobwebs from his head. He doesn’t know where he is or how he got here but he does know his name.

He sits up and takes a look at his surroundings he seems to be in the basement, there are broken crates about, debris and some stairs leading up. He sees his heavy mace and picks it up, then there are sounds coming from the shadows. Whatever it is in the shadows, it doesn’t sound human.

A ghoul comes forward.

Theo swings the mace.


Theo and the Ghoul go toe to toe and in a few rounds the ghoul has been dispatched. He does another hit to the ghoul to make sure it doesn’t get back up and then does a search of his surroundings.

His head still hurts and he cannot remember anything that has happened to him prior to waking up here. In the dim torchlight he can make out tattoos on his arms. He can make out a clear eye, some swords and a name “Mist Moors” before he hears some muttering from a stair well.

Theo can hear them and they must be speaking in a dialect other than common. He decides to climb up the stairs. They are old and wooden and creak underneath his weight. He then emerges into a hallway and sees a door half ajar and light coming through, he sees shadows and here them talking. He doesn’t want to intrude but seeing that he doesn’t know where he is and decides to open the door and see what is what.


Theo sees skeletal remains of a giant on the floor and three cultist who are ransacking the area looking for something and they haven’t spotted him yet.He steps into the room and prepares for battle.

Now here’s where things get dicey since there are three and Theo is only one. It’s a long hard fought battle as Theo in a few rounds kills one and then is wounded in the process but he stands toe to toe with the remaining two. His armour takes a beating and eventually becomes useless and he fells another cultist. The remaining one breaks free and begins to flee.

Theo flings his Heavy Mace at him as a projectile missile and hits the fellow in the back and takes him down for the count. With only a couple of Con points left he decides to take a rest.

And thus ends our little sample of Tunnels & Trolls Fifth edition.


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