My Cangames 2017 Experience!

Saturday morning I was up before the dawn printing out character sheets for the event I would be running just a few hours later at Cangames in Ottawa. This year I was running Big Eyes Small Mouth (BESM) 1st edition at 9am sharp. A little different than the previous years since I’ve always slated my game for the 2pm time slot, but this year I thought why not give the 9am slot a shot and then game for the rest of the day.

As I waited for the others to arrive, I had gathered up the stuff I would need and put them in a backpack. I was all set to go. Darryl was the first to arrive and Mark shortly after that. It would be just the three of us in attendance since the others were busy with real life events such as work and the like. We left here a little after 7 in the morning, made our stop at Tim Horton’s just before we left town; grabbed some coffee, something to eat along the way and left the small town behind us as we head out on the highway to the city.

We arrived a little after 8:30 at the Rideau Curling Club (Where Cangames has been located now for over a decade) and signed in. There we decided to see what games to sign up for 2pm and for 7pm as well.

Mark, Darryl, and I settled on playing “The Cabuli Conspiracy” which is a Thousand Suns RPG that was being run by Steven Ross. It was our first time playing the game, but the second time we’ve encounter the game mechanics since it’s basically the one that Colonial Gothic uses.

For the 7pm game we signed up for “Flying High and Crashing Low” which was a Feng Shui 2nd Edition game which we were looking forward too, because we all love Feng Shui (but sadly that they happen when a real life event reared it’s head and threw a monkey wrench into our plans).

Once we had settled on what we were playing, I found the table that I was going to play at and Mark was going to see if he could sign up for my adventure (which he did) but Darryl decided to take a pass of playing in the morning and spend a few hours hitting the market square since he had brought a huge list of games and source books he needed to add to his collection.


A player had sketched out the characters in BESM

As 9 pm rolled around I had three players at the table, the fourth one was no where to be seen (but he should up 10 minutes later he had ran into a little tardiness issue). I ran my adventure “Pretty Uniforms Speckled With Blood” which I had slated a 3 hour session and it wasn’t two far off the mark when we wrapped up at 11:42am. My adventure was divided up into three acts; starting off with an alien invasion, then a cyborg Elvis-Impersonator attack, followed up by Alien Invasion II: Electric Boogaloo which, I will go into details in a later entry.

Once the game wrapped up, Mark and I hit the market square and I did a little shopping and found something that I was happen to pick up for $25 bucks. The TSR box set of The Adventures of Indiana Jones Role Playing Game, with the Raiders of the Lost Ark adventure and a Judge’s Survival Pack as well.


The Adventures of Indiana Jones RPG is finally mine.

Then we went for lunch and basically waited for our 2pm game.

The Chabuli Conspiracy saw six players and a GM around a table and we had some fun as well. I chosen a traveling doctor with the name of Ludoviko Janssens, who is working for passage on the spaceship “Distant Sprite”. The session wrapped up a little before 5 and it was mainly an investigation of a conspiracy which I will go into detail in another blog entry. I had fun.


A star sector from Thousand Suns.

As we waited around for our 7pm game that’s when our evening was interrupted by a real life event and we had to call our day short.  But, as we left my throat was feeling pretty rough and raw and it’s a good thing we left when we did since it was a long day and maybe, just maybe it was for the best to go home for the evening.

And that’s how I spent my Saturday.



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