What Happened To Bosso Morgan?

What Happened To Bosso Morgan? – A Roaring 20’s Call of Cthulhu Tale

Cast of Characters:
Miles “Ashes” Muldoon, Private Investigator (Chance)
Dorothy “Dot” Collins, Dilettante (Darryl)

The Place: Arkaham City
The Time: Tuesday, April 18th 1922

Our adventure begins back in Ashes office. Ashes adds ice to his shoulder where he was hid viciously by the thing in the bedroom. He’s trying to make sense of what he had saw and hopefully the pictures he develop will show more.

Dot, sits in a chair and begins reading Bosso Morgan’s Will and doesn’t seem to find anything of interest other than Alphonse Wrightwane; Morgan’s lawyer, getting 20% of the estate. Red McCallister will be getting the businesses since they were childhood friends and grew up together. Petier Woskov, a Russian professor, will be getting the art and other “trinkets”.

Ashes photos didn’t turn out quiet as clear but it does show something weird and strange. But Dot has a strong stomach for weird sights and doesn’t shiver when she sees the photos. As they examine the photos closely, Dot here’s the outer office door open and alerts Ashes. Ashes shuffles the photos into a file and then goes to his office door and calls out.

Constable Bobby Deigh, an old friend of Ashes, answers back. He tells Ashes that a Buick 121 was seen leaving the area where a disturbance was called in. Bobby put two and two together and decided to pay Ashes a visit to see if he knew anything.  Ashes tells him he was hired by a “concerned citizen” to look into the disappearance of Bosso Morgan and was in the house as well looking around.

Bobby tells them there was no sign of Bosso’s body or a body on the floor when the inspectors finally arrived. There was noting out of the ordinary there except blood all over the walls and bed. It seems Bosso Morgan ticked someone off he shouldn’t of and now has paid the price dearly. Bobby tells them that they did a quick search of the house and found nothing of interest; other than the locked room with the stills and bathtub full of gin but nothing else.

Against the dismay of Dot, Ashes shows Bobby the photos he had taken in the house. Bobby is visibly shaken by the photos and asks if he can take them in as evidence. Ashes says he will develop another set of prints and drop them off at the precinct in the morning. Bobby then leaves and heads back to his patrol car where a rookie is standing outside of it waiting and they pull away.

Dot wants to go back to Bosso Morgan’s place to do a double check since the police probably didn’t do a thorough search and only checking to see if someone was in the house. Ashe likes the idea as well and is curious about these “trinkets” that were highlighted in the Will. They decide this time to go by taxi and get dropped off a block away so they can approach on foot.

When the arrive, they want to check out the garage first. The windows are covered from inside and the door is slightly ajar. Inside they can hear the sound of hushed voices and the opening of a crate. Ashes peers inside and see three “thugs” going through stuff in the garage, he steps into the garage with weapon drawn by his side and clears his throat. The thugs turn, each have a tool in their hands: a crowbar, a hammer, and a knife. They have been going through boxes and crates and have a small pile of items in a sack on the floor.

There is a grate on the floor of the garage that is open as well.

Ashes, backed up with Dot, tells the fellows he’s only there to look for a certain item and if they had come across anything strange. The fellows see that he is none threatening tell him that one of the crates was open and empty. Ashes inspects the crate and sees it a foreign language stamped on it; he presume it is Russian. There is packing straw inside and a spot where a box was removed as well.

The thugs tell them that they heard Bosso Morgan was dead and since he is, his stuff is free for the taking they presume. Dot tells them that even though Bosso is dead; they still don’t want to tick off Red McCallister who is now in charge of the operation. Ashes and Dot leave the garage and head to the house, they want to check out the remainder of the house.

As they enter the house they hear the sound of feet fleeing from the garage. It’s the thugs that are high tailing out of there. Ashes and Dot continue into the house and head to the stairs, it’s there they notice the door to the basement is slightly ajar, also there is wet footprints leading up. Ashes presume it’s from a police officer who went down to do a quick scan of the place. He proceeds down with caution, Dot draws her weapon to cover as well. As Ashes takes each step a weird green hand shoots out from underneath to grab him and he stumbles down the steps, firing as he does.

Dot doesn’t know whats happening but sees Ashes fire his pistol at the stairs so she reaches down and begins firing into the darkness of the stairs as well.

“Gives us the eggs” a raspy voice says.

A huge humanoid frog-like being steps into the light and Dot thinks she heard something behind her it’s another frog-like creature who had crept up behind her and gave her a shove. She falls forward, using her martial arts she tumbles with style. Both her and Ashes end up on the floor of the basement and the frog-like being scampers past them and up the stairs.

Ashes and Dot get up and give chase but they creatures have already gone out the door and into the garage and disappeared down the grating. They both decide that it’s a good idea not to pursue and decide to head out. But, first they want to check the car, and that’s when they find a metal box in the trunk of the vehicle.

Ashes opens it up and sees something like a Faberge egg. He closes the box and both him and Dot decide to head back to the office.




Backyard Con 2017

2017 d1a

Call of Cthulhu

Day 1: BackyardCon 2017 kicked off Friday morning with some Call of Cthulhu (5e) action. I thought it was going to be rained on but the sun managed to poke through the clouds and chase them away. Figuring I’d get the same amount of attendees like I did the previous years.

I had wrote up an adventure based on the example play in the book and called it “Where is Bosso Morgan?” and a second part “What Happened to Bosso Morgan?”.

Mapping out some sewers in Arkham City and a Warehouse as well as a cargo ship since clues might be found at either location as well. With the adventures set it was time to pack up and hit the theatre. Friday evening it was opening night of “Fort Hemlock” a play that I’ve been rehearsing for the past several weeks for the community theatre  in town.

backyard con 2015 d2c

Horror Rules & Coffee

Day 2: I kicked off with some Horror Rules – The Simply Horrible Role-Playing Game and created a zombie apocalypse scenario. A small town being surrounded by the undead and the characters have to fight their way out!

Another overcast day but it promised to clear up a bit before the end of the morning. Horror Rules is a simple role playing game and a little fun to run since it takes the movie tropes of the 80’s and splash them across pages of the book.

I just might have to run this one at CanGames on these years.  Around 11 I brought out one of my favourite RPGs from GDW: Cadillacs and Dinosaurs – The Roleplaying Game and did a little rewrite of an old scenario just for the sake of it might come into play one of these days.


backyard con 2015 d2a

Cadillacs & Dinosaurs

C&D is based on the Mark Shultz’s comic Xenozoic Tales in a world gone made where Dinosaurs roam the earth along with classic old cars retrofitted to travel through the rough terrain.

I’m also working on a map of the Inland Sea area and hope to have that one finished shortly since it’s an intriguing area and quite unknown since the comic books only mention it but no one has ever explored beyond there.

Who knows there night be another clan or two?

As the afternoon wane on, it was time to the put the game away and prepare for a second performance of “Fort Hemlock”.

Day 3.  I woke from a strange dream and jotted down few ideas. Since they where in note form and dawned open me that maybe, just might it might fit into a Fiasco playset.

2017 d3a


So I got up, made myself a coffee and sat out back with my Fiasco books and started writing up a playset set in a futuristic city with some very nasty surprises awaiting the ordinary city folk who might just get pulled deeper and deeper into a strange plot filled with conspiracies, double crosses and little green men from Mars!

After that it was off back to the theatre for an afternoon performance of “Fort Hemlock”. And thus ended my three days of BackyardCon.






The Sky Goes Clank (Session 9)

A Gamma World 2nd Edition Tale

A 2nd Edition Gamma World Tale
Cast of Characters:
Wyke, Pure Strain Human (Chris)
Abrum, Pure Strain Human (Wendel) (Away)
Kamanda Koroma, Mutated Humanoid (Steve)
Avagadro, Mutated Animal – Mole (Ed)

*Game Note: Session from Monday August, 14, 2017


After squashing Tybak, a huge mutated crab spider that is being worshiped and fed by the Serfs. Kamanda, Avagadro and Wyke decide to search the area to see what they can find and it appears there is a few ancient relics in a horde of items that Tybak was offered along with it’s “sacrificial meals”.

Wyke decides to stay at the entrance way since the noise of their combat might have alerted others to their presence. Avagadro decides to cut off a slice of Tybak and have Kamanda uses his “fire calling abilities” and barbecue the meat before they begin digging around the items and separate junk from the good stuff.

They find a lot of artifacts: five torc grenades, a tempus helmet, a music cube, a “magical” bed that rolls out and inflates, binoculars, a vibro blade, and one laser pistol.

Wyke is intrigued by the items they have found and let’s his guard down for a moment and that’s when a humanoid rabbit enters; it’s a hoop and he seems surprised by what’s going on in the area.


The Hoop who just so happened to stumble into the complex by accident and have been wandering about trying to find a way out. He thinks he has found the “baddies” who have brought him here and wants them to send him back home.

But the only place the Hoop is sent is to is death. The Hoop is dispatched quickly and quietly and the stuff he was carrying looted: 30 domars, an old slug thrower, a knife and he’s were a chronometer.

Our heroes decide to go back to the cells and release Orthic & Petek. He agrees to help them with their search of the place. Though, Avagadro has his suspicions about him and calls him “Opie”. They move off back to the north west corner of the complex and figure they have a few more rooms to check.  As they open up a room they discover a Cal Then, a huge mutated cockroach, that’s in the chamber and bow does it ever rip into Avagadro. The pincers of these creatures are very painful and very deadly once they get a nip on you.


Brenda FourOneOne stands back since she cannot enter the combat, but Opie just stands there and lets the other hammer away at the huge beast and giving words of encouragement like. “Oh that nailed it!” “Hit ’em again!”

Once it’s over, Avagadro is wounded badly but Wyke hits him with a healing stick that Helen OneOhOne has given them. Avagadro is okay and Opie pets him in the hand saying that “You dun good, little critter!”

After a quick search of the room they find that it might be a room were clothes are brought and cleaned. They find a couple of small useless items as well and decide to press on.

The next area holds a bit of a surprise for our heroes, since Avagadro only sensed something 20 meters away, but when they open a door it is revealed a lot of androids in blue suits about. Kamanda tries something and shows his red card that he is carrying but that just activates the creature and all hell breaks loose.

Kamanda throws up some “force walls” to stem the flow of the androids and they deal with the creatures one at a time as best they could. All of them are engaged in combat, except for Opie who stands back and watches and once an android is down and out for the count he goes over and stabs it again “just to make sure it’s down”.

Avagadro goes into full Wolverine mode with claws out and him running around like Sonic the Hedgehog and battling bots left and right as he moves about.

Wyke decides to use a vibro blade since he wants to conserve the “pig” because he’s got a bad feeling that they will need it’s services badly. He rips one android apart like a hot knife through butter!


Once a few of the ‘bots are downed. Kamanda asks Brenda what to do and she replies so the blue card and Kamanda releases that these might be some sort of medical androids. He flashes the blue card and the androids begin to shut down.

Our heroes decide to rest for a bit before continuing on.



Where’s Bosso Morgan?

*from Sunday, August 13th 2017.

Where’s Bosso Morgan? – A Roaring 20’s Call of Cthulhu Tale

Cast of Characters:
Miles “Ashes” Muldoon, Private Investigator (Chance)
Dorothy “Dot” Collins, Dilettante (Darryl)

The Place: Arkaham City
The Time: Tuesday, April 18th 1922

Dot Collins arrives at the Philm Building by taxi, she was in town and she figured she drop in and say hi to an old friend; Ashes Muldoon. Ashes has an office on the third floor and she can see that the light was still on and his office.

They were acquaintances through an investigation of missing anthropological pieces of a museum exhibit that the Collins family were sponsoring.  The curator and Dot wanted to keep it low profile since it would be a stain on the reputation of the museum and the Collins family name so they hired Ashes to look into it. Though, Dot being bored and wanted a little excitement in her life said she would help, over the objection of Ashes who works alone. Dot said since it was “her” money she had a right to look after how it was being used.

After several days they had uncovered a smuggling plot and retrieved only four out of the five missing pieces stolen by two museum employees working for a local crime boss. The missing piece was sold in a private auction to a collector in Boston.

Dot arrives at the Philm Building to see if Ashes had discovered the collectors identity but he hasn’t. This is when the door opens and a woman in red enters. Her name is Molly Harper and she has a task for Ashes Muldoon. Find out what happened to her employer Bosso Morgan. She hands him a retainer of $500 to look into the matter and he gladly accepts. She tells him that his right hand man, Red McCallister, had stepped up and is overlooking the business until Bosso can be located.

Morgan owns a few buildings in Arkham and his base of operations is a warehouse, but he can also be found relaxing at his speakeasy club “The Soho Club” which he hasn’t been seen at in the past twenty-four hours. Ashes inquires if anyone has checked Morgan’s home and Molly tells him they have but there is no answer there, and she doesn’t want the police to be involved because of Bosso Morgan’s background since he deals with the criminal element of the city. Molly hands Ashes a slip of paper where she can be reached at. She hopes nothing has happened to him, just before she goes she inadvertently tells him that he has been acting real strange lately.

Dot is intrigued by this as well and ask if she can accompany Ashes on this case. She craves a little excitement in her life and some break & entering might just be the pill she needs. They take Ashes car, a Buick 121, to Bosso Morgan’s home. It’s an overcast day and by the time they arrive their the rain has begun to fall.


There are no lights on in the home as our heroes drive past and then park a little down the street. The trek back to the home and notice that there is a car in the driveway that there is a garage in back.  Dot checks the car to find that it’s locked and hasn’t been running lately. Ashes goes to the front door and finds that it’s lock, but he uses some lock-picks and opens it.

Inside the door there is a stand in which they find a bowl with some keys, another bowl with some coins in it as well. There are stairs that go up to the second floor and a couple of entry points to other rooms. Ashes and Dot decide to stick together and do a room to room sweep. Entering the parlor they see a few sofa chairs and tables and a radio off to one side.  It’s when they enter the dining room they discover that a window has been left open and some rain water has gotten in and they also see a spot on the dining room table, a smudged handprint, it seemed someone had entered the dining room and stumbled but manage to catch themselves on the table. Ashes takes a photo of smudged hand.

They enter the kitchen to find a pot on the stove that has two eggs in it, also a coffee maker sitting on one of the burners as well. They enter a den to find a table and stools around as well as a few crates. On the table there are several shall casings around a gunsmithing stuff. There is a locked room on the other side and they open it with the keys and find a still, a bathtub and several barrels about.

The final room on the main floor is Bosso Morgan’s office. A beautiful desk, several books and a couple of comfortable chairs. Dot exams the desk and opens up the drawers. She discover three mason jars filled with severed pinkies. In another drawer she finds a ledger and also a last will and testament. On the desk she sees a calendar and something marked in red. The name of a Russian frigate is circled and that was at least three days ago. Ashes discovers that the front door had been forced open, since they had shut it and locked it up when they began the search and he sees some wet foot prints leading upstairs. He alerts Dot that they might have some company in the house as well; so she grabs the ledger and the will.

Ashes wants to check upstairs quickly before they go and Dot stays down at the bottom of the stairs to keep watch. Ashe draws his gun and creeps up the stairs and glances down the hall and sees three doors and one of them slightly open but has a green light coming from it. He decides to push open the door a little and what he sees shakes him a little. There is gore everywhere , and Bosso  Morgan is draped over the bed the top of his head had been torn off and it looks like his brains have been scooped out. There is a green phosphorous about the body and bed. Ashes decides to take a picture, and once the camera flashes a huge parody of a man, standing about 8 feet tall, with deformed twisted limbs and what looks like sickly green-brown skin. This thing lumbers forward and swings at Ashes and hitting him hard and making him stumble.

Dot hears the commotion and comes up to see what is going on and she’s this big thing standing over Ashes who has dropped his camera and dug out his pistol and both of them end up emptying some bullets into this creature. Dot maintains her composure while Ashes is visibility upset about this mockery of a man beast. Once it’s over and done with creature is down and before they can do a thorough search they hear sirens approaching; it seems a nosy neighbour has called the police since they saw flashes coming from a window earlier.

With ledger, will and Bosso Morgan’s keys in hand, Dot and Ashes make it out the back door and decide what their next course of action is. And find out what the hell that thing was in the room of Bosso Morgan.





Clank. Clank. Clank.


Last night was our regular scheduled night for some post apocalyptic action. And, we got back into Gamma World (2nd Edition) and played a couple of hours.  After a couple of weeks of missed opportunities due to power outages and real life throwing a monkey wrench into the works every now and then it was good to roll some virtual dice and continue on exploring a lost base.

I’ll go into detail in a later blog. But the highlight of the night was an encounter with a Cal Then who nearly ripped apart Avagadro. It’s all good though our little humanoid mole survived the encounter…. barely.


Weekend Update.  

My Saturday game was scrapped due to torrential rains and a power outing. One of my players didn’t want to walk in the pouring rain for some odd reason. 

On Sunday though we kicked off our first session of Call of Cthulhu 5e. Our heroes where called upon to find notorious Arkham City gangster ; Bosso Morgan.  Private Eye Ashes Muldoon was hired by a woman, Molly Harper, to find her boss who didn’t show up for work in two days. 

The dilettante, Dot Harper, is a friend of Ashes just happens to be drafted in this investigation. And what happens next you won’t believe it!  Actually, it was a grand introduction back into CoC.  I will blog about later. 

Overall, it was an enjoyable session. 

After These Messages We’ll be Right Back

My regularly scheduled Saturday evening game was cancelled due to it being a long weekend and some of my players had other plans for the weekend. So, I dust off a couple of the games off my shelf to give them another read through and jot some notes down of possible adventures and plot hooks as well.

On Saturday it was the Top Secret Espionage Role Playing Game. Since I was inspired by the movie Atomic Blonde and jotting down some ideas that were swimming around in my head. Figured I’d run an adventure set in the 80’s and then it dawn on me that Sprechenhallestelle would be perfect! It’s an European city with a lot of strange stuff happening at the same time and would run it similar to Atomic Blonde.

On Sunday, I decided it would be Gangbusters 1920’s Role Playing Game, which is another TSR Game, that I really, really would love to play.  I ran a one shot once in a blue moon but never a full fledged campaign in. It’s a game I had in my gaming collection and then I traded it away for something else,  and was lucky enough to find another copy of  it a couple years back.

Then Monday it was Twilight 2000 turn on the table. This is one of those role playing games that I would like to also run an epic campaign with with the series of modules that came with it. Starting in Poland and then each module brought you closer and closer to getting home (that’s if the character lived that long).

Each of these box sets offer a unique era to play in Espionage ala 1980’s perspective when the cold war was hot. 1920’s in a place called Lakefront City (which is basically Chicago) dealing with mob bosses and bootlegging, and finally a world torn apart by WWIII and some soldiers just wanting to get back home.