Well Now…

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks for me. Having been involved in a theatrical production at the local theatre and seven performances of Fort Hemlock, a historical tale about an incident that happened in the small town that I live in, and once that was over we then headed up to visit my folks for a couple of days. Like I said I’ve been busy as a beaver.

Last night was my regular scheduled game night and we continued on with our Atomic Highway campaign ( I will blog about that session later). It was good to get back into it since I’m having a blast with it. Though, on a sad note my Sunday evening Call of Cthulhu has been put on hold since one of my players decided to run away and join the circus.

On a plus note I had acquired some new to me role playing games.

New Games1

The second edition of Heaven & Hell by Guardians of Order. It’s been one of those games that I’ve been interested in getting but never had the chance to until lately.  It looks good and being produced by Guardians makes it a Tri-Stat game that I do enjoy running since the mechanics are pretty simple and smooth.

Gatecrasher is another surprise for me since I was expecting a Fudge version of the game but unexpectedly when it arrived it was the 1st edition that I didn’t even know about. I don’t know where it was that I had played a session of the second edition (could be Cangames?) but I do know that I had fun playing it and figured I’d have to hunt this game up to give it another go.

Rune was one of those role playing games that is based of a video game. I had liked playing and figure I pick up the role playing game to have and maybe, just maybe give it a one shot playing now and then. It’s viking and monsters and it seems like a very neat little game concept since each encounter is set up by players around the table.

And finally I got my grubby paws on another copy of AfterWars by Stellar Games! I had leant my original copy to a player who I thought wanted to read the game, but instead he took it home and broke the spine of the game so that he could photocopy the pages. My copy of the game didn’t come back in good shape with a few pages falling out. Boy, was I ticked.

AfterWars is a post apocalyptic role playing game that I like to run every now and then because it’s very simple game mechanics and then the setting is anything from straight survival or battling mutants strange critters from “Universal Joints”.

So, basically, there you have it.


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Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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