Atomic Highway: Motorcycle Madness

*GM Note: Session from Sept 16th 2017

Cast of Characters:
Merddyn Baruma, a feral beastmaster (Nathan)
Jeet Jeet, a trog scavenger (Darryl)
Gondor Gonzo, a feral raider (Ken)
Big Barda, a nomad road warrior (NPC)
Slim Phantom, a nomad sentinel (NPC)

With boilers erupting throughout Moonshadow, Gondor is on his bike zipping through the streets. He had been holed up here for a few days after coming in to do some bartering and trade for stuff he needed for his bike. But, then no sooner had he sealed a deal the gates of hell were opened and a huge swarm of mutated ants scampered about the town consuming flesh.

Gondor had found a secure location to hold up for a couple of days and then when all was quiet he figured it was time to move out of town. But, then he couldn’t leave since the main gates were locked up and no one was around to unlock them. So, he cruised the streets looking for someone to help him get out of this crazy town but no one did.

It’s then when he spots a huge transit bush plowing through a second swarm of ants that he decided they would be his best bet to get out of town. He revved up his bike and took off after them and followed their path through the streets towards the main gates. With mutated ants, some humanoid canines, and then mysterious explosions erupting here and there he had picked a good time to leave Moonshadow.

With flames licking at the rear wheel he manage to get out the main gates with a huge ball of fire behind him. He was laughing like a mad-man along the way. Jeet witness this crazed individual and as the bus stops they see explosions consume the town. Gondor pulls up to them and thanks them for clearing the way out. He introduces himself, Jeet looks at the nearly naked man and shakes his head.

Moonshadow has been destroyed and with a bus load of survivors they decide to join up with Barda and then discuss their next course of action. Gondor is curious about Moonshadow and wants to go back and explore the ruins, and maybe they should travel down the tunnels and see where the ant colony resides since their might be some good stuff in their lair. Jeet tells him that the main priority it get these survivors to civilization, maybe head back to Markstown. But, they ain’t going no where tonight since the bus has broke down and it’s going to take a few hours to get it fixed.

So instead of waiting around to for the bus to be fixed, Jeet, Merddyn and Gondor decide to check out the Terror Dog base since it seems that the dogs have been wiped out in Moonshadow. Jeet riding with Gondor while Merddyn rides the moose to the compound, while staying in radio contact with Barda.

On the way there they see a road block on the highway, Gondor decides he ain’t stopping and fires off a rocket from his bike. The rocket streaks across the sky and connects with a vehicle and explodes. Their is nothing left since both vehicles were consumed by the blast and there are several humanoid forms caught in the blast as well. Which caught Jeet off guard and then Gondor argued that it was definitely an ambush since the vehicles were blocking the road. Jeet couldn’t argue with that kind of logic.

Thunder rumbles off upon the horizon, there’s a huge storm coming. Our heroes need to find shelter and soon before it hits.

truck stop of terror dogs 1

They arrive close to the Terror Dog base and they decide to do some reconnoiter, Gondor spots movement in the main yard and spots at least two dozen Terror Dogs. Jeet didn’t think that there was that many Terror Dogs left, maybe they should go back and recruit a couple of survivors to help them out.

Gondor has a plan. He tells Merddyn and Jeet that he will drive up to the main gates stating that he is lost and looking for a safe haven from the coming storm. Meanwhile, Jeet and Merddyn look for a way into the compound from an another side. Gondor says he will try to distract as long as possible.  As long as they stick to the plan of stealth they might have a chance.

So as Gondor arrives at the gate his distraction is to fire off a rocket. And this is where it all hits the fan. With the sentries surprised by such a bold action, Jeet using his spear gun takes out the sentries on watch along the back wall. Jeet then goes up to the wall and climbs up, Merddyn decides to ride around the front and assist Gondor since he just opened up a can of whoop-ass and by the sounds of it he can’t handle the flavour!

There is a battle as the remaining Terror Dogs put up a fight for their lives seeing that their numbers have dwindled. Jeet scales the wall and then jumps unto the building and taking aim at the other sentries in the watch towers on the other side of the compound.

Merddyn and his moose come charging full bore around the compound as Gondor engages the fleeing Terror Dogs. There be explosions and a weapons fire, as well as the clash of melee weapons as combat rages throughout the compound. Gondor thinks of firing off another rocket at the main building in the place, not realizing that Jeet is on the roof at the moment and tackling two Terror Dogs who came up to see what was going on.  Gondor decides he better not since there is a storm coming and they might need to take shelter there.

Gondor gets seriously wounded and is tended to by Merddyn who does his best to patch him up and Gondor not wanting to stray from the fight fires off a rocket at a fleeing vehicle and motorcycle. Jeet takes care of the guards on top and looks down through the trap door to see another Terror Dog and as they battle. Gondor and Merddyn feel the wind picking up and grit on their skins as the storm begins to roll in. Gondor revs up the bike and heads to the main building going through the doors and knocking over the remain Terror Dog.

The storm hits hard and fast and our heroes decide to barricade themselves in for the duration. They discover a slave pen with several humans inside. The storm hits and the power goes out.






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