Atomic Highway: On The Way To Moonshadow

*GM Note: Session from Sept 2 2017

Cast of Characters:
Merddyn Baruma, a feral beastmaster (Nathan)
Jeet Jeet, a trog scavenger (Darryl)
Big Barda, a nomad road warrior (NPC)
Slim Phantom, a nomad sentinel (NPC)

After the scuffle with the Terror Dog outpost, Jeet and Merddyn go about salvaging items and see what they can take. Slim does some quick repair work on the car while Big Barda stands guard and keeps an eye out on the surroundings. Jeet looks over the dune buggy and he thinks he can salvage it, the problem is that he doesn’t know how to drive since he is a under dweller in the first place. The push it over and Jeet suggest they tow it and he’ll just steer.

They also manage to salvage two dirt bikes as well, Gunner says he will ride one and Merddyn says he’ll use the other one since he’s been watching and learning how these machines operate. They go to the encampment and find some trinkets and other items but nothing that piques their interest. So they hook up the dune buggy to Barda’s car and they continue on their way towards Moonshadow. It’s a slow process since Jeet is learning to steer and nearly rips the bumper off of Barda’s vehicle, because he pressed the brakes instead of tapping on them lightly.

They do this for a few hours, then the see smoke upon the horizon. As they approach they see a truck stop that has been converted into a base of operation of some sort. Jeet takes out the spyglass and does a closer inspection and sees that a group of Terror Dogs are indeed inside the compound.  As they discuss on what to do next, Merddyn suggest a frontal assault and the others look at him to see if he is serious, and he seems to be serious about that option. They spot Terror Dog patrols entering from all sides and another patrol going out, basically a changing of the guards.

The decision is made that they will skirt around the compound and go directly to Moonshadow and maybe alert the “peacekeepers” there that trouble is definitely brewing with the Terror Dogs and maybe they’ll come back with a much larger force to deal with the problem.  While doing a wide berth around the base, they run into a patrol group and take action first before they can alert others of their presence. It’s basically to dark to salvage, and not wanting to tempt fate they take off after offing the patrol and grabbing the weapons and some gear before heading off towards Moonshadow.

They final make it to Moonshadow, it is an enclosed settlement, but it doesn’t seem to be active at the moment; there seems to be no smoke coming from the pipes of the steam powered boilers which generate electricity.  Jeet suggest they should park and investigate on foot, sure enough there is no activity going on inside. No sounds of motors, or people chatting or even music. It’s like the settlement has been abandoned. They arrive at the main gate and hear nothing, they do here a huge clang echoing from within in. The gates are indeed bolted from the inside and won’t open. Merddyn suggest maybe they might look for a drainage ditch and might gain entry through it. They search around the base outside and do manage to find a gated sewer enterance.

The pry it open and Jeet crawls inside thinking Merddyn will follow him in. But, he thought wrong.  While crawling through the pipe, Jeet encounters three mutated rats and they be hungry! Merddyn hears the sound of combat echoing from the pipe and he stands there waiting to see if Jeet returns. A Terror Dog arrives because it heard the combat and surprises Merddyn, and there is a scuffle. Merddyn knocks the Terror Dog down and gets his moose to stomp on him, keeping it’s hoof on the creatures chest.

Merddyn questions the sentry and asks him if he knows what happened in Moonshadow. The poor humanoid doesn’t know what is going on and he along with a few of his friends came to investigate as well. Merddyn has his moose crush the beastie’s chest.

And that’s when a blunderbuss goes off!

Jeet finishes off the last mutant rat after taking a couple of hits from the critters, and he hears the blunderbuss goes off and he scampers back to see what is going on. Two other Terror Dogs have arrived at the scene and a battle is definitely happening.

Jeet arrives to assist Merddyn and his animals do battle with the remaining Terror Dog patrol and take them down in good fashion.

Once the last of the Terror Dogs fall, our heroes decide to take a quick breather….










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