Atomic Highway: Ravengers of the Road

*GM Note: Session from Sept 30th 2017

Cast of Characters:
Merddyn Baruma, a feral beastmaster (Nathan)
Jeet Jeet, a trog scavenger (Darryl)
Gondor Gonzo, a feral raider (Ken)
and a special guest star:
Magpie, a street rat (Brian)

The huge sandstorm blankets the area and turns the world into a chaotic world of colourful lightning, razor like sand whirling about along with some acidic rain. Merddyn, Jeet, and Gondor have boarded up the door that Gondor had drove through and they have piled tables and chairs against it.

They freed the slaves that were held in a cage, a few women and a child who introduces himself as Magpie. Jeet tries to contact Barda but to no avail since the storm has blocked off any forms of communication. They decide to scavenge around and see what they can find in the building. They find the generator room and get it going and have power once again, an old jukebox kicks into life playing an ancient tune.

“… the blue bus is calling us, driver where you taking us…”

While waiting out the storm, Gondor and Magpie decide to cut up and eat a Terror Dog. To see what they taste like, though they do not get ill afterwards.

Jeet discover a small cache of weapons and items are distributed out. Merddyn tends to his moose and eagle and giving them a good brushing down. They discover that the captive slaves were part of a caravan heading west and searching for a haven called “Peyton’s Place” but where overrun by Terror Dogs and brought here. Over the days their numbers dwindled since the Terror Dogs craved human flesh. And they are glad to be rescued.

Several hours later the storm lets up and our heros as well as the freed captives wake to a brand new day. The whole area is covered with a thin layer of sand and grit, Jeet, Merddyn, Gondor and Magpie decide to explore the remaining buildings in base.

truck stop of terror dogs 1

The trailers in the south east corner of the base have been destroyed by the storm, the garage is still standing and they see that there is still a half-bed truck and a dune buggy still inside it. They decide that they should head out as soon as possible and gather anything and everything they can get their hands on and take with them.

Magpie is glad to discover his horse is also in the garage and haven’t been dispatched. Gondor tunes up his bike and Jeet asks the freed slaves if anyone knows how to operate a vehicle. Ginger Snapp and Ashes Lee step forward. Both women know how to operate and work on vehicles and they proceed to check over the vehicles to get them ready to go.

Jeet decides to go up to a tower and look around, taking his spy glass out and scanning the horizon he spots a small dust cloud off in the distance. It looks like three military type vehicles; two trucks and a jeep heading towards them. And on closer inspection Jeet notices that the vehicles are adorn with skulls and bones like direction. This doesn’t bode to well. He warns the others that there are vehicles approaching and it seems they might not be friendly at all.

Everyone scampers to get into vehicles. Ginger taking the half-bed while Ashes gets the dune buggy. Gondor fires up his motorcycle, Merddyn gets on the moose and Magpie saddles up his horse, Chuck. Jeet joins Ashes and he radios Barda to let her know they are coming back. She informs him that they are on their way to Markstown. The storm had taken a toll and several people are wounded and burn due to chemical rain.

With the vehicles are ready to go, our heroes leave the base behind them and head out on the atomic highway! Gondor and Merddyn decide to stay behind and see who is arriving and Gondor still has a few more rockets up his sleeve. Though, as the vehicles approach it only seems that the occupants are crazed like individual with sharpen teeth and sunken eyes; “Ravengers”!

Gondor fires off a rocket and destroys the lead vehicle and tells Merddyn that they better scoot while the scooting is good. Merddyn thinks that might be a good idea and both head after the others.

GM Notes: And this where it gets a little nuts as well, since it’s a huge chase scene through the apocalyptic terrain. Envision something straight out of a Mad Max movie. My notes are sparse since I was in the middle of a very narrative in this part and didn’t jot down notes.

Ravageners of the Road

The Ravengers camp is nearby. When the Terror Dogs conflict occurred, the explosion of the front gate had piqued their interest but they were camped down for the night due to the approaching storm and decided to investigate the next day.

The Ravengers are in the area looking for a place called “See-Eff-Bee” which is rumoured to hold a large cache of weapons. Not only do they like weapons, but like the Terror Dogs they like flesh. So, they have a neutral repertoire with the Dogs in trading “cargo”.  They see what has happened at the Terror Dog base and they proceed to go after the people responsible.

Most of the survivors are on the half bed track, while Jeet is in the dune buggy firing away trying to pick off the gunners on the other vehicle. Gondor has three grenades and rides off to toss them at a jeep, which proves successful. Magpie seeing Gondor doing this has the idea of tossing grenades under the truck. Which he does but boy does it blow up real good (thanks to a couple of fortune points the adventure didn’t end prematurely).

Gondor lost his bike though when he clamored on the side of a truck and then doing battle with the occupants there, then Merddyn’s moose charged in and totaled wrecked the truck with Gondor in it as well.

Though the Ravengers are dealt with in glorious road warrior action and our heroes manage to narrowly escape death once again. They all eventually hook up with Big Barda and the Moonshadow citizens along the way to Markstown.









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