The Sky Goes Clank (Session 10)

A Gamma World 2nd Edition Tale

A 2nd Edition Gamma World Tale
Cast of Characters:
Wyke, Pure Strain Human (Chris)
Abrum, Pure Strain Human (Wendel) (Away)
Kamanda Koroma, Mutated Humanoid (Steve)
Avagadro, Mutated Animal – Mole (Ed)

*Game Note: Session from Monday September, 18th , 2017

Once the bots have been deactivated our heroes decide to explore the room. They began cleaning up the broken ‘bots they destroyed and putting them in a side room. They decide to have Opie stand watch over the broken bots. Avagadro still has uneasy feeling about Opie and conveys this to the others while Opie is standing guard in the other room.

The chamber with the bots seems to be some sort of repair station, with power units and a work station for the human technicians at one time. There are some playing cards on the table with moving pictures on them as Avagadro picks one up and exams it. He slids it in his pocket.

Wyke discovers an “Access” port and notices that it seems to be welded shut from this side. Whatever happened here it seems that they didn’t want anyone else getting in from below.

Kamanda looks over the terminals and trying to understand what they do and question Brenda FourOneOne on the various devices in the room. She answers them to the best of her programming. Once satisfied our merry band of adventures move onto the next room.


The room across seems to be a green house with vegitation inside, Kamanda glances in and sees a computer in the corner and goes to it, while the others stay behind and discuss matters. Avagadro takes it open himself to go back to the ‘bots and activate them and given them a special command while Wyke and Brenda keep an eye on Kamanda.

Avagadro tells the ‘bots that if he says the word “kumquat” that they are to kill the intruder with the two heads (meaning Opie). Then he rejoins the others in the hallway.


Kamanda is at the computer and looking at the screen, not realizing of a vine creeping towards him. It’s a tendril from a Crep that is in the corner of the room. It wraps it around Kamanda’s leg and activates it’s molecular disruption. But it doesn’t do anything since Avagadro has a field up that prevents that sort of thing and Kamanda isn’t disintegrated on the spot.

The Crep using it’s mutation had fallen unconscious and is easy prey for the vengeful Kamanda. There is nothing else lying in wait in this room after a quick search, but there is a lot of edible stuff to be had.

The final room left to explore on this level and they notice on the door there it has three X’s on marked on it.  Once the door slides open they discover a few beds and four (3 female, 1 male) beautiful/handsome bots waiting. Brenda tells them this is where the technicians at one time were “serviced” here.


They don’t bother to enter the room and decide to go to the shaft and clamber down to the next level. Before they do Avagadro tells the others that he had left one thing behind and needs to get it done. He run back to the room with the ‘bots and yells “kumquat” and then hurries back to the shaft.

Once they are all together they make their descent down the shaft.

Which opens up to a drainage area and putrid smelling waters, they don’t stick around to long in the room and continue on wards.


Avagadro seems to spot something moving in the water but it could be just the ripples from the falling water into the place. As he leaves from the room a huge tentacle rises from the water and then disappears again.

The next room over has a small group of Hoops camped out. The encounter is a friendly one since the Hoops seem to be friendly and offer to share some food and items. They’ve been camped out here for a few days and waiting for the return of another group of their kin, since they got separated in this huge “vault” and they decided to wait it out.


Steevhol the Hoop approaches Wyke and asks to inspect the weapon he is carrying since it seems to be a strange device and he hasn’t seen it before. Kamanda sensing something is definitely strange realizes the Hoops want to inspect there weapons since they seem to be new and shiny.  Besides, what sort of beings simply asks to see their weapons? “It’s a trap!” and that’s when all hell breaks out!

The Hoops spring into action and basically it’s one huge brawl that last a few rounds before they are put down for the count by our heroes, though they had took a licking as well and have been badly bruised and battered in the process.

Wyke, Kamanda, Avagadro and Brenda decide to bandage up their wounds before they continue onward.



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