Atomic Highway: See-Eff-Bee Weary

GM Note: Session from Oct 7th 2017

Cast of Characters:
Merddyn Baruma, a feral beastmaster (Nathan)
Jeet Jeet, a trog scavenger (Darryl)
Gondor Gonzo, a feral raider (Ken)
Magpie, a street rat (NPC)

A our adventure begins in Markstown after the gang triumphantly returns with several groups of survivors; a bus load of townsfolk from Moonshadow and a truck full of captives from the Terror Dog base. Barda and Slim Phantom say their good byes with the group and tell hope their paths will cross again. Barda tells them if they are ever in Oasis to stop in and say Hi.

Since Gondor had lost his bike in the process and tales of his heroic feats have spread among the crowd, he is eventually presented with another bike by a member of Sons of Sudden (since their numbers were drastically reduced and their happens to be several of the unclaimed vehicles not being used). Gondor having some old mechanics tools is willing to trade them for a weapon and the mechanic is happy to have the tools.

Magpie is happy to be in a huge settlement with a lot of people, finally he is in an element he can just blend in. He looks at the Jeet, Gondor, and Merddyn and tells them that he’s going to be hanging around Markstown for a while and then scampers off, and in the process he picks a pocket (or two) before the group loses site of him.

The head of the settlement, Greybeard Gunn, approaches each of our heores and thanks them for doing a fine job. And, adding what they had done is pretty damn heroic and tales are being told of their exploits. He tells them that their are rooms set up for them, and that minstrels want to perform songs in their honour.

Gondor then breaks down and has something he wants to get off his chest. He admits to them that he might be a little crazy and that he also might have accidentally killed everyone in his clan as well. He had been alone for far too long and basically had a “death wish” to rejoin his clan. But, now he just might have a new found lease on life.

Merddyn and Jeet agree they need an extra hand now that Barda and Slim have left so Gondor is now officially part of the team.  They seal their deal with a round of drinks.

Jeet gets his spear gun modified, Merddyn trades a ton of stuff and not only does he get barding for his moose, he also ends up with an assault rifle.

Gondor puts on the charm for Ginger but she doesn’t seem interested in him, but when Merddyn decides to do so for Ginger she seems really interested in him and they leave together. Gondor feeling rejected drown his sorrows in beer.

Throughout the course of the night’s celebration our heroes her a few rumours and tales:

  1. Ravengers are also looking for this “See-Eff-Bee” place as well. They here it holds a huge cache of weapons.
  2. There is still something going on in Moonshadow. A convoy passed by the wreckage and saw several columns of dirt around it.
  3. Something fell from the heavens a few days ago and crashed in the far north, now there is a mysterious green glow that can be seen in the night sky.

In the morning light our heroes regroup and decide what their next course of action will be. Merddyn awakes to an empty bed and notice two strange markings on his neck as well, they look like insect bites. He gets dressed and meets up with Gondor and Jeet. Gondor’s head feels like there is a small beast that burrowed in and is now trying to get out. Jeet just shakes his head and laughs at the situation.

They find the lorekeeper and question him about this “See-Eff-Bee” and he tells them that a lot of people have tried to enter this site but none has ever returned from it. They say a mechanical beast roams the area and takes care of anyone and everyone who tries to enter this area.

Our heroes feel confident that they have what it takes to enter this area; after all they did tackle huge insects, mutated dogs, and several other stuff. This might be up their alley as well. Greybeard Gunn warns them to be cautious and not disturb the ghosts of the ancients. But, if they are going that they should head north-west until they find the “black path” and once on the black path they simply follow it.

On that note Jeet, Merddyn, and Gondor head out in the general direction of where this land is. Merddyn on his moose, Jeet riding with Gondor on the bike. Along the way they discover that several large vehicles have recently been through this area. They take a guess and think it could be the Ravengers as well who are trying to get to See-Eff-Bee.

After a couple of hours they arrive outside a huge well maintained fence. Gondor stops his motorcycle and gets off and approaches the fence, he finds a stick and tosses it at it and he can hear a hum. They all search the area as well and find several rusted out relics of vehicles, a few charred bodies here and there and it seems that the fence is alive with electricity!

Jeet notices that the heavy vehicles have stopped here but then they ventured off towards the north. Merddyn sends his eagle up to scout the perimeter. The eagles spots a huge breach in the fence to the north, but there is also combat close to it as well as several Ravengers are battling with a huge mechanical beast of some sort. Our heroes think this might be a good way to get in and then bypass the combat. But then the eagle spots another smaller breach of in the far side of the south of the fence. So, the opt for that one since it’s a greater distance from the combat and maybe they let those Ravengers deal with the beast and leaving them alone.

The eagle also sees another fenced in compound within the area and six disc like platforms surrounding it as well.


They head on to the southern breach and in the process have to go over some rough terrain. Gondor does pretty good but he takes off a few years from Jeet in the process. Merddyn doesn’t fare to well on his moose since he didn’t see a low branch and he gets knocked off his mount and bruised pretty good, also he’s sucking for air for a few rounds until he regains his dignity.

The breach in the southern section of the fence is a perfect circle.  Big enough for a man to go through, but not the moose. Merddyn tells his moose to wait and they go through the breach. They approach a platform that is might by a ring of concrete and the surface seems to be made of tarnished steel. Gondor steps on it to find that it sounds hollow underneath and he thinks maybe they should pry it open some how.

Jeet tells him that it could be another easier way in if they go up to the buildings and there might be an easier way to get into these platforms then break a weapon or two in the process. Gondor likes that idea and they all head off .

They arrive at another fence and inside they can see a huge building within which is surrounded by yet another fence, as well as several other buildings. They do not want to touch the fence for fear of it being alive as well and follow it till the come up to a gate.

22221845_10154805685816990_4287233378209289840_nBeside the gate is a glass panel. Gondor approaches it and looks at it for a few moments and then he takes his axe and smashes the glass panel. An alarm activates and several spider like robots crawl up from the ground and spring into action firing off bullets at the intruders! A saxon alarm sounds off and alerts the mechanical beast on the other side of the area and it comes thundering across the land towards the base.

GM Note: It is here that Ken decides to use up five of Gondor’s fortune points since he knew he unleashed hell on everyone and gave the plot a little twist.

Gondor snaps out of his daydream and then approaches the glass panel and looks at it for a few moments and then calls over Jeet to have a look at this strange device. Jeet studies it and think it might be a key to opening the gate to the place. Someone must place there hand on it, Gondor feels like he should do it and steps up and puts his whole hand on the glass. The screen comes alive and begins to scan his palm and finger tips.

GM Note: GM asks Ken if he wants to tweak the plot a little. Ken obliged and cashes in two more fortune points. I had assumed the fight with the sentries would eat up all their fortune points in the battle… I thought wrong.

There is a green light that happens and then the gates unlock. A voice welcomes “Corp. Johnson back to base.” It also mention that the last time he was here was 265 years ago. Which piques everyone curiosity. They enter through the gates and looks around, heading toward the first building and that’s when they meet “Ava” she greets them and says she’s been keeping things neat and tidy until the base returns.

Ava looks human, dressed in overalls and carrying a trowel. She continues on tending to the floor bed around one of the buildings. Merddyn tries to woo the beautiful lady but she takes no interest in him. Jeet and Gondor enter a building and it there is a row of bunks and foot lockers. They find one for Corp. Johnson and they unlock it and find an outfit and other personal belongs. They also find a few other things, Gondor, decides to put on the Corp’s uniform and play the part. He still doesn’t understand why he is mistaken for someone else.

Gondor enters the barracks and he is dejected and wondering why Ava has rejected him. He too looks around and tries opening a foot locker but to no avail.

GM Note: Nathan decides to cash in a couple of fortune points for a plot tweak as well.

Merddyn finds a footlocker that opens up for him and he is happy with the contents, he decides to follow Gondor’s example and put on a uniform as well. A fellow steps out from the corner and welcomes them back and that he has a meal prepare for them. He sets up a table and goes to the “vending machine” and takes out something that used to be food at one time but looks like a dried up relic of what it was suppose to be. Gondor decides not the eat it.

They continue to search each building for something to help they get into the gate into the main compound. Finding a supply depot, our heroes begin to stock up on food, bedding and other items they can carry.  All the while marveling how “pristeen” everything seems to be. They find a data terminal but it doesn’t seem to show the base or how to get inside, they begin to call up personel records and see the photos of Corp. and Gondor does resemble him.

They then find an officer mess and stop inside and speak with a bartender there, Jeet deducing that these “humans” might be an machines made to look to be human. He wanders off to explore the officer quarters.

GM Note: It’s here that Darryl decides to tweak the plot as well, since he is in the officers quarters and might find something useful.

Jeet puts his hand to a panel of a door and it reads him as Lt. Nancy Dekker. He searches through the belongs and items and finds her wardrobe. Jeet decides to put on her uniform and proceeds to arm himself with her personal weapons, two handguns and a clip of ammo for each.

Our heroes regroup and look at each other and see that they still need to get pass the security fence to the main building…





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