There’s a little Gamma World in My Atomic Highway


Last night’s session was pretty neat and the players had a little fun in the bartering of goods for stuff they needed before they eventually headed off to their next adventure.

After resting up in Markstown for a bit and hearing some stories and legend of the mysterious place called See-Eff-Bee. It was time for them to explore.

I think I went full Gamma World as well by transitioning from Mad Max into a sort of Thundar the Barbarian set up, as our heroes went to explore a forgotten base that is manned by androids and guarded by a huge robot that is named Sentinel.

I dusted off an old Gamma World base that I had expanded on from the first edition of Gamma World. It’s the one that is in the example of play section, it was just a set up example but it had an intriguing premise.

And maybe just maybe our heroes might learn a thing or two along the way. 😉


About Mana Junkie

Not much to tell at the moment. Will fill you in sometime down the road.
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